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1.1. Introduction of wine

1.2. History of wine
1.3. Initial idea
1.4. First customer research
1.5. Map ( Location)
1.6. Secondary customer research
1.7. conclusion

2. Summary
2.1. Vision And Mission
2.2. SWOT
2.3. Description of venture
2.4. Operation plan
2.5. Marketing Pan
2.6. Marketing Mix
2.7. Product and Pricing
2.8. Channel Distribution
2.9. Promotion
2.10. Organization Plan
2.11. Future plans
Introduction of Wine

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes fermented without the

additional sugar, acid, enzymes, water and other nutrients .Yeast
consumes the sugar in the grapes and converts it to ethanol and carbon
dioxide .Different varieties of grapes and strains of yeast produce
different kind of wine. They are result from the complex interaction
between the biochemical development of the grapes, the reaction
involved in fermentation and the wine production .Wine are not only
made from grapes but also rice wine and fruits wine such as plums,
cherry, pomegranate and elderberry.
History of wine

On one know the exact information of information but the oldest-known

winery was discovered in the "Areni-1" cave in Vayots Dzor, Armenia.
It was dated to c. 4100 BC and the researcher discovered that the site
contained a wine press, fermentation vats, jars, and cups .There are
many pleasant tales about the discovery of wine, but we do know that it
was pure luck.
In the past, there are many civilizations that invent the wine but
Egyptians was the well knows civilization that makes fine wine.
Egyptians used trellises because it is to protect form sunlight. Then the
grapes were picked and taken into the large pressing vat. The Egyptians
treaded the grapes to press them than use stone to crush the seed and
From that time, the Egyptians had several grades of wine

 Free Run Must: a little of the information was collected, but

researchers discovered that it was long lasting sweet wine.
 First Wine Must: This came from the treading and was about 2/3 of
the juice
 Second Run Must: This come from addition pressing.
(1.1) Initials Ideas (acknowledgement)
Wine have popular and famous beverage for people thousands of years.
Our natural attraction of wine is stemming from it wonderful taste, its
nutrients properties and intoxication effects from it.
Nowadays, although we have already known that wine is essential need
in celebrating the party and events ,In Myanmar, many of the traditional
parents believe that wine is no different from other alcoholic beverage
and avoided it. Because of these reason, they no longer see the
advantage of wine that can give us.
So we would like to introduce the wine we made form us personally to
teach people about the advantage it has and taste of wine .We can drink
wine as medicament and to keep the body warm in cold season .We can
also use wine to loss the weights.
One glass per day takes away from the dispensary.
(1.2) First Customer Research

We have done interview and gather survey from family, friends and
local people to research the potential customer behavior and market.
This is the result we gather so far.

Percentage of people
who choose over Age Group
different of wine
18% Under 21
21 - 29
14% 23% 30 - 50
28% Rose
32% Over 50
12% White
Dessert White
25% Dessert Red

Second Customer Research

We have asked the local liquid shop and wine shop help us to get sale
results to help our research. After analyzing the result, we have fine out
that a lot of people usually bought standard size and cost is between to
$20 – $29.
We have been watch customer reviews and sales on online shopping to
studies the customer behavior. And a lot of people who are middle class
and high class tend to have expansive taste.
We also try to negotiate with other local restaurants, hotel and liquid
shop to sale our products.

By studying our research and interviews, we find out that a lot of people
who are between 30 – 50 and over 50 trends to drink wine occasionally
but they are not huge drinker. Importantly, most the people are middle
class and high class.
The Vista De Rio Wine company’s initial ideas for products venture and
operation plans of it’s newly development Company and its marketing
strategic plans.
1. Vision and Mission that made Vista De Rio Wine
2. Our different yet unique taste of our wines that we offer with fair
3. Our plans for Venture and effective operation plans
4. Vista De Rio’s marketing strategic plan to break through our
competitors and market
5. Our effective organization structure that run our business and our
company channel distribution
6. Future plans for Vista De Rio Wine.
We especially offer to get the customer satisfactions, to get customer
value and to become double market share after one year, and break
through as national products.

We produce our products with the high quality , fair price and promote
our brand image by advertising and promotion, and produce three size of
bottle that prefer any levels of income can buy Vista De Rio Wine.

SWOT Analysis

-unique taste
-traditional wine without adding chemicals
-new fresh outlook on winemaking and marketing
-good channel distribution
-passion and desire to succeed

-high transportation cost
-small market share
-high machines cost
- produce a few wines

-population, changing lifestyle, accepting new trends
-innovative marketing ideas that can compete the traditional
-can persuade the potential customer

-high potential competitors
-high taxes
-change of people habit
-climate changes
Description of Venture

We would like to mention about our new business that is a

production of wine .Its name is Vista De Rio which refers beauty of
nature because after drinking a wine ,we feel happy and stress go away
like looking the beauty of nature. All over the world, wine is famous as
healthy food .But in Myanmar, most of old people believe wine is a
beverage that can be dizzy to people like other alcohol .That why, we are
trying to recommend to all people about wine is not a beverage and it’
advantages .So we get the idea to produce wine .To produce qualified
wine, we have fermented ourselves again and again .At last, we success
this steps. Beyond them, we decide to produce wine as a business. Our
new business is small and it is a partnering type. When starting the new
business, we actually need resources like finances, building location,
raw materials and employees.
At first, we find investors to get sufficient finances .So we made
a project that describes our purpose, how will our business benefit for
them and how can our products be good for society .We get investments
with this way.
Building location is vital part of business .If we choose wrong
place for our business ,we cannot success .So we choose our business
location in good place (Sayar San Road, in front of Pearl Condo and 1.5
acre) that is nearby town ,easy to go ,wide place for parking and
peaceful. We decorate ground floor and first floor as a wine bar to show
the types of wine and pomp of wine, second floor is office and third
floor is warehouse of overstocks .Our factory is situated in back of
We cannot produce wine immediately without raw materials .So
we need to collect the raw material .We get grapes from Yamelthin
.Although we get fruits our own orchards ,we still need to join regional
suppliers to enough.
We need transport vehicles to transport from where we get raw materials
to the factory .We need the production machines to produce the qualified
wine and we need to hire employees who perform these process and
loyalty .We have to face with many problem and must to take risk but
we believe we get the customer satisfactions and our business will
achieve in the future because of open societal ,people become know
usage of wine.

Operation Plan
As you can see, our company goals are to offer best quality of products
and service to customers. To meet up with our goals, we have to plan
and create operation plan produce better products and service from other

We have rent 1 truck transport car to ship our supplies and brought 2
small transport cars to distribute our products.
Supplier and Shipping
To make best quality of products, we need best fruits from the suppliers
and more importantly the suppliers must have good reputation and well
inform about the market. Luckly, we got suppliers from Yamalthin City.
After long time of negotiating, we finally got our supplier.
The Yamalthin city is 76 mile faraway from Yangon but they have best
fruits to make best wine. So our suppliers prepare transportation to ship
our supplies from Yamalthin to Yangon.

Storage of manufacture products

We have built one big store garage at the back of our company building
to store our supplies of fruits. We will also store our finish products and
samples before we distribute to our customers.

Inventory Control Procedure

Our supplies and product operation is big and need accurate information
to control our products and supplies. We will need to technical machines
and hire profession people to It is important because we always need to
check quality and quantity of supplies and products.

Shipping to the customer

We transport our wines to customer by two ways. They are indirect and
direct. Indirect way is that selling wines to customers from restaurants,
events, distributors and wine shops. Direct way is selling to customer
from our main location without intermediary.
Production plan

We have to make five steps to produce a qualified grapes wine.

Step1 -we choose qualified grapes and clean them. Then, we put
them on the white batiste to dry.
Step2 -we press the grapes to come out the juice. And we measure
juice to get 25 degree sweet rate because 25 degree is the best to produce
the wine. We need to know at least the grapes have 22 degree sweet rate.
If grapes are not qualified, we need to add the sugar until the sweet rate
is 25 degree.
Step3 -we put juice and skin of grapes in the jar together. And we
add at little yeast in to the jar to ferment.
Step4 - we close the jar with the white batiste. We need to stir once
per two day to become perfect colorful wine. After ten days, we need to
remove skin of grapes. And then 45 days, it becomes qualified wine.
Step5 -we put wine into the bottle and close with the wood lid. And
then, we attempt our brand name on the bottle. Our production wine is

Production of white wine

Production of white wine is similar red wine. The different between
white and black wine is that white wine is fermented without grapes
Production of Rice wine
Rice wine is a little different from white and black wine.
First -we cook rice without any salt and oil.
Second -we spread cooked rice on the sheet until it turns to cool.
Third -we put cool cooked rice in the pot with lid , add the yeast
and stir them.
Fourth -we put them until Seven day and then we add purified water
as we need. After three day, we can remove the rice. We can produce
perfect rice wine with this way.

Marketing Plan
When we make marketing plan for our new venture, we have to analyze
local and national market conditions of wine. Our purpose is to attract
the local customers and tourists who visit to Myanmar .Myanmar is the
largest country in South East Asia and its main industries are agricultural
processing .Although it has many agricultural processing ,it has a small
domestic wine industry .As local analysis ,we have only two local
competitors ( Aythaya and Red Mountain).So we have many chances to
penetrate the market in short time .We emphasize market segmentation
and marketing strategy.
Marketing Segmentation - we segment the market by age and by

Wine Drinker by age

We divide three portions by age that are baby boomers, generation X
and generation Y.As worldwide survey,37%of baby boomers,21% of
Generation X and 21 % of Millennial are like to drink wine. Baby
boomer and Gen X are like to drink for their healthy, happiness and
success . In Generation Y, most young people who like to drink wine
instead of other alcohol because wine is not like other alcohol that has
good effect and it is good for health. As survey ,Gen Y is the largest
group in the future that drinking the wine.

Wine Drinker by income

We separate standard by income. We target high level and middle level
to be the customers. Because minimum salary in Yangon is 3600 per
day, not all people can drink the wine for happiness and healthy who
income is lower than that minimum salary.

Marketing Strategy
We plan the marketing strategies to fulfill the target customers’ need and
wants, to build customer relationship and to reach our goals.
Market Differentiation
We start trying to fulfill the target customer need and wants than other
same company do to get customer value and build relationship .We
produce our product with right organic materials without chemicals it
gives to customer a unique taste and safety, our products is fit with its
value and its quality, our brand name is easy to recognize and our
product style is easy to eye-catch and we send our product right time and
right amount as customer need. These are our strengths not similar to

Market Positioning
We get market position and market share by showing our strengths at
advertising, Internet, websites and sponsoring at events.
Our motto is “we cannot buy happiness but we can buy wine that makes
us to happy”

Product and Service

Product quality is one of the marketing positioning tools. Mainly, we
produce our products with qualified ingredients to enjoy the customers .
Ingredients of Grapes Wine Ingredients of Rice Wine
Fresh grapes Sticky Rice
Yeast Yeasts
Purified Sugar Purified Water
Purified Water
Types of products
Our company produces only three kinds of product. They are White
wine, Red wine and Rice wine.
Advantages of wine
We can reduce risk of cancer ,promote mental health, strong bone
density ,protects teeth ,foster good eyesight ,keep heart healthy ,reduce
stress, reduce risk of diabetes ,keep young and help live longer by
drinking the wine two glasses per day.
Product Style and Design
We produce our products with eye-catching style and three sizes
(0.5L,1L,1.5L) and our product design is worth to drink because we
produce our products to be qualified and that support to people’s health.
Our brand name is Vista De Rio (meaning of all our products’ property)
and it is also our image to different from our competitors.
We set the price our products depend on its size and package.
We do not mention ingredients on our products but we mention our logo
and motto that offer fresh and happiness.

Marketing Mix
Our wine has a unique tasting mix of wine which is good way to
integrate in bars, nightclubs and parties. Our wine company has made 3
different flavors: grape, rice and cherry.

Our company has set fair price for products and services. We give
discount to our loyal customers and VIPs. Our customers can buy our
wines with credit payment.

Our company will advertise our products and services on internet. We
will create outdoor advertisement that inform our products and inform
about key benefits of our products. Promotional price pricing in bars and
clubs is best way to gain positive reputation.
Nowadays, there are many bars, clubs and restaurants in Yangon. So it is
a good opportunity to introduce our products to them. We will negotiate
with most of the bars and restaurants. In future, we will sponsor few of
the common events and charity. We will ensure the right people at the
right place drinking the right product.
Channel Distribution
We have many ways to distribute our products to customer. For a long
time, we tried to find few dealer and middle man to distribute our
products. After they made negotiation, we get our deal to introduce and
advertise our new products
to market. We also make deal
with the few local alcohol
liquid shops and bars to
make deal with us. After
we make our name and
reputation, we plan to make
sale in supermarkets
and few of the famous bar in city hall. Of course, customer can also
order our wines directly from us. We are also planning to open our own
bar near our company.
Organization Chart



Wine production Marketing Tansportation Finacial

Manager Manager manager management

Wine makers Sale Manager Drivers Accounts

Research and
2.9 Promotion

Our products need to be included an Integrated Marketing

Communication (IMC). Typically, public relations, advertising program
and sales promotion are the three main elements in our IMC. These three
elements must be implemented thereby our target audiences will gain
awareness and have desire to try our new product.

Public relations

Public relations are important in IMC because we can use only

this strategic to communicate with our consumer that builds mutually
beneficial to both our product organization and our consumer. In
managing the public relations for our product, we execute the programs
and events to earn public awareness and understanding from customer.
Public relation is one of the tools to influence the positive aspects of
products and business. We plan to provide sponsorships as our publicity
tool for local music festivals and community events such as Fullmoon
Party and Thingyan Music Festival to strengthen the relationships with
the public and demonstrate our company social responsibility.

We also plan to use celebrities who are well-known among the

population such as Sai Sai Kham Hlaing, Wut Hmone Shwe , Yee Nay
Toe and Make-up blogger Nay Chi Oo to endorse our product. . Local
celebrities are priority for our product to be promoted in Myanmar as
some Myanmar citizen may not know the overseas celebrities. Famous
youtubers and the well-known channel in Myanmar like Dunwun can
also be considered because what they share on their social media can
effectively pass the messages about our product to the
global netizens. This might be
useful since it is viewed by
internet users.

In addition, we plan to
fully make use of social media to interact with netizens
such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We
utilize social media tool to promote our new
product since the social networking power are
homogenous. The most important thing is we must
create the online websites to update the latest
news and control the negative comments which
some people like to criticize the product that they never tasted
before. Then, those who tried the product can give us the
rankings and reviews in our websites. We use social media to provide
welfare for our customer by asking them to like and comment on our
webpage to collect coupons or become our VIP for a few days. The
information will be updated frequently as it will appear on top of social
media and increase the exposure of our new product. By executing the
different public relations that mentioned above, we believe that our
product can be spread rapidly in not only Singapore but also through the
whole world. Pull strategy is also being used in pulling customer and
stimulating our product’s demand which is making our product to
propose successfully than another competitive product.

Advertising Objective

Our advertising objective is very simple. We use advertisement to

increase our sales and profits so to build brand equity. Throughout
advertising, we aim to increase awareness of customers. We also express
and interpret the features of our new product by using the advertisement
so that people can understand well of our product. We also advertised to
convince our target consumer to believe in our product quality and most
importantly is to urge our consumer to purchase it.

Types of Media to Be Used

Television advertisement is the most effective way to convey the

messages. Since our target market are living with a busy lifestyle which
they always need to relief the stress and escape from their worries by
watching TV once they get home. We can advertise our product via
television because television advertisement provides multisensory which
incorporates text, sound, image, movement and motion that can easily
impressed our target market. People can likely to recall back what they
saw from television and at the same time they feel curious about our
product and will figure it out once they go shopping in the stores. We
choose television as this medium can reach the largest percentage of our
target market with the least amount of waste.

Next, we use outdoor advertising to create resonance with

customers. We can collaborate with some companies to put on our
designed advertisement on location like bus stop. For an instance,
everyone can see our advertisement at bus stop while they are waiting
for buses. We also concentrate on advertising our product consistently
over a protracted period to achieve enough frequency to our message
home as our target market are constantly bombarded with advertisement
and image to penetrate consciousness. Thus, it is important to be seen
with some frequency so that people can recognize our product
advertisement in few minutes.

To be able to reach with netizens, Internet plays a vital role in

social networking as this technology has invented and well-received by
everybody in the world.. This is because these people are most likely to
visit their social media every day. Therefore, our product advertisement
will be placed in many online sites.

Sales Promotion
Sales promotions are also one of the major element in promotional
mixes as it makes up the marketing communication mix of our company.
With intention of increasing sales of our products, we provide sales
promotion which refers to temporary incentives offered to customer and
we offered sales promotion aimed at consumer rather than aimed at
distribution channels to increase our sales and profit. We plan to run our
sales promotion
program around one
and half month as it is long
enough to build
awareness. To evaluate this
program, we intend to
record down the sales and profit before promotion and after promotion.
Our promotion is not only focus on target market but also the whole
population and society.

Premium offers, a bonus the third product is furnished to customer

for purchasing our products. This bonus may be given to the customer
for free or at a substantial discount. For example, we supply a premium
offer which give customer a free sport shirt with the purchase of 1 litre
bottle of Vista De’ Rio. We constraint a period by informing the
deadline of this promotion for a month or a week to trigger more
impulse buying. We use this approach for our promotion as it gives
customers extra incentive for purchasing a product and customer will
have feeling that they are the beneficiary in this transaction.