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An award-winning author and a Caldecott Medalist introduce an adorable new circus star—who won't stop wailing! tyKARA LAREAU illustrated by MATTHEW CORDELL When Frieda and Boffo Clown have a baby, everyone in the circus is over the moon, But there is just one problem: Baby Clown won't stop orying! Frieda and Boffo try everything: putting on their silliest faces, driving him around in their tiny car, They even try taking off his red nose and big shoes. But that just makes Baby Glown cry more. Can Frieda and Boffo turn his little clown frown upside down in time for the sold-out show? Kara LaReau deftly juggles wit and warmth in this hilarious nod to parental persistence, while Matthew Cordell’s big-top-bright illustrations bring Baby Clown and his circus family to humorously. frazzled life, Older siblings, in particular, will step right up to this applause-worthy picture book, joining. Baby Clown in many a heartfelt "WAAAAI!” Kara LaReaw is the author of many picture books for young children, including Uy Bh and Oto; The Boy Who Loved Care both illustrated by Scott Magoon. She i alto the author ofthe chapter books The Infamous Ratios, The Infamous Rateos Are Not Afra, and ‘The infamous Ratoe Pree Pf. llllusteated by Matt Myers She lives in Providence, Rhode Island ‘Matthew Cordell isthe Caldecott Medat-winning author illustrator of Halfin the Snow, aswell a many other books. ineluding King Alive and Wish, Mathew Cordell lives in Iino ON SALE APRIL 14, 2020 Ho gph-onr636-9743-3 426.99 (122 99 GAN) Ages 3-2 | Sapagee (e IP) Canpuewicx Pass A Conversation with the Author BE: The experience of attempting to calm eerying baby is universal ond timeless, What made you want to examine this parental experience in 4 picture book format? Kara LaReaw: My son had colie when he was a newhorn, so he basically cried nonstop for the first three months, Often my way of dealing with adversity is to ry to find humor init, ike 10 say Baby Gloen was miy way of turning those colicky lemons into lemonade! Be. Wriy-did you decide to tell the story about a clown family versus a dog family oracat family ora human family (though I suppose clowns are humans, too)? Kara LaReaw: There are plenty of picture books out there featuring cute animal families and conventional human families. suppose making my characters clowns came from the subversive sn me, Setting it in a circus felt right; parenting can feel a lot like circus, even ona good day! GE. Atthe end of the book (spoiler alert!), Baby Clown stops erying at the sound of applause. Is applause as an antidote to crying specific to Bay Clon, ordid you draw from personal experience here? Kara LaReaw: It felt te to the nature of the character of Baby Clown, who was born into such a performative environment, to respond positively o applause, In real life, nothing we said or Aid helped when it came to our baby’s colicky cries. One day. inexplicably, he just stopped on his own, Re. Any words of wisdom to new parents like Frieda and Boffo Clown? Kara LaRean: Invest in earplugs! (Just kidding.) (Not really.) And no matter what happens, you'll get through it. One day, you'll be able to laugh (and maybe even write) about it CanpLewick Press wor candlsrick-com aaeprte8hy ater