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Source Response Essay Prompt

When is this due?


What is this assignment?

Put simply, you are creating a conversation among four sources and yourself.
 First, you will need to summarize and evaluate the stances on a controversy in your domain (possibly
related to your research topic) using at least four sources. This should make up the bulk of your essay.
 Then you will need to briefly present your stance on the issue. You can agree with other critics, but
make sure you’re including your own ideas too.
 Throughout the essay, you will also evaluate each source’s credibility and usefulness.
 Make sure to thoroughly explain each position—explain why people are on the pro or con side.

For example, if your topic is “computerized grading of college composition writing,” your Source Conversation
Essay would explain that some people support computerized grading because it saves time and removes human
bias from the grading process. Others are against it because they don’t believe that a computer can accurately
score an essay. Other people are somewhere in between, because they believe that computers can grade essays
well, though not as well as a human could. Each of these sources will also use various types of information to
present their stance. Evaluate how effectively they prove their point.

What do I need to do?

You’ll want to review your research and find sources where the author is making an argument or taking a
stance. You might want to make a list of each different stance, which authors support which stance, and the
reasons for that stance. You will need to use these sources in your essay, so remember to cite whatever you
summarize or quote.

You will find a total of four sources. At least two must be academic source (books, book chapters, or journal
articles), but the other two may be popular sources.

Why am I doing this?

You will need to take a stance in your research projects and argue for and/or against something. In order to do
that, you will need to be informed about your topic and the arguments surrounding it. Presenting all sides of an
issue makes you seem more credible as a source.

How will I be graded?

Your Source Conversation should be 1000+ words/4+ pages in length. It must summarize and evaluate a
controversy related to your topic and present your position. Use at least four sources and include a
references/works cited page. Follow your style’s documentation rules for references and in-text citations, and
headings/title pages.
 Save your assignment in Word format (.doc or .docx)
 Use 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and 1” margins

The essay is worth 150 points

Note: 10 points of Extra Credit will be added to the final Source Conversation essay if you visit the
Writing Center and bring me a document proving you visited.