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I. Objectives

At the end of 45-minute discussion, the students should be able to:

 identify usage of adverb of manner;

 construct sentences using the adverb of manner; and
 state the importance of how hard life is.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Adverb of Manner

Reference: Workbook in Grammar and Composition VII (Ivan F.

Deligero,2010), pages 24-26

Materials: Multimedia and visual aids

Value Infused: Dealing with everyday life.

III. Procedure

A. Preliminary Activities

1. Greetings

2. Classroom Management

3. Prayer and Food for Thought

4. Checking of Attendance

B. Drill

The class will be divided into two groups with five members each.
Each group has corresponding animal sound. Each representative will
pick a song and they will deliver it with their corresponding animal sounds.
Each group will be given three minutes to play the game.

C. Review

-What was our topic last meeting?

-How will you define an adverb of time?

-Can you give an example of an adverb of time?

D. Motivation

Game title: How are you?

The class will be divided into three (3) groups, each group will write
what they observe in the picture that their teacher will show to them. The first
group that will raise their flags will recite their observation in the class. The first
group that will get 2 points will be the winner.
-What have you noticed with the pictures?

-The objectives of the lesson will be presented to students.

E. Lesson Proper

Pay attention to the discussion and be ready to answer the questions.

Study the table below.
-Will you give your own example of adverb of manner?

-What do you notice with the words?

-Will you give me a sentence using the adverb “Happily”.

F. Application

In a one whole sheet of paper, construct 10 sentences using adverb of

manner and underlined the adverb that they used.

G. Generalization

-What is adverb of manner again?

-Can you give examples for each type?

-By having enough knowledge about our topic for today, is it right to waste your
time for non-sense things? Why or Why not?

IV. Evaluation

On the worksheet given, arrange the jumbled adverb words and use it in a
sentence properly.

Example: ESIWYL- Wisely- They came up with the decision WISELY.

1. CKUIQYL-________-________________________________________________________ .
2. MALCYL-________-________________________________________________________ .
3. EERCHULFYL-________-_____________________________________________________ .
4. LAERCYL-_________-_______________________________________________________ .
5. RRECOTCYL-_______-______________________________________________________ .

V. Assignment

On a short bond paper, draw a scenario wherein you are doing something and
put an adverb word as a caption of your drawing. Be creative!


Content 50%

Creativity 30%

Overall Appearance 20%

Total 100%