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1. _____ It is known as the Western Asia and Western Mediterean food for years ago.

a. lettuce b. cauliflower c. celery

2.It is also known as “allion cepa” (scientific name).

a. onion b. potato c. spinach

3. Which of this is belong to stem and leaves vegetables

a. broccoli b. pea c. asparagus

4. It is well-known character spongebob is living in a house structured of what kind of fruits?

a. avocado b. pineapple c. papaya

5. _____ is easy to digest and very nutritious, it is the first fruit offered to babies.

a. apple b. banana c. avocado

6. Whai is a dried grape called?

a. prune b. raisin c. champoy

7. Which of the following is not a melon?

a. bitter gourd . watermelon c. melon

8. Which fruit comes in bunches and is most commonly red, purple or green in color.

a. mangosteen b. mango c. grape

9. Which fruit has milk inside it?

a. gourd b. plum . coconut

10.It is juicy at the same time red in color. Some people call this red fruit as vegetable. What is this fruit?

a. tomato b. carrot c. red bell pepper

11. They say that an _____ keeps the doctor away! what is this?

a. rambutan b. tomato c. apple

12. Which of the following is a vegetable at the same time a flower?

a. cabbage b . corn `c. broccoli

13. Which one is fruit?

a. greenpeas b. carrots c. potato

14. Which is vegetable?

a. pineapple b. cauliflower c. tomato

15. Which of these fruits is not considered a citrus?

a. lemon b. orange c. cranberry

16. Which of the following is not a color of a fruit berry?

a. black b. pink c. blue

17. It is not a type of berry but a type of banana. Which one is it?.

a. strawberry b. blueberry c. blackberry

18. _____ and _____ are fruits not vegetables.

a. broccoli and carrot b. tomato and avocado c. pineapple and cauliflower

19. Which is plant is not included in warm-sensor crops. What is this?

a. cucumbers b. watermelons c. carrot