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Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan

G.T. Karnal Road, Alipur, Delhi

Ref No. NYKS/Alipur Training Centre/Tender October 5, 2019


In reference to the queries raised during the pre- bid meeting held on 4-10-2019 at State
Office Alipur, Delhi by the representative of the different firms, the reply/clarification of
the same are as under :

S.N. Queries raised during the pre-bid Reply

1. Estimated cost of the project ? Not yet decided. Therefore point no.
'f ' under procedure for submission of
Bids may be treated as deleted.
2 Time period of completion of work To be decided mutually after selection
of PMC.
3 Can EMD be exempted for Govt. PSUs No
4 Weightage criteria in case of Technical Since all are Government firms
Bid therefore there is no Weightage criteria
in Technical bids.
5 Payment Schedule To be decided after selection of PMC.
6 Number and type of architects, Point No. 3 other conditions of
consultants and interior designers ….on Assignment may be read as under :
their role The PMC must have sufficient number
of Architect, Consultants and Interior
designers on their roll/outsourced/
7. Service Tax Registration Certificate Not required
8 EPF and ESIC registration certificate Not required.
9 PMC Fee PMC charge be exclusive of GST.
10 Annexure B Revised Annexure – B is attached.
11 Late Date of submission of Bid The new extended will be 18-10-2019.

All above corrigendum may read along with the tender document.

State Director
NYKS, Alipur Delhi
Copy to : All concern firms

Web site of NYKS

Revised Annexure- B

Financial Bid
Name of the Agency……………………………………………………………..

Consultancy fee ______________ % of the estimated cost of work (Rate should be quoted
both in figure and words)

1 All Statutory payment will be made by the Agency.

2. L-1 will be the agency who will be quote lowest consultancy fee.


The decision of NYKS will be final. NYKS may offer /may not offer assignment to any or
none of the bidding agency without assigning any reason. The decision of NYKS will be full
and final.


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