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(On Rs.

100/- Non-judicial stamp paper by Indian residents and on plain paper by Others)


I, <YOUR NAME> Son/Daughter of ………………………..…………………….., Resident of……………………..……………….and

permanent resident of …………………………........………. Do solemnly declare and affirm:
1. That I, <YOUR NAME>, <YOUR AGE>, <YOUR OCCUPATION>, being an adult (of legally marriageable age –
Birth certificate attached) and having adopted the lifestyles and maryadas (protocols) of a Sahaja
Yogi/Yogini, have decided on my free will to marry in Sahaja Yoga as per its established custom of accepting,
the proposed marriage match from within the Sahaja Yoga practicing people.
2. That I have expressed request to the Committee that a proposed match for my marriage be made and that
this request has been made out of my own free will without any other person inducing or soliciting me to
do so.
3. That I confirm that I fully recognize the bond of mutual love and respect in a Sahaja marriage and, if my
marriage request is materialized, it will be my best endeavors to make this Sahaja marriage a very happy
and a successful marriage. This being my duty, for the blessings of auspiciousness to flow from a couple to
family and from the family to the society at large.
4. That I will use my best endeavors to live with dignity and self-respect as a member of the global Sahaja Yoga
family and maintain the tradition and value-system of Sahaja Yoga through my belief and conduct.
5. That I understand and acknowledge that when I decide to accept the proposed match, such decision shall
be my own voluntary decision and I shall not hold any person least the Sahaja Yoga responsible in any form
for any facts or figures or any information coming to me through such source.
6. That neither the Sahaja Yoga nor any of its administrative entities or person can be held responsible or
liable in any way for any future life events (or the result of those future life events) related to my marriage.
7. That I also declare, that to the best of my knowledge and belief I do not suffer from any congenital disease
or any known hereditary problem, or any mental disorder, or any type of contagious disease.
8. If my Sahaja marriage gets solemnized, we undertake to get the marriage registered as per the law
applicable to us within 90 days and forward a copy of Marriage Certificate to the organizers.

(Signature) Your Name, Contact No & Email ID:

I submit my consent to the above declaration of my son/daughter/ward as parent/guardian.

(Signature of Parent/Guardian)
Parent/Guardian Name & Contact No:

Before us (Witnesses): -
1. Signature of Sahaja Yogi/Yogini (Preferably Center / City Coordinator)

2. Signature of Sahaja Yogi/Yogini