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Swiggy+ Mobile App - Marketing plan

Title and Content Layout with List

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Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery
▪ Add your second bullet point here company based out of Bangalore, India.
▪ Add your third bullet point here
Swiggy was inspired by the thought of
providing a complete food ordering and
delivery solution from the best
neighbourhood restaurants to the
urban foodie.
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▪ Swiggy is a food ordering and

delivery company
▪ A single window for ordering
from a wide range of
▪ Exclusive fleet of delivery
personnel to pickup orders
from restaurants and deliver it
to customers
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▪ Second bullet point here Group
▪ Third bullet point here B
Group Group
• Quick Delivery • Location based restaurant
• Good brand image finder
• Trained delivery personnel’s • Marketing, Brand awareness
• Responsive customer support • Delivery charges for orders
• Wide range of restaurants below Rs 250
offered • Menu and App price difference

• Pioneer in food delivery • Unstable and low customer base

business • Increasing health consciousness
• Growing market • Increasing potential competitions
• Increasing market share • Laws and government regulations
• Minimal competition
• Lack of market leader

• 20-30 years old

• College Students

• Working Professionals

• E-Commerce Savvy

• Crowd that is living

away from their

▪ To revolutionize the restaurant-takeaway-delivery business in India

▪ Reliability and consistency in service
▪ Evolve as a leading marketplace
▪ Increase market share
▪ Increase brand building and marketing campaigns
▪ Achieve more than break even in the existing cities
▪ Expand to six new cities in the next one year
Competitors Collaborators Customers
•Foodpanda All the •- Age 20-30
restaurants - College
listed in the App Students
- Working
Private Fleet professionals
- E-Commerce
Third party savvy
communication - Away from
channels home crowd
Company – Business model

Key Business Units

- Operations
- Marketing
- Fleet management team
- Customer care team
- Analytics and Market research team

- Flocking population to metro cities

- IT professionals
- Easy food, efficient time goals
- Need of the hour for many
- Busy life, socioeconomic factors
- Market relevance
Value Proposition

▪ Time efficiency, the need of the hour.

▪ A service which is desired by many.
▪ A single window for ordering.
▪ No delivery charge if the order exceeds Rs 250.
▪ Quick delivery and Responsive customer care
▪ Collaborators – are handsomely paid + Incentives
▪ Company – positioning - market niche

▪ PODS -
- Different Business model
- Quicker delivery time
- Private fleet
- Variety of modes of payment accepted
- COD available
▪ POPS –
- Similar service
- Similar restaurant listings
- Unstable market base
-Branding techniques

▪ Product – Food delivery app, Lightning quick delivery, hassle free,

different modes of payment
▪ Service – Delivers food from among the listed restaurants, COD
available, Time saving.
▪ Brand – Swiggy+ logo – premium, out of the box design,
aggressiveness portraying company policy.
▪ The urban dictionary throws the meaning of the word 'swiggy' as
something unbelievably legit and real.
▪ Slogan: When you are hungry, think of us!

▪ Price – Orders below Rs 250 will attract an additional delivery

charge of Rs 30.
▪ Orders above 250 will not attract any delivery charges
▪ If the order was placed during the time of an unfavourable climate,
an additional fee of Rs 20-30 shall be levied. Eg: Rain
▪ The App will be provided as a free version as well as a Premium
Free V/S Premium

▪ The free version of the app will provide basic services to the
▪ The app can be downloaded from any of the app stores
▪ The premium version of the app could be upgraded to by paying Rs
▪ This will guarantee an assured delivery time, Enhanced and bigger
list of restaurants from other localities as well
▪ Unlimited amount of the aforementioned offer will be valid till
• For customer – offers, referral money
• For collaborators – Incentives, bonus for
quick order preparation, a new platform
• For Company personnel- Bonuses
depending on their performance,
Celebratory bonus, Timely appraisal
• Swiggy+ will have exclusive offers for the
premium members.
• There will be a mail list developed for the
Communication & Distribution

Communication channels : Blog, Social media, Email list, Advertisements, Door to door area
specific marketing – flyers.

▪ Infrastructure –
An order will be first placed by the customer through our mobile app
- This order will be directed to one of the onsite delivery executive
- He will go to the restaurant and pick up the order by making a
virtual swiggy payment
- He picks up the food and delivers it to the customer
- Fleet team will be managed by the operations department
- Analyst department and their functions
- Rating system for customer as well as for the delivery executive
- 360 Degree appraisal system for office staff

▪ Processes –
-Client management and market research team will engage with
potential collaborators and fix the deal.
-The business unit will be looked after by GM’s of various
- under them, there are local managers > team players > Delivery
- Finance, strategy, product management teams work in tandem to
introduce newer products
- Technology team – engineers will work on app based improvements

▪ The communication channel will be completely established by july

last week, 2017
▪ The product management team will start working on the allotted
project by june 22nd
▪ The technology team is already working on fixing the bugs in the App
▪ The HR team will conduct campus recruitment in colleges in
Bangalore in the coming quarter
▪ The Marketing plan will be completely implemented by the end of
this financial year

Created by Vivin R, Christ University – Main campus

For the partial fulfilment of Marketing Management Internship
under the guidance of Prof. Sameer Marthur, IIM Lucknow