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How can Artificial Intelligence in Hotels remodel the Hospitality

Intelligent hotel system is where all the data channels are linked together just like human
arteries and veins, forming a superlative, productive and high-performance structure that
resembles the future vision of automated hotel system.

Demand-specific Optimization for Profit Enhancement

Due to seasonal changes and demand-centric nature of the hospitality industry, hotel and travel
businesses are likely to adopt need-specific solutions that address rush during holidays and
other unpredictable events. Hotels can benefit a lot once they can capture, understand and
predict the future market demand patterns in a smart manner.

Hoteliers can forecast the ups and downs in demands with shifts in seasons and traveler choices
and design the action plan that helps optimize their service offerings, pricing standards, and
even brand marketing. In an industry that is as dynamic as enthusiastic travelers, being able to
forecast with Big Data and Machine Learning often results in an increase in profit, competitive
advantage and number of customers.

The Dominant Ubiquity of Digital Virtual Assistants

The rise of digital concierge and virtual assistants can be attributed to evolving travelers,
vacationers and business guests who desire exemplary customer experience. Hence, to enable
digital experiences with hotels, companies rely on Natural Language Processing of famous AI
leaders such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. To augment the
experience furthermore, we will see AR purge the linguistic barriers by enabling English
speaking employees to converse effortlessly with hotel guests from any part of the world using
AR headsets for real-time translation.

Increase in Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Loyalty with Artificial Intelligence in Hotels

AI’s intelligent algorithm can process, learn and untangle historical records of customer
preferences and buying patterns to create actionable insights and suggest impactful
improvements. With Artificial Intelligence in hotels playing a significant role, hotel marketers
can eliminate dealing with monotonous e-mails or ad commercials.

It is essential for any hospitality company to retain maximum customers and their loyalty by
providing them with what they would want most as a privileged hotel guest. By knowing guest
expectations, their interests, the reasons for choosing their hotel and whether they are willing
to market your brand to other prospects is key to attaining maximum guest loyalty.