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The Information Technology (I.T.) is a course about developing software application and

computer hardware technology, it refers to anything related to computing technology and network

for data processing and communication. Under this course is web development and game


Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web

application. It is focused on creating computer programs using programming languages and the

way a website works than how it looks; the look and feel would be handled by the web designer.

According to Techopedia (2015) web developer is a kind of programmer who specialized in the

development of applications relating to the World Wide Web or distributed network applications.

The most common languages used for web programming are XML, HTML, JavaScript. Web

programming is different from just programming, which is requires knowledge on the application

area, server scripting and database technology.

Gaming is the one of most popular computer activities. According to Free Code Camp

game development can be undertaken by a large studio or by a single individual. It can be as small

or large depending on the developer’s liking. As long as it lets the player interact with content and

is able to manipulate the game’s elements, it can be called a “game”. Game developer could be a

programmer, many other roles that could pertain to them could be a sounder designer or an artist.

This study seeks to know which difficult to do between web developing and game

developing. The differences and similarities between the two could lead to determining which
particular area is more suitable to pursue. The researchers aim to discover different aspects and

opinions of I.T. students. It can also serve as a guideline to the future researchers and can be a

benefit those who are in the related field.

Statement of the Problem

In conducting this quantitative research, the researchers must have a guideline to help them

in collecting necessary information. The statement of the problem is the following:

The general problem of this study is; web programming or game programming, which is

difficult to do?

Specifically, it will seek the following questions:

I. What is the Demographic Profile of the Respondents?

a. Name (Optional)

b. Gender

II. Which of the web programming and game programming is more challenging to IT students to



Significance of the Study

The study, “Comparative Analysis: Web developing and Game developing" is

necessary to the following:

For the Students, this study will benefit the student to give them some information about it and

also providing knowledge for the BSIT students.

For the Teachers, this study will benefit the teachers for them to know what to do and to improve.

Also, to find out what the student’s needs.

For the Future Researchers, this study will benefit the researchers to determine the opinions of

their fellow students. It will also help them to enhance their skill and knowledge in doing research.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

The scope of the study, “Comparative Analysis: Web developing and Game developing",

aims to determine which of the two is more challenging to do based on students’ perspective.

The respondents are randomly selected and composed of first year to fourth year college students

in Bachelor of Science Information Technology (BSIT) in STI College Malolos Campus.

Additionally, this research is conducted from September to November of the year 2019.


Review of Related Literature and Studies

This chapter includes the related literature and related studies which provides knowledge

and ideas that were already existing. In this section, the researchers will be able to get relevant

information to the study. These can help the researcher in determining the nature of the chosen

field of study.

Foreign Literature

Game development is a big word, and it's hard to say definitively whether it's harder or

not. But it does require a relatively more specific skill sets than most development jobs. Based

on what I've learned from my game developer friends, gaming experience and development

experience, Researchers believe game development does have a heavier emphasize on graphics,

animation, AI and possibly networking. Other than that, they actually bear a lot resemblance.

Whether you are developing a game, an app, a software or a website, you cannot escape from the

dependency structures and basic functionaries. Only in the case of game development, you are

probably dealing with these issues in an ENORMOUS scale.

Additionally, a game development team is quite different from a more general software dev team

since the personnel is larger and more diverse (i.e., graphics designers, game designers, writers,

producers, actors and developers). Most importantly a successful game is

a FUN and RELIABLE game. While the fun part mostly falls on the shoulders of designers

/writers /producers, you as a developer will spend countless hours working on performance and

reliability (we both know that gamers have much less patience than general app/software users

when it comes to bugs, crashes and your computer frying with heat-- let's face it, there's tens of

thousands of games out there and yours is never essential). So, you decide if it's harder or not. I

think it's fun. (Sabrina Xu, May 2016). As she told in her article, we can distinguish the difference

of web programming and game programming because game programming consists of more

personnel because it is more diverse and more complicated, although in web developing is more

linear when it comes considering its success. And you can’t please every audience when making

a game.

Creatively, sure; game development can arguably be the hardest

out of the three! Simply because it is much more expansive and is the sum

culmination of art, music, and technicality combined into one. You can

literally, get lost in a virtual world, and never come back if you wish. On the technical

spectrum game development is the same as web development, or app development,

since it’s coding, melding visuals together, and launching to platforms. (Matthew S. Stenquist

April 2018)

However, it largely depends on the scope and scale of what you’re building.

Some web projects are relatively easy compared to writing a game the grand scale of

World of War Craft, while on the flip side, creating an app that is used by millions

of people such as Facebook, in comparison to Flappy Birds, is much harder.

Local Literature

“web development and game development both needs large teams, we all know that.

they both go through many processes like code evaluation, user friendliness, alpha testing,

etc. they also require specific programming languages, so one must be proficient

with whatever field they're taking. they both need database, lots of algorithms,

and must some also has to comply with specific ISO(International Organization

for Standardization) parameters, then they will also go through beta test for them to

showcase their game as well as to know if there is more bugs to the game or website

and how the customer experience would turn out, now as for the differences,

web development requires and relies more on accurate details because your

data must be accurate and reliable, security should be applied and complied

by the developers and the user, lots of data base for the items that you would put

should be in related on the business that you are working on. web development

sometimes need to comply within the interests of your boss and should also have

a user-friendly interface. Game development requires that the development should feel immersive,

cause the reference is more on imagination and broad logical approach, plus I think there are a lot

more patrons and supporters in the gaming community so development comes faster. Since a lot

of people are helping on the gaming development, there are more suggestions coming to the game

development than web development where as to the web development you are inclined to make a

program/site that only revolves around a certain amount of people so the flexibility is more limited.

(Exequiel Manacsa Dela Cruz ,2019)

While you can create your own website through WP or word press which gives you

templates and easy to manage website platform, you would still need the help of a web

developer to give you significant results. Web design may need to be customized to your

site to stand out from the other websites of the same business in your industry.

WP gives you templates and a workable platform but you need a web developer to help

you optimize the potential of WP which many start-up entrepreneurs use.

But you might be wondering why this website is important. For one,

your website is your company’s identity in the online community.

It represents who you are to millions and billions of potential viewers all around

the world. It likewise gives you the opportunity to be reached out or to be contacted

through Facebook or Google. These social networking sites are the propellers of

your business’ name or the products or services you potentially want to advertise to the

online community. Through this, you can achieve a media mileage that is

potentially cheap compared to availing traditional advertisements such as TVC’s

print ads and the like.( SAfydesigns April, 2014)

In most companies, large and small, web development is often interpreted as a mix of

design and engineering. Often one can see how web developers find themselves in a peculiar

working environment. Sometimes they sit in the design department, and sometimes in product

management, it happens that they like it and do not. Nevertheless, it is quite clear that front-end

development is not an exact profession at all. The profession of front-end development appeared

in the mid-90s, when the solution for ending the First Browser War came up. In the 1994 Tim

Berners-Lee founded the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), which is the main international

standards organization for the World Wide Web (W3C 2009). W3C claimed to be the "one ring to

rule all of the web technologies" or at least uphold a standard. The creation of those standards,

functions and features, which must be supported by a web browser for a better and easier

maintenance of the websites, forced the development of such languages as CSS (Cascade Style

Sheets) and JavaScript. Prior to this, there was already such a profession, similar to a modern

Front-end developer, but just the knowledge of HTML was sufficient for that. Nowadays next to

HTML stand such languages as CSS and JavaScript, which all together form the core of Front-end

technologies. (Vasylysa Karyelova, January 2016)

Website Development is like house building, before house building process, we ask to an

architect about plan, building permit, oversee a survey of geological and license from city. All

things must have to see in the website development requirement, designing, documentation,

appropriate server and programming language etc . Most necessary things for a website is selecting

a programming language. Mostly web design using HTML and CSS. For web designing not

necessarily high-level knowledge of HTML. We can say features like as web page formatting,

designing, page layout techniques, graphics, multimedia, images and functions of multiple page

website should be including. After programming language to see the layout of web page should a

test server. The reason behind is developer is using programming language, if will be the expert

of language but still running often these mistakes cannot be found, there is a need to execute server-

side codding to see the preview by a test server. This paper discussing about the test server using

in a website development named Xampp and PHP language. ( Punam Kumari and Rainu Nandal

May-June 2017)

Game development has followed technology’s pace and gave updates on how to boost the

gaming experience. With this interest, the Game Development Association of the Philippines, a

society of firms and schools, helps and links the country with top gaming groups worldwide.

Filipinos are creative and playful. Hence, the game development industry in the

Philippines grows and keeps up with the advancement in this field. Besides, this love for gaming

doesn’t just stop in playing. In fact, a swelling number of students further their career to become a

game developer or a game designer. As per Yugatech, a trusted review site, CIIT ranks among

schools that offer the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Game

Development and Mobile Technologies course. In fact, CIIT’s chairperson, Niel S. Dagondon,

founded Anino Games, the country’s first game development firm. (CIIT March 7, 2018)

Today, websites are the best way to publicize and disseminate information to the utmost

number of individuals in the world. The Internet is a technology for organizations providing means

to communicate with the public. It also has the only one characteristic without geographical

boundary or time limit, everyone interacts through one-to-many or many-to-many networks

meeting matches to do business and provide or request services they want. Web browsers such as

Firefox and Internet Explorer are the means to deliver the information on a

web page, the basic foundation of a website which has the basic structure (architecture) written in

web Program. Nowadays information age, the majorities of organizations have a website with their

policy and their artefact and service information. It is perhaps the mainly economic and

the most suitable way to disseminate information and data all over the world. Due to advancing

strides and rapid changes, computer trends had surfaced. It becomes a vital fixture in school in

which the mental capabilities of students are being tested and their creative skills are developed

using their modern technology which include the creation of web application. Over the years, the

term “web design and development” has become a catchall for a process that encompasses a

number of different disciplines, from user experience design, to document mark up, to serious

programming. There is a major difference between “web design” and just designing a nice website

and web development. A website essentially has two sides to it. The design side that creates the

look and feel of the site based on what you, the site owner, would like to communicate to your

clients. The other side is based on functionality and what it is that you want your site to do. The

first thing in this process is website design. Designing of a website plays an important role. Well-

designed website can attract huge visitors and helps you to beat your competitors. Web design is

the skill of creating presentations of content (usually hypertext or hypermedia) that is delivered to

an end-user through the World Wide Web, by way of a Web browser or other Web-enabled

software like internet television clients, micro blogging clients and RSS readers.

On the other hand, web development is developing the business identity on the web. It is

creating a synergetic effect between both facets of your business - online and offline. It is using

the successful combination of graphic design, cop writing, programming, usability, human

computer interaction, and online marketing skills to develop and execute a successful project on

the web. A successful web development company will find the balance and make it all work. To

ensure that the developed website has been in line with the requirements of the users, valuable

inputs were gathered from the respondents through in-depth interviews which were analyzed after

the initial website development. These respondents were also

asked to use the system and to provide feed backs after using it. The results

as well as the observations from their first use of the prototype were used by the researcher to

Implement further enhancements of the website. With all the aspirations and hopes, the researcher

decided to design the LPUB High School website that could help the university to advertise its

curricular offerings and services beyond the borders of the Asia Pacific region.

(Abner B. Tupas December 2015)


The researchers gave predictions of what could be the possible outcomes of this study

which were based on its similarities and differences, one could decide which is more difficult

between web development and game development. In terms of level of difficulty, both web

development and game development are the same.

Conceptual Framework


1. Do you use a 1. The collection of

computer or laptop
every day? data by using
2. how many hours
survey in random “The Comparative
do you have used a
computer or laptop students of Analysis in Information
a day?
3. Do you like to Information Technology Students of

create any Technology. STI College Malolos;

online/offline 2. Analysis of the Web Developing and

games? collected data. Game developing.

4. Do you like to 3. Presentation the

create any web
programs? data.

Table1.0 Conceptual Framework

The Conceptual Framework of the study. In this Table 1.0 shown Input- Process – Output.

In input indicates the question from the survey.

Definition of Terms

Game- a physical or mental activity that has rules and that people do for pleasure. (merriam


Software- the programs that run on a computer and perform certain function. (merriam webster)

Database- a collection of pieces of information that is organized and used on a computer. (merriam


Developer- a person or company that creates computer software. (merriam webster)

Industry- A group of businesses that provide a particular product or service. (merriam webster)

Technology- The use of science in industry engineering, etc., to invent useful things or to solve

problems. (merriam webster)

World Wide Web- A part of the internet accessed through a graphical user interface and

containing documents often connected by hyperlinks. (merriam webster)


Researchers must know the proper methods and adhere the ethics in order to yield a good

research paper. This chapter shows the following research methods in conducting the study.

Research Design

The researchers will use descriptive quantitative research approach. According to Fraenkel

and Wallen, the purpose of descriptive research is to become more familiar with phenomena, to

gain new insight, and to formulate a more specific research problem or hypothesis in using this

quantitative approach.

The researchers will be using probability random sampling in conducting the study. In this

sampling technique, Random selection of sample from a population was done in this sampling

technique. Simple random sampling was one of the types of the probability sampling technique.

According to Adwok, his means that there will be random numbers of sample from a population

and a straightforward selection could also be made using this technique. Even though it was a

simple process, the researchers should have concern about its accuracy.

Population of Study

In this study the respondents will come from forty (40) random students in each level first

year to fourth year, college of BSIT course in STI College Malolos Campus is located at McArthur

Highway, Dakila, 3000 Malolos, Bulacan. The researchers will choose this population because it

is convenient and is fit to the needs of the researchers to accomplish the data.

Research Instrument

The researchers will use survey questionnaire to gather data. This survey questionnaire is

made up by the researchers which will be the medium to gather the data related to the study. This

questionnaire will have four (4) questions. It is close ended questions wherein the respondent will

have to choose their answer among the choices provided by the researchers and the gathered data

should be accurate and valid.

Statistical Treatment

The researchers will use chi square as their statistical treatment. Chi square is a statistical

test that is commonly used to compare observed data with expected data. It also uses the same

reasoning as with the z-test and t-test whether to assume randomness or not. It requires the use of

numerical values of which percentage and ratios are not and cannot have an expected value of less

than 5 in any category. The formula to calculate the Chi-square (𝑥 2 ) is given by the equation below:

(𝑓𝑜 −𝑓𝑒 )2
𝑥2 = ∑ 𝑓𝑒

Where: 𝑓𝑜 = observed frequency

𝑓𝑒 = expected frequency



This chapter contains the results of the survey that was answered by the selected students

of STI College Malolos.

Gender of the Respondents

Gender Number Percentage

Female 11 23%

Male 39 77%

Total 50 100%

Table 4.0 Gender of the Respondent

Table no. 1 contains the gender of the 50 respondents. It shows that most of the respondents

are male with a number of 39 persons and a percentage of 77% compared to the female respondents

with a number of 11 persons and a percentage of 23%.


Yes No



Figure 4.0

According to the graph, there are 50 respondents that were asked if they used computer or

laptop every day. Out of 40 respondents, 39 persons or 78% of them answered Yes. while the 11

persons or 22% for No.

Based on the result, most of respondents are used computer and laptop.


1-2 hours 3-4 hours 5-6 hours 7 and more




Figure 4.1

According to the graph, there are 50 respondents that were asked if how many hours they

used a computer or laptop a day. Out of 50 respondents, 25 persons or 50% of them answered 3-4

hours. while 11 persons or 22% for 5-6 and 7 and more hours. Only 7 person or 14% answered 1-

2 hours


Yes No



Figure 4.2

According to the graph, there are 50 respondents that were asked if they used computer or

laptop every. Out of 50 respondents, 35 persons or 70% of them answered Yes. while the 15

persons or 30% for No.


Yes No



Figure 4.2

According to the graph, there are 50 respondents that were asked if they used computer or

laptop every. Out of 50 respondents,30 persons or 60% of them answered Yes. while the 20 persons

or 40% for No.