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Seeking a challenging position in the field of Telecommunication where I can utilize and groom up my skills and
technical knowledge, with strong commitment and dedication, for the progressive growth of the company.
Employment History:

Company Name Project Vendor Country

Huawei Technologies Huawei Technology Limited
STC Saudi 4GX & WBB/Viva Bahrain Huawei
Co., Ltd. Feb 2018 to Date
Emirates Integrated telecommunication Dubai, UAE
AMS International Huawei
Du – Huawei Planning Project Jan 2017 to Feb 2018
Etisalat Network Modernization Alcatel Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tagent International Huawei
to Huawei Swap (GSM & LTE) Oct 2014 to Dec 2016
LCC Pakistan (Pvt.) Huawei HQ Islamabad Pakistan
Huawei (PTML-Ufone Project) Huawei
Ltd June 2011 to Oct 2014
Emirates Integrated telecommunication Dubai, UAE
Nexus Telecom Huawei
Du - NSN MS Project Jan 2009 to May 2011

Professional Qualification

Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE) Bahria University, Islamabad

Feb 2003 to Oct 2007
Technical Skills/Tools
Performance Tools: Planning Tools:
Huawei M2000/U2000 A9155 Atoll (Alcatel Planning Tool)
Huawei PRS Tool U-Net Planning Tool
NSN NetAct Reporting Tool Smart RNO

Programming Tools:

Excel Macro Visual Basic MS Access & SQL

Python (Pandas) Tableau 10.3

Experience Summary (LTE & GSM):

Project: 4GX & WBB STC Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Viva Bahrain – Huawei
LTE –Expansion:
▪ Leading team of highly professional in RSC Pakistan to deliver L700 & L1800 Cr2 expansion of
around 1600 sites in two months from offshore.
▪ Procedure for delivery was developed so that no complain & delay in work is observed.
▪ Using Python (Pandas) made automated worst cell extraction tool, which improved the efficiency
of overall team, as top cell identification was done by tool site owner just have to take optimization
▪ Data Analysis on performance data using Tableau for daily dashboards & highlight effected sites
▪ SQL involvement to manipulate data linking of different Database to prepare Dashboard & Reports
in Tableau.
▪ Daily Management Dashboard Generation using Tool prepared using KPI’s, which highlighted each
team member progress.
▪ Pre & Post Comparison tool developed on Cell/eNodeB & Cluster level using Access/Excel VB.
Which eliminated the manual working & improved efficiency.
▪ Comparison tool also had module highlighted the sites which were continues degraded in week, auto
email was sent to owner as reminder and requested reasoning.
▪ Also developed the tool to prepare the Script making tool which use to check current layer from
dump on site and planned new layer data from U-net output, and output text file which is ready to be
executed from U2000 scheduling.
▪ Script making tool also helped in making automated tracker, which was helpful in delivery of
project as it also recorded the path where scripts were saved for later tracking.

Project: Emirates Integrated telecommunication or du – Huawei Expansion Project (AUH & NE Region).
LTE – 800 Expansion & UMTS - U900 Expansion:
▪ Supported expansion for carrier addition in LTE.
▪ Developed KPI monitoring Tool, which automatically highlighted issues in summary with auto
emailing functionality.
▪ KPI monitoring tool as exported the PDF report, which was sent to management via auto email
functionality using VBA.
▪ Audit the Expanded sites using the Audit tool developed in VB and highlight to RAN team for
rectification. Tool also maintained tracker for issue found and expansion date.
▪ Network Level Audit for major parametric values on monthly basis, using own developed tools in
VB which can replace OMStar.

Project: Etisalat Modernization Project Alcatel-Lucent to Huawei – (AUH Region).

LTE & GSM SWAP from Alcatel to Huawei:

▪ Single RAN solution is being installed and swapped from ALU to Huawei.
▪ My responsibility involved post swap activities which were assigning the swapped sites & eNodeB
in particular cluster and improve the KPI’s from pre swap and get acceptance from customer.
▪ Identify the cells having CSFB issues and Intra LTE HSOR and optimize the neighbour list.
▪ Monitor and benchmark the daily swapped sites & eNodeB for GSM & LTE KPI’s and to
communicate with the implementation team for any hardware issues found.
▪ Parametric audit using the Own developed tool in VBA excel, and remove any discrepancy found in
▪ Biweekly presentation and meeting with Huawei PMO on swapped area performance both
statistically and field quality.
▪ After continuous monitoring of swapped batches and optimization need to get approval from the
Etisalat management and presenting them the swap current progress.
▪ Monitoring the VVVIP sites swapped like crown prince residence and keeping the Etisalat
management updated about progress.
▪ LTE-Advanced features (Carrier Aggregation – 2CC & 3CC– 1800 /800/2100 MHz) testing and
▪ LTE 2100 (10 MHz Band) & LTE 800 (15MHz Band) expansion script preparation for existing and
new rollout sites.
▪ During this time using my programming skills prepared number of tools which helped in monitoring
the KPI’s highlighting the worst cells of network. Preparing the new site cell plan which reduced the
total working time and resource required during the swap and expansion phase.

▪ Successfully implemented Flash CSFB.
▪ Successfully implemented CSFB to GERAN.
▪ Flexi CA implementation trial after eRan 11 upgrade.
▪ MLB Setting retuning for Max throughput on major highways using larger BW carriers.

Project: PTML Ufone – Working on Ufone NPM Optimization Project (North Region).

RF Optimization Activities
▪ Monitoring Network performance and identifying RF related issues through BSS Network statistics
on daily basis, for my tasks tool on access was developed using VB which reduced the work load and
improved the efficiency.
▪ Fine tuning of BSS parameters and frequency plan to meet desired network quality & KPIs (DCR,
HSR, CSSR, SDR etc.)
▪ Carrying out parameter trials on regular basis to achieve commitment KPIs.
▪ Manual fine tuning of existing frequency plan on the basis of MR collection using the NASTAR and
assign less interfered frequency to improve the service quality and performance of cells.
▪ Neighbour planning and optimization using the NASTAR on basis of real MR collection.
▪ Planning and re designing cells like adjusting azimuth, tilt & orientation of antennas to meet traffic &
capacity needs and remove the overshooting.
▪ Conducting issue-based drive testing and post processing to analyse issues and determine if caused
by poor RF coverage, RF interference, RF quality etc. and troubleshooting by fine tuning, frequency
plan and hard optimization.

Project: Emirates Integrated telecommunication or du – MS by NSN on Huawei Equipment

▪ Monitoring KPIs for assigned BSCs and cells on regular basis to ensure optimum network quality
using Performance Management tools and RNO stats.
▪ Improving and maintaining the Call Setup Success Rate, Handover Success Rate and Drop Call Rate
to the desired threshold using Half Rate / Full Rate Traffic Balancing, Multi-band traffic distribution,
Neighbour Cleansing, Single BCCH parameter optimization, SDCCH / TCH Balancing, Frequency
Planning and by removing the database discrepancies. Cluster Drive
▪ Network Redesign including tilt and height adjustments, orientation changes for best coverage and
minimum adjacent and co channel interference for GSM based on Interference plots using Unet.
OTHER – References can be provided on request.