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Topic: Fundamentals in Lodging Operation


I. Identification
___________1. This department is considered as the revenue centre of the hotel that handles check-in and
check-out of the guest.
___________2. The area in a hotel where the guests arrive first.
___________3. This department provides various types of dishes to the guests as per the menu.
___________4. A department responsible for recruitment and selection of employee for hotel as per
___________5. A person responsible to manage all the activities related to housekeeping, maintenance,
cleanliness, and appearance of hotel.
___________6. It is an apartments suitable for a King.
___________7. A separate building constructed by monasteries and churches to accommodate travellers.
___________8. The time when hospitality turns into a business.
___________9. The first five star hotel in America.
___________10. Considered as the first hotel in America.
___________11. The father of modern commercial-hotel industry and the originator of the hotel-chain
___________12. The time when Conrad Hilton purchased his first hotel, THE MOBLEY, in Cisco,
___________13. It is the is defined as the institutionalized preferences for a consumer product or services
based on brand name or logo.
___________14. It is when Hilton purchased the Statler Hotel Company.
___________15. It is a comprehensive plan by the hotel owner to define departmental activities and

II. Supply on the space provided before each number with the correct answers. Write R –
revenue center or C if it is cost centres.

______1. Front Office Department

______2. Housekeeping Department
______3. Food and Beverage Department
______4. Kitchen Department
______5. Reception Section
______6. Laundry Section
______7. Purchasing Department
______8. Accounting Department
______9. Human Resource Department
______10. Communication Department


1-4. Sections of F and B Services

5-8. Areas under operational deparment
9-12. Hospitality product characteristics
13-16. 3 ways to succeed in service
17-20. Give atleast 4 sectors of hospitality industry

IV. ESSAY (Customer Service)

1. You are in a hurry and your shift is about to end but your co-workers requested for your assistance
due to influx of customers. How will you respond to them? 5PTS.

2. Assume that you are a newly hired f and b staff and you wanted to give your best performance on
the first day of your duty. What are the things that you are going to do in order to gain positive
impression from the organization? 5 Pts.

3. You are about to approach a poor old guest in the restaurant who look frail and in need for your
assistance. How will you treat him as a person, if not as guest, and respond to the situation? 5pts.
Answer key:

1. Front office
2. Front office
3. Kitchen
4. Human Resource
5. Executive Housekeeper
6. Yams
7. Xenodocheions
8. 1282
9. Boston Tremont House Hotel
10. City Hotel
11. Ellsworth M. Statler
12. 1919
13. Brand Loyalty
14. 1954
15. Hotel Management Structure