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Tagore Nagar , Behind- Asopa Hospital, DCM

302021. Jaipur ( Rajasthan )


{Name and

Dear {Name},

On behalf of RBA Technologies, I am pleased to offer you the Full Time position of Customer
Executive- effective {effective date}.

The following outlines the terms of the employment agreement:

 The compensation for this position will be $_______ annually. Your performance and
compensation will be reviewed annually.

 Your employment is subject to a three-month probationary period. This period of time allows you
and RBA Technologies to determine if the position is suitable for you. If the company decides
to discontinue employment within this probationary period, you will be entitled to reasonable
notice as outlined in the Employment Standards Act.

 You will be paid on a direct deposit basis on Monthly

 You will be entitled to receive 1 days of vacation monthly. Your vacation will be prorated after
three months to your start date.

 If You are taking leave without any written inform us your salary will be deductable

 If official leave given to the employee your salary as well continue

 If company has official leave and after completion to the leave, you can’t take leave without any
knowledge of company. Either your salary also will be deductable as per company policy & Terms

 Upon successful completion of three (3) months of continuous employment, you will be invited to
Certification in our Company.

 Office Time Sharp at 9:00 AM , Monday To Saturday, if someone failed to reached the office on
time will entertained half day after 9:45 AM
 During your employment, you will report directly to {Supervisor Name},{Supervisor Title}. You will
be expected to carry out the duties assigned to you in a competent and efficient fashion.

Although it is difficult to contemplate ending our relationship when it is just beginning, it helps both of us to
determine our respective obligations ahead of time. Therefore, your employment may cease under any of
the following circumstances:

1. You may resign from your employment by giving us not less than two weeks’ notice in writing.
2. We may terminate your employment for just cause at any time without notice, pay in lieu of
notice, or severance pay, or other liability ; or
3. We may terminate your employment in our sole discretion without cause, by providing you with
written notice or pay in lieu of notice that complies with the Employment Standards Act, 2000
(“ESA”). The notice provisions are:
 Within the three month probationary period: no notice
 Between three months and less than two years: one week

If your entitlement to notice and severance pay under the ESA exceed those set out above, the provisions
under the ESA will Govern. Any payments made pursuant to the above provisions are in full satisfaction
of any amounts owing to you including statutory entitlements and common law damages

This offer of employment is conditional upon the following:

 Clear Criminal Record check.

 Complete submission of RBA Technologies- Application of Employment form
 Signature on Acknowledgement of Understanding – RBA Technologies Policies and
 Sign off on RBA Technologies Confidentiality Statement

Please signify your acceptance of this letter by signing the original of this letter where indicated below,
and return it to me. Please bring the original copy on your first day of work.

We look forward to the opportunity to have you join our team and look forward to your response.



I accept the terms of employment set forth in this letter:

Name: ________________________________________


Date: ____________________________