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TESOL Mid-Term Assignment ( after phase 5)

Attempt both questions:

A. Design a lesson plan for enhancing either listening or reading skills.

The duration of the lesson needs to be 40-45minutes.

The parameters that needs to be filled up are as follows :

1.Final objective of the lesson .This should state what the students will be able
to do at the end of the lesson ( behavioral), how ( in groups, pairs or
individually ) , using what ( materials)

2. Age :

3. Language level

4. Materials used ( A copy of the material can be sent as attachment )

5. The actual lesson should have :

(a) A warmer

(b) Context setting stage ( pre-listening /pre-reading )

(c) While listening / While reading stage

(d) Post listening / Post reading stage .

The lesson needs to have all the parameters filled out and planned in details.
Any material that is used can be sent as an attachment/ photocopy.
Design the lesson plan by referring to the guideline. You need to address
all of the parameters mentioned in the question.

The name of the Topic: Here you need to mention the topic based
on the skill ( listening/reading
Time Duration: Specify the time taken to execute the
Objective: Objective is what the students would
achieve and how (this is the long term
objective). The short term objective will
be the micro steps involved the lesson
Age: The age of the students that you would
cater to.
Level: The level would be beginner/
intermediate/ advanced.
Warmer: Quick activity to set the tone of the class.
Time :(5-7 minutes) Ideally games make good warmers –
especially those using known language.
Context setting or Pre listening or Pre Activating the Prior knowledge by using
reading/ Time :(5-7 minutes) the visual audio any aids to make the
students guess the topic thereby eliciting
Actual content or While listening or While Activities based on the topic using the
Reading listening/ reading strategies that will
Time : (18-20 minutes) reflect the ability to comprehend the
topic. The activities would be specific age
and level appropriate.
Recapitulation or Post listening or Post Activities based on the topic that would
Reading help the students to reinforce what they
Time: ( 10 minutes) have listened/ read. It can be fun induced
activity and can use games.
B. Consider any 3 of the following situations and discuss how you
might handle them.

1. One or more students are not participating or engaged in the lesson.

2. A group of students come into the classroom after the lesson has begun.
3. One student has her head down on the desk and other students are
looking at her.
4. The beginning of the class is delayed because two students are
5. You have assigned a task, and some of the students have already
completed it, but others are still working.
6. You have purposely counted off students to work in random groups of
5, but some students want to stay with their friends and don’t go to the
assigned group.
7. One student is causing disruption (acting out).