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Subject: Chief Manley's Timeline for Handling Allegations Against AC Newsom


I want to provide you with information regarding the allegations of offensive racist comments made by
AC Newsom...specifically what I knew, when I knew it, and what I was doing about it. I understand there
are concerns over my handling of these allegations and I want you each to know the steps I took. Being
fully transparent, here is the timeline:

I was first made aware in late September when AC Newsom let me know he was contacted regarding his
upcoming testimony in an arbitration hearing. He said he was informed there was a text message the
defense team planned to confront him with and he was concerned about it. I directed him to contact
city legal to make sure they were aware, and I was not informed on any specifics regarding the content
of the text at that time. I was awaiting the outcome of AC Newsom’s testimony to determine the next
steps, but the hearing ran longer than expected and his testimony was postponed until the hearing
resumed in Mid-October.

Prior to the hearing resuming, I received an email from a gmail account on October 7 alleging AC
Newsom had made racist statements, that other department personnel were aware he has made similar
statements in the past, and it included a specific derogatory and racist comment he was alleged to have
made about fellow APD officers. The email did not reference when this was alleged to have occurred.
The email was time stamped at 1:49 pm. I immediately (at 3:25 pm) that same day forwarded the email
to the Office of Police Oversight and the City Manager’s office with the following message:

I have removed (name from email account) and Tony from this response and added ACM Arellano.
These allegations are obviously very concerning but we really need a lot more information from Mr.
(removed name). Can you make contact with him and see if he can provide the texts (if he has them) or
at least identify who showed them to him so we know where to start looking?

The complainant had indicated he did not want to be contacted for fear of retaliation so I wanted the
police oversight office to attempt to gain additional information. After several weeks, I still had not
heard back from the OPO so I reached out to the Monitor, Farah Muscadin, and asked her if they had
been able to obtain any additional information. She said she needed to check with her staff and got back
with me a day or two later to let me know they were unable to get a response.

This was around the time I was leaving the country for a week, and while I was away the Office of Police
Oversight received a letter/email with additional information on several racist and derogatory
comments about specific APD officers, a former council member, and our former President. AC Gay
called me while I was in Mexico to let me know the OPO received additional information (but he had not
yet seen the email and didn’t have the specifics at that time) and he was working with the city
manager’s office, the OPO, and city legal. AC Gay advised me he was meeting with OPO and our
assistant city manager the next day to discuss the information and how to proceed. He called me a short
while later to let me know AC Newsom had called him and told him he was retiring and the paperwork
and keys to his car were already on his desk. I instructed him to work with city legal regarding the
circumstances of his retirement and what benefits he would be entitled to under the contract
I returned home Sunday November 3rd and met with my assistant city manager on the 4th. I requested
a meeting with him and the city manager to discuss these allegations along with the APA’s request for
an independent investigation. That meeting was scheduled for Thursday the 7th. I chose to not say
anything to the Department about my handling of this incident until now because I needed direction
from the city manager on whether or not he had concerns with me putting this information out given
the investigation I expected him to conduct. I met with him yesterday at 5:00 pm and explained that I
felt it was important that I be able to put this information out now given the concerns I had been
hearing about how it had been handled. He understood the importance and approved me providing
information to the Department.

To summarize, I immediately forwarded the email I received to the OPO and city hall noting my concerns
and requesting follow up from the OPO. I did not inform AC Newsom of this at any time, nor did I
communicate with him about the additional information prior to him choosing to retire.

I hope this information highlights that there was no attempt to hide anything here, but instead it was
immediately referred to the OPO.

In closing, I want you each to know that I find the alleged comments extremely offensive, inappropriate,
unprofessional, and racist. These comments have never been, are not, and will never be acceptable,
tolerated, or ignored. I appreciate everything you each do daily in service to our community. I
understand and share the disappointment (and other emotions) many of you have over this issue, and
the fact the allegations were against a senior leader in our Department magnifies that.

Please accept my apology for what has happened to this point and know that I was taking steps to
address what had been brought forward. As has been widely reported, the city manager has called for
an independent investigation into these allegations. I will fully cooperate with this investigation and
work to remedy any issues that may be identified.

Stay safe,


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