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Report of Observation & Conference by University Supervisor




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Page 1: Personal Information

Q1 Teacher Candidate's Name

Kira Madison

Q2 Date of visit


Q3 Time of visit

9:05 -10:30 am

Q4 Cooperating Teacher's Name

Lauren Taggert

Q5 School

Centerville Elementary

Q6 Grade


Q7 Next visit (date and time)


Page 2: Lesson Plan

Q8 Please enter comments below related to the teacher candidate's lesson plan(s):

Kira's lesson plans was detailed and contained all the component parts. She included local and state standards for this 5th grade math

lesson on whole number expressions.

Report of Observation & Conference by University Supervisor


Page 3: Week Journal Review

Q9 Please enter comments below related to the teacher candidate's weekly journal review(s):

Kira reflected on how she has been fully immersed in teaching and learning how relationships affect student outcomes. She was also participated in her first all day field trip and discovered how organization is an essential piece of planning successful educational experiences.

Page 4: Observations

Q10 Please enter general comments below related to your observations.

Kira began by quickly reviewing multiplication problems. She then taughtwhole group math word problems. Students interacted to give answers to her guiding questions, and by volunteering at the View Sonic Smart Board. She continued to work with the class on harder questions to see if the students understood the concept. She continued teaching small groups to reinforce the math concepts, for an additional twenty minutes. She finished her teaching by conducting the morning meeting. She developed social greetings for spooky October and asked the students to become a spooky monster . They found other students to discuss their favorite food and to dance like monsters. This made the students get up from their desks and move. They were engaged and rejuvenated to return to their desks for further learning. Kira was in full charge of the lesson and teaching content.

Q11 What went well:

Kira used technology effectively. Her classroom management was on target and she monitored student progress by walking around the room, checking student work.

Q12 What could be done differently:

Kira needs to continue to offer praise and positive reinforcement to students as they get their answers correct. She did more postive feedback as the lesson progressed, and in the small group setting.

Q13 Candidate's strengths:

She is well-organized. She has a good rapport with the students. Kira asked good guiding questions.

Q14 Areas that need refinement:

As Kira works with small groups, she needs to make sure all students are being brought along in their learning. Some students in the group, who did not understand the concept, were given little feedback. Kira needs to focus on those students.

Q15 Focus for next observation:

Kira presented a good lesson today with varying degrees of complexity. She has grown so much in her classroom delivery and she needs to keep this up. Nice job.