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Bagadi Gautam

AI Rank – 23 CSE ’08

Sociology Marks Remarks
aper I aper II nd highest in
WE&D Programme (CSEMains ’18) SOCIOLOGY
175 185 mains 08
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Time allowed : Three Hours

Maximum Marks : 300


Answer must be written in the medium specified in the

admission certificate issued to you, which must be stated
clearly on the cover of the answer-book in the space provided
for the purpose. No marks will be given for the answers
written in a medium other than specified in the Admission
3. Answer the following: (20+20+10)

(a) What do you mean by ‘feminization of poverty’ and how it

Candidate should attempt Questions 1 and 5 which are is related with the process of globalization? Explain in the
compulsory and any three of the remaining questions at least context of Indian society.
one from each section. (b) Examine the role of money, education and religion in
making a system of social stratification hierarchical.
(c) Write short Notes on: Types of political parties.
All questions carry equal marks
4. Answer the following: (20+20+10)

(a) Modern society is structurally conducive for the

appearance of social movements”. Comment.
(b) “Can there be family without marriage?” Examine in the
light of the emerging forms of marriage and family in the
West and the East.
WE&D Programme (MAINS ’19) SOCIOLOGY (c) Write short Notes on: New social movement
Ph. 011-47065959, 9910944333 Website:

Section A

1. Write short notes on the following (Each note should not

Section B
exceed 150 words):- 10x5=50
5. Write short notes on the following (Each note should not
(a) Gender Identity
exceed 150 words) (10X5=50 Marks)
(b) Structural theory of gender stratification
(c) Causes of social exclusion
(a) Isolated nuclear family
(d) Structure of social movement.
(b) Patriarchal Bargain
(e) Social capillarity
(c) Patriarchy and sexual division of labour
(d) Types and the forms of families.
2. Answer the following:
(e) Informalization of formal sector.
(a) Ethnic conflicts are no more than hidden class conflict.
6. Answer the following:(20+20+10)
Critically examine.
(b) Comment on the contribution of technology in the
(a) What are the intellectual antecedents of the modern
determination of degree of gender stratification.
concept of civil society? Examine its role in a democracy.
(c) “No society can either be absolutely open or absolutely
closed.” Comment.
(b) Do you think that there has been a general disillusion with
political parties around the world? Justify your view with
specific reference to India.
(c) Discuss the changing interface between state and civil
society in post-independent India.

7. Answer the following:(20+20+10)

(a) “Values rather than structural requirement of industrial

society are responsible for proliferation of nuclear family”.
(b) “Emerging forms of marriages are undermining the
patriarchal relationship in society.” Comment​​.
(c) Write short Notes on: Impact of IT on political parties.

8. Answer the following:(20+20+10)

(a) How is family distinct from household? Describe about the

emerging forms of Household structure in modern society.
(b) Discuss the changing functions of family in modern
(c) Write short notes on: live-in relationship.