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Firm Profile

-Driving Innovation

A start up by IIT Kharagpur Alumni

It all began in 2014…
Since 2014, Inovatree and its versatile team of skilled lawyers
have practiced law with a rare passion. We are a full-service
law firm dedicated to professional excellence, personal and
high-quality support and effective solution-oriented advocacy.
Each of our practice groups has the same approach: simple,
direct and uncompromising pursuit of solutions and results for
our clients.
We, at Inovatree, take pride in the fact that ours is one of the
most renowned of the law firms formed with the objective of
keeping in tune with changing times and realities in the field of
law. The partners and associates of the Firm possess a
background so varied and, at the same time, expertise so vast,
in terms of variety of disciplines and expanse of time, that each
can boast of virtual command in his or her own field.
The firm robustly considers that client satisfaction is the key to our success as individuals, professionals and as an ongoing
business concern. As such, client satisfaction is our firm’s number one goal and priority. The firm further believes that a client
will be satisfied if he or she receives not only the highest quality of legal representation, but also if he or she is treated with
dignity and respect at all times. We feel that it is very important to understand our client’s goals and objectives in order to
determine the best alternative to follow that will generate the desired results.
It is because of our determination to succeed, our integrity, our high-quality service, and our tenacity that our clients feel they
have the best legal representation with our firm. For us, there is no greater joy than providing our clients with the results they
want and satisfying them with a successful outcome.
Our Values…
Clients first: Our clients are our foremost priority and their interests come first
with us. We invest in understanding their businesses and objectives and
provide them with timely, efficient and practical advice. We seek to deliver
more value than our clients expect by working with them as part of an
integrated team.

One firm: Our approach internally is client-focused and collegial, enabling us to

deliver the power of “one firm” to our clients. We believe that teamwork and
collaboration across practice groups and offices results in innovative, solution-
oriented advice that will best help our clients succeed.

Integrity: We deal honestly, openly and professionally with our clients and with each other. This dedication to integrity
is fundamental to our strength as a firm and to upholding the reputations of our clients.

Expertise and excellence: We believe the exceptional expertise of our people and the standard of excellence that we work
to are at the core of our client service offering. As a result, we are committed to attracting and developing leading legal
experts who are intellectually curious, motivated problem-solvers and who recognize and benefit from the power that
comes from working within our client-focused, collaborative environment.
People Profile
Adv. Kunal Jha – Founder | Innovator | Advocate | Legal Counsel | IPR Attorney

With solid academic experience entailing a B.Tech degree in Electronics &

Communication and thereafter a professional Law Degree from IIT Kharagpur, and, a
professional experience of more than 10 years as Patent Attorney, Kunal has good
exposure in the space of Intellectual Property Protection, Licensing, Contract, Open
Source Compliance, Legal and Regulatory Affairs.

As a legal professional, Kunal has always believed that intellectual property protection
and risk management / mitigation is a key factor for economic growth and advancement
in high Technology Sector, and has therefore always endeavored to excel in this space.

Dr. Sushmita Jha – Co-Founder | IP Analyst

Dr. Sushmita has solid management skills and manages day-to-day operational affairs of the
business. Ensuring right thing at right place she is responsible for timely deliverables of all
Mr. Venky Rao– Advisor

Mr. Venky Rao is IIT Kharagpur Alumni and has a vast experience as senior management in
various companies. He is a part of hype cycle of AI for past 30 years starting with AI systems
for defence and law enforcement to recent AI powered solution. He has expertise in
business strategy, business validation, product-market-fit, growth and governance.
He is a proud developer of the World’s first mobile app companies in mid 1990’s. He also
took exposure in SaaS products in retail, logistics and business operation management in
2012. Mr. Venky is well recognized in industry for driving innovation, Entrapreneurship,
metrics based governance models, and creating leaders by mentoring and coaching.

Expert Consultants

Neeraj & Rati seasoned lawyers with more than 20 years of experience in
the field of corporate law. They both are engaged with various MNCs and
provide legal and strategic advice to more than 200 companies.

Adv. Neeraj Jha Adv. Rati Agnihotri

Our Experts

Adv. Nikesh Gupta – Senior Partner| Mechanical Engineer| IIT Kharagpur

As part of the Intellectual Property Group for past 8 years, Nikesh has been bestowed with the
responsibility to advice R&D, NPD & PED on diverse legal and regulatory issues involved in the
Product life cycle at all the levels of a vertical and the legal permissibility of various options with
regard to the product development. Nikesh is Extensively involved in assisting in projects for
studying and advising on generating Intellectual Property for the Organization.

Adv. Abhishek Jain - Partner| Mechanical Engineer| IIT Kharagpur

With solid engineering background and a degree in law., Abhishek enjoys practicing litigation. His
litigation portfolio ranges from drafting to arguments in Court in Civil and Criminal Law including
SLPs, Writs, Suits, Matrimonial Disputes, Debt Recovery, and Consumer Disputes.
Our Experts

Anju Kashyap – Patent Attorney| Mechanical Engineer| IIT Kharagpur

As part of the Intellectual Property Group for past 8 years, Nikesh has been bestowed with the
responsibility to advice R&D, NPD & PED on diverse legal and regulatory issues involved in the
Product life cycle at all the levels of a vertical and the legal permissibility of various options with
regard to the product development. Nikesh is extensively involved in assisting projects for
studying and advising on generating Intellectual Property for the Organization.

Adv. Abhishek Jain - Partner| Mechanical Engineer| IIT Kharagpur

With solid engineering background and a graduation in law., Abhishek enjoys practicing
litigation. His litigation portfolio ranges from drafting to arguments in Court in Civil and Criminal
Law including SLPs, Writs, Suits, Matrimonial Disputes, Debt Recovery, and Consumer Disputes.

Adv. Abhishek Jain - Partner| Mechanical Engineer| IIT Kharagpur

Rutwik Kishan Rao B.Tech | LL.B (IIT KGP) | IN/PA-2626 • Holds a B.Tech in
Mechanical Engineer from JNTU, Hyderabad (2012) and an LL.B (Hons. in IPR) from RGSOIPL, IIT
Kharagpur (2015). Qualified Patent Agent Examination held in 2016. (Patent Agent Code: IN/PA-
2626)• Proficient in IP Audit & Assessment, Prior Art Searches, Legal Opinions, Drafting
Specifications, Patent Filing and Office Action. Practice areas include Automotive Technology,
Adv. Bibhunanda Mishra– Senior Partner| Computer Science Engineer| IIT Kharagpur

Bibhu is an electrical and electronics engineer turned patent attorney with almost over 5 years of
He developed a deep understanding of various technologies such as cognitive computing, lawful
interception, Eco-Energy, communication systems, while drafting complete specification for
complex inventions. He has keen interest in technology areas relating to artificial intelligence,
cognitive computing, renewable energy and green technologies.

Adv. Gunjan Hans – Partner| Biotech Engineer| IIT Kharagpur

A Biotechnology engineer turned lawyer, Gunjan went to law school at the Indian Institute of
Technology, Kharagpur.
Gunjan has extensive experience and expertise in the field of Intellectual Property Laws litigation
and advisory, Environmental Law litigation and advisory, drafting and vetting of agreements on
various subject matters such as NDA, Copyright Assignment/ License Agreement, MSA, etc.
Gunjan also has worked on various cross-vertical/ multi-vertical assignments at my work-place.
Working in the field of litigation has sharpened skills like logical thinking and reasoning,
implementing theory into practice, legal analysis. It also helped her develop the acumen
required to venture into new practice areas, learn new laws, working hard and tirelessly to
provide a logical legal solution to the problem.
Adv. Alakh Niranjan Pandey – Partner| Mechanical Engineer | IIT Kharagpur

Alakh is an Intellectual Property Attorney registered with the Bar Council of India and a
mechanical engineer. For more than 6 years, he has been providing insights to clients on
innovation, possible invention evolution strategy, global IP protection strategy, and brand
protection. Alakh has cumulatively drafted nearly 100 patent applications and completed more
than 500 patent analytics projects in technological fields ranging from heavy machinery,
automotive, 3D printing, medical imaging, etc.

Adv. Vipasha Shrivastava- Associate

Vipasha is a young generation lawyer with key interest in Intellectual Property. She has
completed her LLM in IPR.
Technical Experts
Mr. B.N Jha

Having completed his B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering) from BIT, SINDRI, he joined NTPC as an ET
in 1982, and retired from there in 2018 as General Manager, NTPC Noida. During his career, he
engaged in all aspects of Power Technology including Material (Coal) handling operation and
maintenance, Boiler plant maintenance, Repair manufacturing and machining, and, Operational
services for Boiler & Auxiliaries. Due to his technical wisdom and experience he was often
consulted by various NTPC Power Stations and Clients. His forte lied in introducing uniformity of
practices across NTPC stations, and, formulating scope of work (unit wise) after analyzing failure
history and performance deviations.

B.N. Jha won many accolades and awards at NTPC due to his highly efficient O&M Activities, and, expertise in Boilers ranging
from 50-60MW to 660MW &WHRB, CHP, Ash handling, Trouble Shooting, Root Cause Analysis, PG Testing, and, Material
handling upkeep and operation. He is skilled at optimizing organizational processes & plant efficiencies, reducing tactical-
planning cycle time, strategizing towards Cost reductions and productivity gains, and, achieving statutory compliances. His Cross-
Functional Leadership Skills, Negotiation & Persuasion Skills, Problem Solving/ Decision Making Skills, and, Contract & Inventory
Management Skills, set him apart from the other professionals in the league.
Dr. Pradeep Jain

Dr. Pradeep Jain is an Ex-General Manager NTPC NETRA, and who holds a stellar professional
qualification involving M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry, MBA, and Ph.D. in Chemistry. Prior to
serving at NTPC NETRA, he worked in the O&M of Water Chemistry at Satpura and Korba
Thermal Power Plants, and thereafter, as a Scientist at NTPC- R&D Department. His
specialized works revolve around Corrosion studies in Power Plant Equipment, and,
Technology Aspects pertaining to post – operational cleaning (chemical cleaning) of boilers
and condensers. Being a subject – matter expert, he developed a formulation for chemical
treatment of cooling water to prevent scaling and corrosion in condensers and its
implementation in power plants. As a field expert, he has been requested to visit various
plants in India and abroad, including the Fujairah water and power plant (FWPP), UAE for his
expert guidance.

Mr. H.K.R Dhagamwar

H.K.R Dhagamwar is a B.E.(Hons.), Mechanical Engineering, from Birla Institute of Technology,
Pilani, who superannuated in 2018 as Additional General Manager from NTPC. During his career
of 37 years at NTPC he took up various roles and responsibilities, including commissioning of
Power Units at NTPC Singrauli and NTPC Rihand, and O&M at Coal Handling Plants. He also
assisted in improvement of performance parameters of Parichha Thermal Power Plant to > 60%,
and, co-ordinated the online monitoring of effluent discharge systems at NTPC KORBA and
Mr. Pramod Chandra Kumar
With over 35 years of rich experience at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Pramod Chandra
Kumar, a B.Sc Engineering (Mechanical), dealt with BHEL’s proprietary hydro turbines and steam
turbines with ratings of 210MW, 250MW and 500MW, and, Seimen’s Gas turbines (V- 94.2), and,
managed all technical and engineering aspects related thereto. During his career, he took up an
entire spectrum of roles and designations which ranged from being the Site Engineer who was
solely responsible for the erection, testing and commissioning of 16MW Kaplan Turbine at
BHATGAR, Maharashtra, and, 115 MW Francis Turbine, to being the HOD (Turbine Technology)
where he was responsible for overall Manufacturing process functions. As an innovator, he has filed
for four patents on gas turbine and steam turbine technology, two of which have been granted.

Mr. Arun Kumar Mishra

After having done his B.Sc. in Electrical engineering from Bihar university, MIT Muzaffarpur in 1981, he
joined NTPC where served for 36 years until he retired as a General Manager at NTPC MAUDA. During his
stint, he served as a specialist of control & instrumentation system of 110 /200/210/500 /660 MW
thermal power station, and, successfully managed instruments and control system commissioned by
vendors including YOKOGAVA, MAX DNA, and INVENSYS. His work experience enabled him to head
stations and O&M and lead teams to tackle issues pertaining to boiler, turbine, ash handling, offsite
maintenance, planned maintenance, and preventive, corrective, overhauling measures. In addition to his
professional endeavours, he did various trainings to keep him on the forefront including a six months
course on Advance C&I for at Manchester, UK
Finance Experts
Naveen Jha – Chartered Accountant

Priyanka Jha – Company Secretary

Service Portfolio
About Intellectual Property:

Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think. The great successful

men of the world have used their imagination, developed new ideas,
explored new horizons and always maintained a lead over their
competitors. Business is the game and your ideas are your assets, an
edge over others, something that makes you a winner. However, the
value of an idea lies in the using of it. It is not who develops it but the
one who uses it gets the reward. What if your idea was being used by
your competitor? What if your goodwill was employed by your
adversary to make a hole in your profits? Would you like to stay back
as an onlooker or step forward to protect what is yours? A winner
would choose to respond with vigor and so would you.
Intellectual Property is the intangible assets that result from your idea.
These intangible assets are highly valuable and are being recognized
as major indicators of a company’s business success.
Patents, Designs, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, and Geographical Indications are the foundation of many major
businesses and form the most valued critical assets. How you define and protect your ideas, creativity and inventions are
strategic issues that form the bottom-line of your success.
Intellectual property rights are the rights of an owner to exclude anyone else using, copying or distributing the information or
item which is their intellectual property. Most businesses, including yours, own or use some type of intellectual property, for
example, logos, brand names, literary or artistic material (e.g. operations manuals, software, data bases, training materials,
sound or visual recordings), designs and unique color schemes, inventions, new products, new processes, etc.
In short, if you have something that identifies your business or that is created
by you, it may have a value that can be quantified and would create value
either on your balance sheet, or upon any sale of a business. Besides these,
you can also adequately protect your assets from being used by others without
your authorization.
Knowing about intellectual property (IP) in business is relevant in many ways.
 IP has real value that can be identified financially as an asset on your
balance sheet.
 If your IP could be used by another person or business you could gain
income by licensing or franchising the use of your IP to that person or
business for a fee or royalty.
 You can stop an unauthorized user from exploiting you IP and may claim
damages for any harm that such user may have caused you.
 It is possible to separate the IP component of your business from the
trading operation. A separated IP portfolio shall enable you to transact in
them without involvement of your trading operations.
Finally, analyzing your IP as well as that of others would help you determine what you can and cannot do in developing your own
products and services and in your operations and administrative functions. It would be devastating for your business to build up a
brand or reputation only to receive a letter from a lawyer demanding you stop using your brand name or change the design of
your product because you had not checked before starting.
A smart lawyer with knowledge in this area can assist with creating your IP portfolio, protecting your ideas against unauthorized
use, shielding you and your business against aggressive IP enforcement of others, selling or buying IP, licensing, trademarks,
confidentiality agreements or general advice on any concerns or ambitions you have.
Why is intellectual property important?

Intellectual property protection is critical to carve out chances for survival and success of
business, both for new entrants with vibrant and innovative ideas as well as for the
established business entities who have a desire to lead and set trends in the field of their
business. Without protection of ideas, businesses would not reap the full benefits. Strong IP
portfolio is what defines the commercial success of business in the global economy.
Similarly, individuals with innovative ideas, inventions or original creations would not be
fully compensated, if not properly protected in time, for their creations and would suffer as
a result.
Why should I protect my intellectual property?
Piracy, counterfeiting and the theft of intellectual property assets pose a serious threat to all
businesses, irrespective of their size, volume, market share or internal structure. If not
accorded adequate and timely legal protection, fruits of your intellectual property would be
enjoyed by others and you will be left with no option other than to regret. Domestic players
face threat of losing market due to counterfeits, exporters face unfair competition abroad,
and all businesses face issues relating to misappropriation of one’s IP.
Intellectual property is also a form of property which can provide you with unprecedented benefits if protected properly.
Why should I protect my intellectual property abroad?

Most small businesses are not aware that their patent or trademark does not protect
them in other countries. If you are an exporter, or think you might want to export in
the future, you will need to seriously consider securing protection for your intellectual
property (IP) in those foreign markets of interest to you. It is a good idea to get the
appropriate forms of IP protection before you start doing business in another country.

IP theft poses a risk to all industry sectors; those most commonly affected by IP theft
are manufacturing, consumer goods, technology, software, and biotechnology,
including pharmaceuticals, copyrightable subject matter, designs and above all
trademarks and domain names.
Enabling Innovation
Innovation is an evidence of improvement, development and competitiveness of a
business. Every business has innovation as their first priority. It has been found that
there are great dynamic ideas among day to day performers but it remains captive in
their head. Non-strategic innovation initiatives leads to either hit the business or
proves to be a major loss to the business in terms of time, energy, resource and
We at Inovatree have rich experience in developing innovation framework for
businesses. We work with higher management to understand requirements or aim of
the business and with ground level employees to understand capabilities of the
team. Thereafter we propose a roadmap to ensure we have right capabilities for right
job to reach the goal of the business.

Innovation culture
Culture starts from first step of the business and carries on till last
step. We work with each level of business to identify day-to-day
routines to perform diagnosis of root causes and then showcase a
new way to handle day-to-day routines. We design a platform for
innovation from ground level employee to leadership with proper
training on innovation to develop culture of innovation.

Often our business is based on new product or new process. It is something that we develop
out of our intellectual labor, intricate knowledge, familiarity with practical problems of the
field, experience, vision to develop something new or something that has a potential to make
us a trend-setter in the market. It involves grinding hard work, unparalleled brain storming
and also investment of lot of time and loads of money. The fruits of such work belong to the
developer and fruits come with the commercial success of the product or process. The
government recognizes and encourages such work and grants a monopoly for 20 years, by
granting a ‘patent’, to make, use, sell, import or export such products and services. Others can
do any of these only if they acquire an authorization from the owner by paying a royalty or
fees. And if somebody (infringer) uses, or manufactures, or sells, or imports or exports a
product or service patented by some other person, the owner of such patent can stop further
use by the infringer and can also recover damages from him. A patent is an asset that helps
increase the value of the business. Stronger the patent portfolio higher will be the chances of
a business entity to sustain and survive the market competition. Knowledge and due regard of
the patent system is necessary for the following reasons:
 It adds value to your business. Patents are assets and often fetch values more than physical assets. The success of a
business in the modern world depends greatly in the patents held by it. There are many small companies which have
turned into global giants only because they got a novel product or process patented in time.

 It makes you entitles to license or sell the product or process covered by a patent and gain royalty or fees in return.

 It allows you to stop unauthorized use of your patented product or process and also to recover damages in case of such
unauthorized use.

 Having knowledge of the patents of others in the field of your business helps you run your business smoothly without
incurring any liability by accidentally or unknowingly infringing someone else’s patent. Causing infringement even
innocently is no excuse and such innocent infringements often becoming devastating mistakes.

Besides, the above, patents are commercially valuable in many more ways depending on the type of business one is in. We, at
Inovatree provide complete solutions with respect to patents. We provide you with expert counseling on matters related in
any way to patents. We help you get a patent granted from the government, help you determine whether your invention has
potential to be patented, whether a business operation or product launching would be safe enough to avoid attracting any
legal liability on your part, help you in licensing and other patent related transactions, and in every other way patent can be
helpful in your business.
A buyer chooses a product based on many factors, one of which is external appearance of the
product. What if you develop a great design which is so attractive that not only the consumer but
also your competitor imitates? Do you have any legal protection against such act of misappropriation
of something you designed? Yes, Indian Law provides adequate protection for such external
appearance of the product, legally known as ‘design’, if one gets his/her design registered with any of
the Intellectual Property Office in India. The ‘designs’ refer to creative activity which result in the
ornamental or formal appearance of a product and design right refers to a novel or original design
that is accorded to the proprietor of a validly registered design. If you have a product for which you
create a novel attractive design which, you assess, would be a great factor in determining the
commercial success of the product then best way to protect your creation is to get its design

We, at Inovatree, provide all kind of legal solutions relating to designs, such as getting your design
duly registered, protecting you against unauthorized usage of your registered design, recovery of
damages for any commercial loss resulting from an unauthorized use of your registered design, and
all other matters related to registration, maintenance and transaction of designs.

Trademark is very critical to ones business. It has reputation and

goodwill related to it. It is your identity in the business world.
Though trademark can be chosen as per the will of the person but
the chosen mark should not be identical to some one else’s
trademark. Even if one chooses a trademark without attracting any
legal issues from other owner’s of trademark still it requires years
of bonafide business practices to develop a valuable trademark. It
requires investment of time and money to make a trademark
known to public and to make it acquire goodwill and reputation.

A trademark can be registered or unregistered. However, the safest business practice is to get the mark registered. It gives
the owner much greater protection. If you have a unique brand, logo or slogan which identifies your business no-one else
should be able to copy it. The purpose of trade mark protection is to stop other businesses imitating you and confusing
purchasers, who may go to the competitor, by mistake because its trademark resembles your trademark.
The specific issues related to trademark are:

1. To acquire a valid registered trademark which would take into account other existing trademarks and thereby obviate
the chances of any future liability or litigation.

2. To stop the use of trademarks, same or similar to your trademark, by others, so that you do not loose your business to
the person who imitates your trademark.

3. To maintain trademark portfolios for facilitating your business requirements and any future transactions relating to
your trademark.

Inovatree provides solution to every issue concerning – procurement of registration for a trademark, trademark
maintenance, stopping unauthorized use of trademark, transactions relating to property in trademark, advising on any
other related issue.

Copyright is a right given by the law to creators of literary, dramatic, musical and
artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings. In
includes rights of reproduction, broadcasting and communication to the public by any
means, adaptation and translation of the work. The protection provided by copyright
to the efforts of writers, artists, designers, dramatists, musicians, architects and
producers of sound recordings, cinematograph films and computer software, creates
an atmosphere conducive to creativity, which induces them to create more and
motivates others to create. They are also very critical for the success of a business, if
the business either deals directly or is related indirectly to anything that forms a
subject matter of copyright.

Anything original including writing, sound, film or software is automatically protected by ‘copyright’ which means
they cannot be copied without author permission. While the purchaser or user may own the physical book, DVD or
software disc, they do not own the information and effort within those items. This means no photocopying of books
and manuals, no recording of DVDs or use of software on more than one computer.
Copyright exists without registration but still the best practice is to formally register them. It helps you in many ways and
especially in two specific ways:

 A registered copyright is a prima facie evidence of validity. If you have a registration certificate for your work it is
presumed by law that you are a lawful owner of the same. It saves your cost of expensive litigation to establish your

 Second, a registration also helps you to transact in the copyrighted matter as it is a valid proof of your ownership. The
other party will have faith in the transaction and it will help you in building up your goodwill and to develop cordial
business relationships.

We, at Inovatree, help you protect your copyrightable subject matter by getting it duly registered. We also help you with
legalities of any transaction you wish to carry out with your copyrighted subject matter. You will find us useful when
assigning or procuring an assignment of copyrighted subject matter. We provide you with every solution relating to
Contract Drafting

Contract is a foundation of a business and drafting a contract is a first

phase of contract lifecycle. Well drafted contracts play a critical role in
company’s success by avoiding any breach, litigations and non-
compliances. A risky contract may end up a business with lawsuits,
burdensome financial costs, business strain and others.
Majority of business owners, companies and young lawyers borrow a
template either from free resources like internet or through colleague
and use it by editing or modifying few details. Without knowing the
intent, know-how of clauses and inserting the same in Contract may
end up risking you forever. Business may discover to their surprise that
the contract does not carry interest of the business and rather end up in
various risks, but then it is too late to mitigate any risk.
It takes of good research and experience to draft a Good Contract balancing risk and rewards and to some extent mitigating risks
There has been many cases across the globe where business owners have closed the business resulting from contract litigations.
While drafting a contract one should prepare a backbone and then fill in muscles to give a shape. One should clearly define terms
and be consistent throughout the agreement. It is very critical to cross check that no language/word in the contract has a space of
ambiguity and checking punctuation since one punctuation mark can alter the whole intent drastically.
Contract Vetting

Generally all legal battles related to contracts revolve around interpretation

of contract language. Ambiguity germinates when term(s) of a Contract are
subject to more than one reasonable constructions. Principle of vetting of a
contract is to ascertain all intent are expressed in a simple language without
giving effect to any other construction of the term. It is immaterial what a
party intents or wants to say if the language does not expressly mentions
Fundamental of tailoring a contract is to ascertain how well the structure of contract is managed, defined and the risks are
managed. Transactions in today’s world are becoming complex considering technical advancements and hence business needs to
evaluate and understand the risk that they may incur in the course of facilitating the contract.
Any ambiguity may end up a contract and business at large hence it is critical for a business to have a strong pre-vetted language
to mitigate most of the risk involved in the document.
Ctrl C + Ctrl V can be self-destructive and hence Inovatree offers strong expertise from professionals across the industry
Contract Risk Mitigation

Is the executed contract delaying your revenue? Are all of your obligations under a contract is
more than what you are getting? Is your contract ending up with financial loss? Is your
contract exposing you more towards risk than to rewards? Is your contract expressly takes care
of your business interest? Are you ready to incur the risk mentioned in the contract?
Risk under a contract is generally perceived as secondary or no concern while contracting.
Greatest challenge is to identify risk taking capability while running a business successfully.
One bad contract can impact a business to such an extent that owner may decide or forcefully
shut the company. Loosely drafted contract may end up losing customers, stakeholders,
forecasts, and business at large.
In most of the cases single sided contracts are executed and hence exposing the business to
higher risks that business would have never forecasted. Hence, it critical to have a mitigation
plan of all risks mentioned in a contract and business should be ready to take
corrective/preventive actions to minimize or mitigate such risks.
Why Inovatree…

In our dynamic and rapidly evolving world, individuals and businesses cannot afford to let an opportunity slip by. The
energetic and experienced lawyers at Inovatree are well versed with the current topics and trends related to IP and
other Corporate affairs. We can boast of having an assortment of lawyers having not only legal expertise but also
possessing sound technical education. Inovatree team possesses variety, experience and energy. We have a reputation
with our clients as lawyers who assist you and provide you with expert solution whenever you require one. We believe
in long term relations and strive for excellence. At Inovatree, we create legal solutions customized to your unique

At Inovatree, we understand the issues as well as the stakes. We can help you identify, manage and protect your IP
assets — or acquire those that provide a greater return. We can help you keep up with changing laws and border
requirements — or work to improve them.

We focus on providing timely delivery of exceptional quality service. We are people of integrity, friendship and
tenacious client service. We deliver unmatched quality.

Mumbai Office: Delhi NCR Office:

1st Floor, Maxheal House, Near 362, Divine Grace Society, Omega I
Aiyappa Temple, Off. Link Road, Greater Noida.
Bangur Nagar, Goregaon – (w),
Mumbai India 400090