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Tip 1: Conduct Research

• Always conduct research on the position and team
to understand the business unit and why you want
to work there
• Check out the job description in the career site, to
learn about their business unit, vision and latest
• Research regarding Thomson Reuters’ background
as well as the position you’re applying for.
Tip 2: First Impression Counts
• Make the first impression a positive one
• Show your professionalism and personality
• Shake hands firmly, maintain eye contact and smile
• You want to be the person the hiring managers
Tip 3: Perfect Your Introduction
• Create a 30-second “elevator speech” to introduce yourself
• Practice, practice, practice
• This will allow you to be confident and well spoken when the
interviewer asks the question “Tell me about yourself?”
• Be prepared to answer the obvious question, “Why should we
hire you?” from the perspective of the hiring manager
• Describe the attributes and talents you bring to the team that
will be unique and beneficial
Tip 4: Use Real-Life Examples
• Show that you have experience with the topic being
• Prepare examples that demonstrate your
competencies, leadership, experience and flexibility
• If applicable, bring samples of your work to share
at the interview
Tip 5: Know Who is Interviewing You
• Learn the full names and titles of the interviewers
as well as their roles in relation to the position you
are applying for
• Ask specific questions to the interviewer to obtain
greater insight into your potential manager or
• Ask what qualities the hiring manager personally
values in his/ her current team
• Find out what challenges and opportunities they
are facing and anticipating
Tip 6: Assess the Culture
• Find out if the role is a good fit for you
• Prepare questions for the interviewer to ask about
the work environment in the team
• Ask the hiring manager what high potentials in the
team have in common and what the manager
values in an employee
• Ask what motivates the interviewer about the work
environment and business unit to gain insight
Tip 7: Be Aware of Current Events
• Educate yourself about the events that may impact
the current or future state of the business unit
• Prepare intelligent questions to demonstrate your
knowledge and learn more about the business unit
and its practices
• Ask how these current events will impact their
customers or the business
Tip 8: Use the STAR Method
• When answering questions, provide a brief
example of a Situation or Task you encountered,
describe how you took Action to handle the
situation, and finally, discuss the Results of your
• Maintain good eye contact throughout the interview
and try to relax so the interviewer sees your
positive attributes
Tip 9: Make it a Two-Way Interview
• Interviewing for an opening is not merely about you
selling yourself to the business unit, it’s also about
the hiring manager selling the business unit or
group to you as well
• The match has to be mutually beneficial to be
• Ask the interviewer why his business unit or group
is the best place to work and develop your career
• Find out how long employees and managers stay
with the team and why
Tip 10: Actively Listen and Prepare Closing
• A curious mind is valued
• Ask questions to show you are actively listening to
what the interviewer is saying
• Prepare closing questions in advance to ask at the
end of the interview
• The goal is to show your interest and allow you to
reveal strengths you have not yet had chance to