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Heat and mass transfer

Q1. Compute the heat loss per square meter surface area of a 40 cm thick furnace wall having surface tempurature of 300 0 C and 500 Cif the
thermal conductivity k of the wall maetrail given by

K=0.005T- (5x 10-6 )T2,where T=temp in 0C

(a) 434.89 W/m2 (b) 173.96 W/m2 (c) 352.91 W/m2 (d) 232.45 W/m2

Q2. Consider a 20 cm diameter spherical ball at 800 K suspended in air .Assuming the ball closely approximates a blackbody,determine the
total amount of radiation emitted bye the ball in 5 min.

(a) 874.872 kJ (b) 291.33 kJ (c) 696 kJ (d) 763.319 kJ

Q 3. Consider a cylinder of diameter 4 cm and length of 6 cm having the surface temperature of 1200 K. if the emissivity of the rod surface is
0.75,total amount of heat radiated from all surface in 20 min……

Q4. Solar radiation is incident on a semi transparent body at a rate of 500W/m2. If 150 W/m2 of this incident radiation is reflected back and
225 W/m2 is transmitted across the body,the absorptivity of the body is

(a) 0 (b) 0.25 (c) 0.30 (d) 0.45

Q5 .The primary driving force for the natural convetion is

(a) shear stress forces (b) buoyancy foce

(c) pressure forces (d) surface tension forces

Q6. A spheracla block of dry ice at -790 C is exposed to atmospheric air at 300 C.The general direction in which air moves in this situation

(a) no motion (b) up (c) down (d) recirculation around the sphere

Q7. The number of view factors that need to be evaluated for a 10 surface enclosure is

(a) 1 (b) 45 (c) 22 (d) 34

Q8. For the lumped analysis ideal value of Biot number should be……

Q9. A cube at high temperature is immersed in constant temperature bath. It looses heat from its top ,bottom and side surfaces with heat
transfer coefficient of h1,h2 and h3 respectively. The average heat transfer coefficient is

(a) h=(h1+h2+h3) (b) h=(h1+h2+h3)/3

(c) h=(h1+4h2+h3)/6 (d) h=(h1+4h2+h3)/3

Q10.In a balanced counter flow heat exchanger where mhch=mccc .The temperature profile of the two fluids are

(a) linear and non parallel (b) non-linear and parallel

(c) linear and parallel (d) non-linear and non-parallel

Q11. It was found during a test in which water flowed with a velocity of 2.44 m/s through a tube of 2.54 cm inner diameter and 6.08 m
long.The head lost due to friction was 1.22 m of water. Take ρ=1000 kg/m3,g=10 m/s2 and cp =4.18 kJ/kgK.The surface heat transfer
coefficient based on Reynolds analogy is……..kW/m2K

Q12. A steel ball 100 mm in diameter and initially at 900 0 C is placed in air at 300 C.Taking for steel ,k=40 W/mK, ρ=7800 kg/m3 and
c=460J/kgK and if h=20 W/m2K,the rate of the cooling after 30 seconds is ………0C/min

Q13.Emissivities of two large parallel plates maintained at temperature 727 0C & 1270C are 0.3 and 0.4 respectively when a polished shield
having emissivity 0.05 placed in between the plates. The temperature of the shield is

(a) 838.6 0C (b) 410 0C (c) 490.6 0C (d) 569.4 0C

Q14. A composite plane wall is made up of two different materials of the same thickness and having thermal conductivities of k1 and k2
respectively. The equivalent thermal conductivity of the slab is
(a) k1+k2 (b) k1k2 (c) k1+k2 / k1k2 (d) 2 k1k2/ k1+k2

Q15. Upto the critical radius of insulation:

(a) Added insulation increases heat loss

(b) Added insulation decreases heat loss

(c) Convection heat loss is less than conduction heat loss

(d) Heat flux decreases

Q16. A steam pipe is to be lined with two layers of insulating materials of different thermal conductivities. For minimum heat transfer

(a) The better insulation must be put inside

(b) The better insulation must be put outside

(c) One could place either insulation on either side

(d) One should take into account the steam temperature before deciding as to which insulation is put .

Q17. On heat transfer surface, fins are provided

(a) To increase temperature gradient so as to enhance heat transfer

(b) To increase turbulence in flow for enhancing heat transfer

(c) To increase surface are to promote the rate of heat transfer

(d) To decrease the pressure drop of the fluid

Q18. The effectiveness of a fin will be maximum in an environment with

(a) Free convection (b) Forced convection

(c) Radiation (d) Convection and radiation

Q19. A small sphere of outer area 0.6 m2 is totally enclosed by a large cubical hall. The shape factor of hall with respect to sphere is 0.004.
What is the measure of the internal side of the cubical hall…….

Q20. What is the value of the shape factor for two infinite parallel surface separated by a distance d. …….

Q21. Stefan –boltzmann’s law is applicable to.

(a) blue body (b) black body (c) gray body (d) white body

Q22. What is the ratio of thermal conductivity to electrical conductivity equal to?

(a) Prandtl number (b) Schmidt number

(c) Lorenz number (d) Lewis number

Q23. If the temperature of a solid state changes from 27°C to 627°C, then emissive power changes which rate.

(a) 6 : 1 (b) 9 : 1 (c) 27 : 1 (d) 81: 1

Q24. In radiative heat transfer, a gray surface is one

(a) Which appears gray to the eye

(b) Whose emissivity is independent of wavelength

(c) Which has reflectivity equal to zero

(d) Which appears equally bright from all directions.

Q25. The ratio of energy transferred by convection to that by conduction is called

(a) Stanton number (b) Nusselt number

(c) Biot number (d) Preclet number

Q26. Air at a temperature of T 0 flows over a flat plate with a free stream velocity of U0.The plate is maintained at a constant temperature of
Tw . Temperature T of air at any location is given by

(T – TW)/ (T0 – TW)=2(y/δt)-(y/δt)2

where y is the distance measured from the plate along its normal ,and δ and δ t are the hydrodynamic and thermal boundry layer
thickness respectively.The heat transfer coefficient at the plate surface using the following data:

δ/ δt=Pr(1/3) , δ=0.5mm, Tw =20000 C,T0=500 C, μair=2.5x10-6 kg/m-s, kair=0.04W/m-K

(Cp)air=1.0 kJ/kg-K

Q27. A dryer is shaped like a long semi-cylindrical duct of diameter 1.5m.The base of the dryer is occupied with water soaked material to
be dried.The base is maintained at a temperature of 370 K,while the dome of the dryer is maintained at 1000 K.If both surface behave as
blackbody ,the drying rate unit length(kg/m-s) experienced by the wet material .Take cp=4.18 kJ/kg-K and latent heat of water=2257

Q28. In an experiment,the local heat transfer over a flat plate were correlated in the form of local nusselt number as experresedby the
following correlation

Nux=0.035Rex0.8 Pr(1/3)

The ratio of the average convection heat transfer coefficient h over the entire plate length to the local convection heat transfer hx at

Q29. In a heat exchanger ,the hot fluid enters with a temperatureof 200 0 C and leaves at 1800 C.The cooling fluid enters at 500 C and leaves
at 1300 C.The capacity ratio of the heat exchanger is……

Q30. The diagram shows a conical section fabricated from pyroceram(k=3.46 W/m-K).It is of circular cross-section with the diameter
D=ax,where a=0.50.The small end is at x1=50mm and the large end at x2=250mm.The end temperatute are T 1=300 K and T2=500 K,while
the lateral surface is well insulated. The heat rate is qx through the cone is……

Q31. A 100mm x 100 mm iron bar 0.4m long is connected to the walls of two heated reservoirs each at 150 0 C.The ambient air temperature is
350C and convective heat transfer coefficient is 17.4 W/m2-K.The thermal conductivity of iron is 52 W/m-K.What is rate of heat loss from
the bar.

(a) 125 W (b) 240 W (c) 136 W (d) 273 W

Q32. Water (specific heat 4.18 kJ/kg-K) enters a pipe of diameter 100 mm and length 2m at a rate of 0.02kg/s and temperature of 250C.The
pipe is subjected to a wall heat flux qw=2000 x2W/m2,where x is in meter and in the direction of flow (x=0 at the inlet),the bulk mean
temperature of the water leaving the pipe in 0C is

(a) 450 (b) 550 (c) 650 (d) 750

Q33. Emissivities of two large parallel plates maintained at 9000C and 4000C are 0.3 and 0.5 respectively .What is the net radiant heat
exchanger per square meter for the plate……