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A guide for HR practitioners if
an employee dies at work
Aug 2018

It is devastating for any company and its employees to

experience and witness a death of their colleague in the
workplace. Although this incident happens rarely, an
established guideline should be followed to support the
employee’s family members and co-workers during this
challenging event through a thorough communication and
response protocol by the employer.

Death in the workplace may or may not be work related and it

is noteworthy to understand the implications of both.

There are some useful guidelines in the Employees

Compensation Commission’s Employers’ Guide Handbook if the
case is work related:

Lockton recommends the following guidelines in

the event of death in the workplace:

1. Contact the on-site clinic doctor or nurse.

2. Notify HR and your employee benefits broker as soon as
3. Designate the team leader/manager of the employee to
obtain the contact details from HR department the declared
family member to contact in case of emergency.
Share important information with work colleagues such as
4. actual cause of death as certified by an institution or a
qualified medical staff, funeral arrangements and burial

5. If counseling is warranted due to mental health

concerns of colleagues who witnessed the incident,
contact your employee benefits broker to arrange
an employee assistance program.
6. Allow colleagues to attend funeral and burial
services especially those who witnessed the death
of their co-worker.
7. Obtain the necessary documents such as police
report, death certificate, medical certificate to file
for a death and/or personal accident insurance, if
the employee is covered. Discuss this with your
employee benefits broker.
8. Inform your employee benefits broker of the
termination of HMO coverage as of date of death.
9. Refer to the list of assigned company assets in
obtaining company properties assigned to the
employee such as keys, laptop, mobile phone.
10. Arrange the personal belongings of the employee
to be delivered to the residence or picked up from
the office by relatives. This has to be
communicated to the family, preferably by a close
friend co-worker of the employee or by HR
department representative.
For a more customized
employee wellness and
11. If the cause of death is work related, this should be
benefits coaching for your
declared in the Annual DOLE Report WAIR
( Workplace Accident and Illness Report ). company, please contact:
12. Keep in touch with the family for any updates on Lockton Benefits Group
the status of insurance claims of the employee. Lockton Philippines Insurance and
Reinsurance Brokers, Inc.
An inevitable tragedy in the workplace can negatively 29/F Rufino Pacific Tower
impact the morale and productivity of employees,
especially those who had the first-hand experience to 6784 Ayala Avenue, Makati 1200
witness the incident. However, if there is a presence Philippines
of concrete action plan when an unpleasant
experience occurs, the effect on the company’s Tel: +632.811.0388
performance could be managed. Fax: +632.811.0093/+632.811.0069

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