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ELT 212 MIDTERMS: PANTHEONS life based on peace, love,

family, and nature.

TITANS - God of archery, music and
dance, truth and prophecy,
 ATLAS healing and diseases, the Sun
- Rest the world in his and light, poetry, and more.
shoulders Apollo is the son of Zeus and
Leto, and has a twin sister,
- Absolute stamina & strength
the chaste huntress Artemis.
- God of time
- Her special powers were those
- Personification/manipulation of love and desire. She had a
of time belt that had the power to
 URANUS cause others to fall in love
- God of sky with the wearer
- Sky & weather manipulation  HERCULES
 THEMIS - Hercules possesses the
- Titan goddess of divine law, typical powers of an Olympian
order and customs. god, including superhuman
 OCEANUS strength, durability, speed,
- God of the River reflexes.
- Referred to as the three-
thousand Oceanids, and all
the rivers of the world,  PERSEUS
fountains, and lakes.
- Perseus possesses
- Has absolute control over supernatural strength and
water, which rivals that of agility.
his nephew Poseidon.
- The slayer of the Gorgon
OLYMPIANS Medusa and the rescuer of
Andromeda from a sea monster.
- The king of the Greek gods - Was the bravest, handsomest,
- God of the sky and thunder and greatest warrior of the
 POSEIDON army of Agamemnon in the
Trojan War.
- God of the sea, earthquakes,
storms - Possibly possessed
exceptional strength,
stamina, and resistance to
- God of the underworld injury due to his semi-divine
 ATHENA birth.
- Goddess associated with  DIONYSUS
wisdom, handicraft, and - God of wine, which was a very
warfare important part of the culture
 ARES of ancient
- God of war  HELEN
WIVES AND CHILDREN - Helen of Troy also known as
Helen of Sparta, was said to
 METIS have been the most beautiful
woman in the world
- Goddess of Wisdom and Deep
- called Motherpeace, based on
ancient matriarchal cultures,
whose purpose was to live a
II.ROMAN prosperity, fertility, and
 JUPITER victory.
- King of the Gods and the God Weapon and Power: a Roman goddess,
of the sky and rain whose functions encompassed love,
Weapon: The eagle is his sacred animal desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and
and the thunderbolt is his identifying victory. She also has the power of
weapon. granting beauty and invincible charm
Power: With his enormous power, he is to others.
said to rule the light and the sky. Characteristic: They claimed her as
The protector of laws and the state, their ancestress because she was the
and the Romans believed that Jupiter goddess of love, Venus was very
guarded their city. important to new brides.
Characteristic: Jupiter, also known as
Jove, is the chief Roman deity.  PLUTO
- also known as Dis Pater the
 NEPTUNE God of the underworld
- The God of the Sea Weapon: He has three-headed dog,
Weapon: Carrying a trident with three Cerberus who guarded the entrance
prongs gates of the underworld.
Power: His anger and furious rage were Power: According to the myth, he's
related to the shaking of the earth. friendly and wags his tail to welcome
Neptune rode a horse or a dolphin and you. But if you try to return to the
ruled the sea. land of the living, he'll turn vicious
Characteristic: God of freshwater and and devour you. There's no turning
the sea back on the journey to the underworld
until the death/rebirth process is
 SATURN complete. However, he has the
- The God of Time, Wealth, and capability to bring back the life of
Agriculture one’s person.
Weapon: Received the bloodied weapons Characteristic: He is best known for
of enemies destroyed in war. his role as ruler of the underworld
Power: The reign of Saturn was seen as
a golden age of plenty and peace.  VULCAN
Saturn comes from “sowing” and the - God of fire, metalworking,
Romans identified him as an and the forge
agricultural deity Weapon: He is often depicted with a
Characteristics: god of dissolution, blacksmith's hammer
time, wealth, agriculture, renewal, Power: He creates objects of beauty
and liberation and magical weapons.
Characteristic: Vulcan became so
 JUNO skillful he became known as the
- The Queen of Gods and The blacksmith of the gods.
Goddess of Marriage
Weapon: She is often shown armed and  CERES
wearing a goatskin cloak. Her sacred - Goddess of agriculture,
animal was the peacock. grain, and the love a mother
Power: Connected with all aspects of bears for her child.
the life of women, most particularly Weapon: A large, forward-curved sword
married life and she is the protector or battle axe and with her are the
and special counselor of the state fruits and rice grains.
Characteristic: She was the daughter Power: Service to mankind in giving
of Saturn and married her twin them the gift of the harvest, the
brother, Jupiter and became the Queen reward for cultivation of the soil.
of the Gods. Characteristic: The only one of the
gods who was involved on a day-to-day
 VENUS basis in the lives of the common folk.
- Goddess of love, beauty,
 MERCURY Golden Arrow signified true love and
- the Messenger of the Gods and the Leaden Arrow represented wanton
of Commerce and Finance and sensual passion. His golden arrows
Weapon: Wearing golden sandals and a had dove feathers as flights which
helmet, he carried a magical wand or aroused love, or leaden arrows which
staff called a caduceus which was had owl feathers that caused
entwined with snakes. On the heels of indifference
his sandals were wings which enabled Power: His arrows when hit makes
him to fly. someone fall in love romantically or
Power: Ability to travel so swiftly sexually.
which made him the Messenger of the Characteristics: He was sometimes
Gods. It was also his job to lead viewed as callous and careless but
departed souls to Avernus, the gateway generally he was seen as beneficial,
to the Underworld and realm of Pluto. due of the happiness he imparted to
Characteristic: God of shopkeepers and couples. He was the constant companion
merchants, travelers and transporters of Venus and, armed with bow and
of goods, and thieves and tricksters. arrows, he shot the darts of desire
into the hearts of both gods and men.
- the God of Wine
Weapon: He is also often shown with a  APOLLO
glass of wine, presumably made by him. - the God of the Sun, poetry,
Power: Major God and one of the 'Dei music and oracles
Consentes', the Council of Gods. Weapon: He has a golden bow and
Freeing one from one's normal self, by arrows.
madness, ecstasy, or wine. Power: The god who affords help and
Characteristics: Roman god of wine, wards off evil. He protects the
revels, joy and drama. The name fugitives and refugees. Medicine and
Bacchus derives from 'bacca' meaning healing are associated with him.
berry. Bacchus was the personification Characteristic: Has 67 children. He is
of the blessings of nature in general. also an oracular god as a patron of
Delphi and could predict prophecy
PROSERPINE through the Delphic Oracle Pythia.
- Goddess of the Underworld
Power: She was the emblem of the seed  MINERVA
corn, which lies in the earth during - the Goddess of Wisdom, the
the winter, but sprouts in the spring, City, Education, Science and
and in summer bears fruit. The War
ancients believed that when Proserpina Weapon: She is holding a spear and a
made her yearly visits to the mortal shield, to represent her interest in
world she brought spring with her and war
when the time came that she must Power: She gifts humans who seek Her
return to Pluto the bleak winter guidance and induces meditations of
followed. intellectual illumination; wisdom.
Characteristics: Roman goddess of the Characteristic: The Roman goddess of
Underworld. Her name derives from the wisdom. She was also the goddess of
Latin word "proserpere" meaning "to trade, the arts, and strategy in war.
emerge". Proserpine ate six She was well known for her chastity
pomegranate seeds, and so Pluto and is one of the virgin goddess in
confined her to his kingdom six months Roman mythology.
of each year. She is shown here eating
a pomegranate which symbolizes  DIANA
captivity. - the Goddess of Hunting
Weapon: Usually appears as a huntress
 CUPID with bow and quiver, accompanied by a
- the God of Erotic Love hound or deer.
Weapon: The arrows have two types; the Power: She had the power to talk to
woodland animals and even control trumpet to warn the Aesir of
their movements and behavior any approaching danger.
Characteristic: Diana was the goddess  TYR
of the hunt. She was also revered as - A Norse war god who presides
the goddess of the woods, children and over matter of law and
childbirth, fertility, chastity, the justice.
moon, and wild animals  IDUN
- The goddess of spring or
rejuvenation who is entitled
 MARS to keep the magic apples of
- the God of War immortality, which Gods must
Mars was the god of war and was, eat to preserve their youth.
himself, seen as protector of the  BRAGI
Roman Army. He was thought to be - The god of eloquence and
difficult, argumentative and unpopular poetry, and the patron of
among the gods, but was revered by skalds (poets).
men; especially soldiers. He was said  VIDAR
to love the violence and conflict. His
- The “SILENT GOD” who is
persona represented military power and
associated with vengeance.
the noise and blood of battle
Weapon: The Ancile was his sacred  LOKI
shield - The trickster god who cares
Power: His persona represented only for shallow pleasures
military power and the noise and blood and self-preservation.
of battle. VANIR:
Characteristic: He was said to love
the violence and conflict. His persona  FREYA
represented military power and the - The goddess associated with
noise and blood of battle war, death, love, sex,
beauty, fertility, gold, and
III.NORSE magic.
CARDS INFO - The ruler of Alfheimr, and is
- Attack/Defense, Health, Cost also associated with
AESIR: bountiful harvests, wealth,
peace and virility.
- The chief of the Aesir and - The God of the Wind,
the King of Asgard seafarers, coasts, inland
 THOR waters and wealth.
- The defender of Asgard and  NERTHUS
Midgard, and is primarily - The goddess who takes part in
associated with protection human affairs. Riding in a
through great feats or arms chariot among her people.
in slaying giants.
- The God of Light and Purity,
and all the gods praise him  YMIR
for his beauty. - A hermaphroditic giant and
 FRIGG the first creature to come
- The queen of the Aesir and into being in the Norse
the Goddess of the Sky creation myth.
- The guardian of Asgard - The Norse ruler of the Sea
encamped upon Bifrost who who brew the best beer in all
will sound his majestic the nine worlds.
 FENRIR - Is extremely powerful and
- A super—sized wolf who capable of existing
consumes Odin during independently, as well as
Ragnarok. turning on their "owners" and
 HEL even possessing humans
- A giantess and/or goddess who  HACHIMAN
rules over the identically- - God of War
named Hel, the underworld - Japanese god of war and the
where many of the dead dwell. divine protector of Japan and
 SKADI its people.
- The giant goddess of winter, - He is "faster than fast"
hunting, and skiing who lives who's speed rivals. He can
in the highest reaches of the cover vast distances in the
mountains, where the snow blink of an eye before the
never melts. unaided eye can notice. This
 NIDHOGG attack always moves first.
- A dragon/serpent who gnaws at  TSUKUYOMI
the roots of the world-tree, - God of the Moon
Yggdrasil. - Considered a male deity, he
is often portrayed as more
IV.JAPANESE feminine.
- Holds powers related to the
ADDT’L INFO: night and darkness, able to
Mirror = Amaterasu blend into shadows and use
Tidal beads = Ryujin them to teleport and attack.
Drums = Raijin  FUJIN
Bag of Clouds = Fujin - God of the Winds
Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi/Japanese blade - He is portrayed as a
= Susanoo terrifying dark demon
resembling a humanoid,
 EBISU carrying a large bag of winds
- One of the seven gods of on his shoulders.
FORTUNE AND FISHING - A physical manifestation or
- The Japanese god of personification of the
fishermen, luck, and element of air.
workingmen, as well as the  AMATERASU
guardian of health and - Goddess of the Sun
children. - Most important Shinto deity
 SUSANOO - Her name, Amaterasu, means
- The God of Sea and Storm "illuminates Heaven”
- He is also somewhat of a - The power to manipulate the
trickster god. esoteric solar forces. As a
 INARI result, this solar energy has
- The God of Rice and Fertility magical proper-ties that can
- Their messengers and symbolic be used in various,
animal are foxes unexpected ways.
- Inari has the ability to  TAKEMIKAZUCHI
change his form and appearance - God of Sword and Thunder
to that of any creature, - Takemikazuchi is depicted
humanoid and inanimate object attempting to subdue the
that he wants. Mimics another giant catfish supposedly
god’s special attack dwelling at the kaname-ishi
 INUGAMI of the Japanese landmass and
- Dog God causing its earthquakes.
- Dogs of Japanese legend who  TENGU
possess human bodies. - Heavenly Dog
- Considered a type of yokai. mythology as a scarecrow who
- Tengu are said to control cannot walk but has
rain, wind, and thunder: they comprehensive awareness.
cause raging storms when they - harvests all the crops and
are angry and can make seeds then throws them at a
whirlwinds that carry people certain enemy
up into the air.  OMOIKANE
 IZANAGI - God of Wisdom
- God of Creation - Is a Shinto good of wisdom
- Is a deity born of the seven and intelligence. His name
divine generations in means serving one's thoughts.
Japanese mythology and A heavenly deity that give
Shinto, and his name in the good counsel in the heavenly
Kojiki is roughly translated deities.
to as "he-who-invites". - is able to hold many thought
- Is the ability to manipulate at once or to combine in one
the sky, which in-cludes mind the mental power of many
manipulating celestial individuals
objects, slight aero-kinesis
and slight weather
manipulation. V.CHINESE
- Is the Japanese god of EMPEROR
thunder, lightning, and Description: The Jade Emperor is the
storms. Often depicted as a head of the pantheon and the highest
demon-like god that beat deity ruling the universe.
drums to wield thunder. Area: Heaven
Power: Has supreme power over all
Heavens, Earth and Underworld
- Goddess of Creation and Death
Strength: 10/10 stars
- "She who invites" is a
goddess of both creation and
death, as well as the former
Description: The Dragon King is the
wife of the god Izanagi-no-
chief of all dragons
Area: Earth
- Has the power to manipulate
Power: Controls the weather and all
the dark forces. As a result,
the waters: sea; rivers; lakes and
this dark energy has magical
properties that can be used
Strength: 6/10 stars
to destroy anything that
- God of the Sea and Dragons Description: God of Death, ruler of
- Is the dragon king, sea god, the court of hell Diyu.
and master of serpents in Area: Underworld
Japanese mythology. With his Power: In charge of death, who impose
magic jewels he is wailing, gouging and boiling
responsible for the tides. Strength: 7.5/ 10 stars
- controls the tides using his
magical tide jewels 4. SIMING OR MASTER OF FATE
Description: Controller of Fate and
 KUEBIKO makes fine adjustments to human fate
- God of knowledge and lifespan.
Agriculture Area: Heaven
- Is the Shinto kami of Power: Has the power to balance or
knowledge and agriculture, unbalance yin and yang, and thus to
represented in Japanese
lengthen or shorten human lifespans, adult
or to provide health or prolong Area: Heaven
illness. Power: Warrior with large spear and
Strength: 8/10 wind-fire cosmic wheels
Strength: 8/10
Description: Tutelary deity of a Description: Divine guardians of doors
locality and the human communities and gates
Area: Earth Area: Earth
Power: Provides prosperity to Power: Guarantee protection from evil
agriculture and wealth spirits
Strength: 6/10 Strength: 7/10

UNDERWORLD Description: Two demon guardians of
Description: Ruler of Feng-du (Chinese the Underworld who act as guards and
Hell) and has magical mirror of retrievers of souls
retribution Area: Underworld
Area: Underworld Power: capture human souls reached the
Power: Rules the fate of souls who end of their earthly existence
have met untimely deaths by accident Strength: 8/10
or misfortune
7. XI WANGMU OR QUEEN MOTHER OF THE Description: Dou Mou’s themes are
WEST death, ghosts, divination and health
Description: Western mother is the Area: Heaven
highest goddess and is the wife of the Power: Dou Mou protects spirits of
Jade Emperor departed loved ones and to safeguard
Area: Heaven the living from sickness.
Power: Brings happiness and longevity, Strength: 7/10
and has magic pills which can make
people live forever 14. HOUTUSHEN OR QUEEN OF EARTH
Strength: 9/10 Description: Houtu’s symbols are the
globe, soil, all natural items and
8. NÜWA OR SNAKE GODDESS marble and is the consort or female
Description: The goddess who created form of Tudigong
mankind and had repaired the Pillar of Area: Earth
Heaven. Power: Cultivates Earth, nature,
Area: Earth ecology and promotes fertility.
Power: Self-aware, independent, Strength: 5/10
creative, and powerful feminine force.
Strength: 6/10
Description: The ghost controlling god GUARD OF THE UNDERWORLD
Area: Underworld Description: Deities in charge of
Power: Vanquisher of ghosts and evil escorting the spirits of the dead to
beings, and able to command 80,000 the Underworld.
demons Area: Underworld
Strength: 8.5/10 Power: Grant fortune for good deeds
and punishes evil deeds
Description: Precocious teenage deity 16. GUAN YIN OR GODDESS OF MERCY
who serves as a patron saint of young Description: Mercy goddess’ name means
the one who perceives the sounds of • BRAHMA – “Speech & Sound”
the world
Area: Heaven - Creation (part of the Trimurti),
Power: She has powers to make miracles Superhuman Strength, Stamina, and
happen and assist people who pray to Resistance to Injury.
Strength: 5/10 • VISHNU – “All Pervasive”

- Most forms, Preserver (part of

17. GONGGONG OR THE WATER GOD Trimurti), operator, sustainor, and
Description: Gonggong has a human manager of universe.
copper head and a body of a snake and
is responsible for great floods • SARASWATI, Goddess of Knowledge
Area: Earth
Power: Has the power to cause numerous - Goddess of Knowledge, poetry,
of destruction by dangerous flood of Music, Art, Speech, Wisdom and
his creation. Learning. Turned into a river to
Strength: 8/10 extinguish fire after war


Description: Zhu Rong had the face of Trimurti”
a man but the body of a beast and used
to ride on two dragons. - Creator, Preserver, and
Area: Earth Destroyer
Power: He commands the fire • PARVATI, Mother Goddess, Wife of
Strength: 8/10 Vishnu
19. FUXI OR GOD OF KNOWLEDGE - Goddess of Creative Power,
Description: Fuxi is the bearer of Divine Energy, Goddess of Martial
human civilization. Felicity
Area: Earth
Power: God that gives knowledge and • YAMA, God of Death, King of
foresees the future. Ghosts and the South
Strength: 5/10
- Lord of Justice, Creator of
20. SUN WUKONG OR GOD OF MISCHIEF thread to any Path
Description: A monkey known for his
mischief and arrogant demeanor, • GANESHA, God of New Beginnings
powerful and influential demon that - Elephant, obstacles, God of
caused chaos on heaven. Success and Wisdom, Remover of
Area: Underworld Obstacles
Power: Has immense strength, travels
extremely fast and able to transform • HANUMAN – Son on Pawan
into seventy-two earthly
transformation. - Lifted a mountain for his lord
Strength: 9/10 Rama to get a flower that was needed
for an antidote. The Hindu God for
wind, Known for extraordinary daring
VI.HINDU feats, strength and loyalty.
• KRISHNA – Love & Compassion • INDRA – King of the Gods, King
of Heavens
- 8th avatar of Vishnu and
seducer, Immortality, Protection. - He has the authority over the
sky and the power to bring forth
• VITHOBA – White God
thunder and rain at his will.
- Acceptance, helps the lowest of • KARNA – Heroic Tragedy
the low (eg. casteless)
- Tragic hero who died as their protector from the
• SURYA – Sun God,
Hanan: Goddess of the Morning
- Mythological father of many Tala: Godess of the Stars
notable sons. Dispelling darkness, Mayari: Goddess of the Moon
curing disease, and heating and POWER: Healing. Granting wishes.
illuminating the world. Hypnotize. Dream maker. Giving
• AGNI – Fire God
- fire, conceptualized in ancient
Hindu texts to exist at three levels; - Deity of the Wind.
on earth as fire, in the atmosphere as - Symbolized by a golden bird
lightning, and in the sky as the sun. as a protection of the people
from the Bakunawa.
• VARUNA – God of Oceans
- POWER: Flying, Teleportation,
- Guardian of deity of the western Whirl wing attack, Tornado
direction, controlled aspects of the Punch
natural world, responsible for the
moral laws of the universe.
- Guardian of the Mountains.
• DURGA, the Unassailable
Protects the mountains from
- Weaponry, uses male gods' the savage Shapeshifter.
weapons, first strike, Vigilance, - POWER: Foresee future,
Protection from demons. precise hit

• KALI MA, Night of Death • AMAN SINAYA

- Killed a demon that could - Goddess of the Sea.

regenerate from its blood by eating - POWER: Wave Tsunami. Water
the blood. Splash


- Wealth, lotuses - Goddess of Childbirth.

- Protects the child and the
• SHIVA – Era’s End pregnant from the Tiktik.
- POWER: Fertility, grace and
- Destroyer (part of Trimurti) protection of women and
• VENKATESWARA, Indebted God
- Lord of Venkata, became indebted
after paying the dowry to marry a - God of the Sun.
princess - Patron of Warriors. His eyes
serve as the light of the
• VERUNA, Binding Waters earth.
- POWER: Burning, Blinding
- Water
using light
- God of gods.
• DEMIGODS - Preserver of Life.
- Highest and strongest being.
- Daughters of Bathala. - POWER: Judgment,
- They are assigned to live Invincibility, Destruction
among the mortals and serve and Creation

- Goddess of the Moon and Ruler - The Baby Eater

of the Eight Rivers. - Birdlike human form
- Mortal enemy of Aring - Hungry for flesh and blood of
Sinukuan, a protector of Mt. fetuses
Pinatubo - POWER: Licking, Swallowing
- POWER: Darkness, moonlight, and frightening pregnant
flushes. women.

- Goddess of Agriculture. - Goddess of the Wind and Rain.

Kindest goddess - Fickle-minded.
- POWER: Growth of crops, - Full of herself.
healing - POWER: Hailstorm, hurricane,
wild force
- Guardian of Nature
- A type of deity or spirit. - God of the Lower World.
- POWER: Illusion, Control, - Leader of the Evil.
Morph - Lives in the Underworld
- POWER: Poison, smell fear,
VILLAINS darkness
- The Naughty Elf - Sun God of War and Death.
- Little creatures that provide - He taught the Ancient
good or bad fortune and Kapampangan metallurgy, wood
foretell an ominous fate to cutting/gathering and rice
people. cultivation.
- POWER: Giving illnesses, mind - POWER: Cutting, Tracking and
tricks, foretelling Hunting
- Giant Sea Serpent. - God of Seasons.
- Cause of eclipses and was - Husband of Lakapati
transformed into a dragon- - Associated as a deity of good
like creature as punishment. health and medicine
- POWER: Eclipse, Outrage, - POWER: Regeneration, controls
Hydro pump forces of nature and seasons
- The Punisher - The Darkness Spawn
- A creature believed to be - An aswang that can fly after
half-human and half-wolf separating itself from the
- POWER: Howling, Slash, Blood lower half of its body
suck - Eats babies and fetuses
- POWER: Loud cry, dark wave
• SHOKOY and enragement
- Guardian of the Deep
- Sea creatures that have a
human form and scaled bodies.
- POWER: Water slash,
camouflage, chasing people