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Read the statements/questions carefully. Select the best answer among the choices.

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of the correct answer.
1. What document contains provision that stipulate the proper conduct of behavior of teacher in the
discharge of their duties and responsibilities?

The Bill of Rights

Magna Carta for Public School Teacher
Code of Ethics for Teacher
Philippine Constitution
2. What is the law enacted by Congress which provided free public secondary education?

RA 6655
3. Teachers, principals and professors are persons in authority. What act confers this status to them?

RA 578
RA 586
RA 1265
4. What dose article XIII of the Code of Ethics includes as the basis for evaluating students other that
quality of academic performance?

Extra-curricular Activities
5. What philosophy supports the teacher’s practice of giving lectures and making the students memorize
rules and regulations after lecture?

6. What philosophy believes that discussion of societal needs and problems must be included in the

Social Reconstructionism
7. What philosophical belief describes the world to be made of real, substantial and material things?

Social Reconstructivism
8. What is the existentialist’s point of view relative to the aim of education?
To develop cognitive and power
To re-engineer society
To acquire productive skill
To know themselves and their place in society
9. What educational aim is postulated by social efficiency?

10. What is no embodied in Republic Act 10533?

Mandatory Kindergarten
12 years of basic education
Selective admission to tertiary education
Inclusion on Technical Vocational Skills in Basic Education
11. What country requires national examination to determine the elementary graduates’ readiness to high

12. What classroom management techniques refer to teachers’ establishing repeated procedure for a
smooth flow of teaching learning students?

Management of Time
Management of Routines
Management of Instruction
Management of Relationship
13. What do you call a teacher’s management technique that sets positive climate and develops quality
relationship between the teacher and student?

Management of Instruction
Management of Time
Management of Relationship
Management of Physical Environment
14. What technique in teacher’s management refers to preventing misbehavior to happen in the learning

Management of Time
Management of Discipline
Management of Relationship
Management of Instruction
15. Which among the given techniques is/are applicable to manage good instructional processes?

The teacher ensures that all students are involve in the lesson
The teacher stays focus on the lesson and avoids jumping without topic transition
The teacher gives students complete freedom to explore possibilities to learn
Both A and C
16. Which of the following does not belong to the three-fold function of secondary education?

Continuous General Education

Transmission of Knowledge
Preparation of Students for Higher Education
Provision of skills for Useful Endeavor among Students
17. Which explains academic freedom for teacher and school official?

Freedom to conduct experiments ir innovations

Freedom to teach students what they want to learn
Freedom to choose content, methods and expound new ideas
Freedom to discuss political issues and criticize their misdemeanor
18. What is the prime duty of teacher as a second parent?

Allow student to get enough rest and relaxation

Make sure that students undergo rigid training in school
See to it that students are motivated to learn
See to it that the rights of students are respected and their duties and obligations are complied with
19. Which of the following describes a teacher as professional?

Has motives and goals

Provides linkages with other agencies
Has specialized training and preparation
In endowed with physical, intellectual, moral, social and emotional qualities
20. A good teacher has “eyes on the back on her head.” What does this idiomatic expression means?

A teacher should not turn her back from the students

A teacher should assign leader to monitor students’ behavior
A teacher should establish eye contact with the students when teaching
A teacher should be aware of the actions of the students and the activities they engage in
21. Which is not an evidence of pedagogical expertise of a teacher?

Communication of the course objectives of the students

Awareness of the alternative instructional strategies
Selection of appropriate methods of instruction
Adhering to the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers
22. Why is the teachers’ authority important in managing the classroom?

To coerce the students to behave properly

To make the students obey all the orders of the teacher
To motivate the students to internalize self-discipline
To show fear of the teacher to make students focus on classroom learning
23. Which of the following is an example of applied behavior analysis being used to manage Serious
behavior problems?

Giving constant verbal reminders

Praising students who are behaving
Allowing students to be busy on meaningful tasks
Selecting punishing criteria for punishment and reinforcement
24. Which is an example of social and cross-cultural skills?

Obtaining information using digital technologies

Using problem-solving techniques in influencing and guiding other towards a goal
Knowing when it is appropriate to listen and to speak when interacting with others
All of them
25. Which among the following is not a thinking and problem-solving skill

Intellectual curiosity
Critical thinking
Productivity and accountability
26. Which of the following scenarios demonstrates globally aware teachers?
1. The teacher studies and tries to understand other nations, cultures and languages
2. The teacher conscientiously studies his/her own areas of expertise
3. The teacher works collaboratively with his/her diverse learners in a spirit of honesty, mutual respect
and open dialogue
1 and 2
2 and 3
1 and 3
All of theme
27. Who is an innovative teacher of the 21st century?

A teacher who is willing to take risks and view failures as an opportunity to learn
Teacher who plans and manages work to achieve the target result
A teacher who express his/her thoughts and ideas effectively
A teacher who reads recent trends in education
28. Which among the following rationale applies to the additional two years in the Senior High School of
the K t 12 curriculum?

1. To develop lifelong learning skills

2. To develop entrepreneurial skills
3. To provide sufficient skills for mastery of concepts

1 and 2
2 and 3
All of them
None of them
29. Which of the following demonstrates teacher’s effective use of technology aided instruction?