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Jack Moffitt David Grant ee par vamonanoun ee rrowt anion Geter teeitny Xe en See tener cee Legislative Equality (CABLE) Act of 2019" ‘tthe request ofits sponsors and in accordance with Section $45-17(A) ofthe Rules ofthe Monroe: County Legislature, referral no, 19-0312.LL, a proposed Local law entiled “Checks and Balance for Legislative Equality (CABLE) Act of 2019” has been withdraw. ‘This referral and any related motions resolutions, or public hearings will not be placed on the agenda for the December 10, 2019 meeting ofthe Monroe County Legislature. ‘Attachments 407 Couny Cie Bulluing +39 West Min Stet Rochester, New York 14018 Phone: ($85) 2521950 Pa: ($85) 753-1992 . Monroe Couny Legislature Yfice of the Republican Majority November 15, 2019 Jack Moffitt, Clerk Moncoe County Legislature 407 County Office Building Rochester, NY 14614 Re: Withdrawal of Local Law 19-0312.LL, Dear Mr. Moffitt ‘After feedback from the community and a discussion with County ExeeutiveElect Adam Bello, we have determined the best course of action isto wait until the new year so we may better work together on any amendments to the Charter or Administrative Code. The CABLE ‘Act was intended to increase transparency and accountability in county government, but unfortunately it has esulted ina distraction from many other important issues. Therefore, we find itis better to address these amendments in 2020 and we welcome a heathy and open § 254 of the Family Court Act ofthe State of New York (To appeat on behalf of and represent ptiionersin proceoding innttted pursuant to the Uniform ‘Support of Dependents Law, Arse 3A, Domestic Relations Law ofthe Sat of New York 5 Witheran? (8) To inate and execute ea forectonute proceedings (©) To appoint one or more Deputy County Attomeys, subset to the approval of the Couns Executive (Tocris fhe Dupree wth pp ofthe Cony Fae (1) Upon the appr ide cs [1]To perform such addtional secs and related duser ar may be prescitbed by Yh, by the ‘Administrative Code, by the County Executive or by resolution ofthe County Leyslay [1] Editors Note: Foemer Subsection B(I1), regarding menagement of Count lp ‘was repealed 11-14-2000 by LL. No. 6:2000, approved 12-12-2000, ‘Added Langunge is ndedined Deleted Language ie sien §C6-20 Deparment of Enviconmentl Service, [Added 6.95992 by LL. Nu 1993, approved 7 2.19920) ‘A. Department established; Director, Ther shall be a Department of Enviconmental Services, the hetd of which shal be the Dgcetor of Evironment Service, (1) To be eaponsible fr the development, lsposal facies and trunk sewer sytem To make agreements with the vaio ion and maintenance of al sewage treatment and ted by the County, cating additions hereto, nips or dicts to assume sexponsibity for the ‘operation and maintenance of any sAsting tesiment and dsposs facies, trunk bce and ‘uansmission nes ane any: adtons shee, (@) To pln, opeste services lop the necessary regulations and powers relating to County fie for Nood corel and geinage conc th he various monicipaises or districts forthe handling of soli waste (0 To manage resour ecovery faclievin sucha way asco maximize eeyclng and mine the we of andl (1) To crete dxghons ofthis Department as rue with approval ofthe County Executive @ To providytechnial engineering design, ind curvy and architectural support when neces to iments, officer and agencies, tht he materals sed in the constuction of Count facies meet uty specifications fs operte and maintain the faites ofthe County to meet current and Furie needs of County ded 1-14-2003 by LL. No. 6.2003, approved 1-30-2003(3] (2 Editors Note: Former Subsection B(0), regarding management of County re propery hong, added 11-14-2000 by ILL. No.6-2000, was repealed 6-10-2014 by LI. No. 2.2014, This local law ao renumbered forme Subsection B(t1) tough (14) ax Subsection B(1O) though (13), espectvey [0] Btor’s Nore Section 3 ofthis loa aw was subject to permissive referendum. No vad peuion equstng same was led a of 331-2003 Withee (11) To be responsible for the design constriction, maintenance, ateations, renoratons, and eperation ofl county bullings, grounds and equpmen to met curent and furte needs of eoUny residents (Added 1-142005 by LL. No, 6-2003 approved 130-2003; amended 6-10-2014 by LL No. 214) (22) To develop and implement, i theaparoval afte County Lepidus, the most effecphe and tffcent management methrts for mainenance dvibuson and replacement of welling ight ‘quipment owed andlsusal by the couny for purpose of providing county services [Added 1-14-2003 by IL No, 6-2003, approved 130 2003 (13) To pesfonm such other dues as may be reqited by the Administative Code sy other bw Added Languge is undies elec Language then Withdlawn Part II ADMINISTRATIVE CODE (Chapter A. ADMINISTRATIVE CODE Part 2. Legare and Executive Arce V. Couns Executive 5 A5.5 Belegnionse-Gouny-Eaceuiveot powertrerteantsbils ations: ‘hereto adepecr-she-Gownt-bepbature-ftzationall: emitted) §A56. Delegation co County Executive and Prvient of Legace power to a agreements and contacts, [Amended 9-8-1998 by LL. No, $1998, Eliors Note: This oc lw-vas [No valid pecion requesing sme wae fied 8 of 11-16-1998 approved 1 ‘A. Bscepeat set forthinSubseetion B below and in accordance wi 2A(IT) of the Couaty Charter and within budgetary appeopet County Executive is dlested the power to authonae, ene i ‘otal ofthe Coun for goods and services where the ttl any lease, set, occupancy or other agrement for space te exced ive yu (Amended 610-2018 by LL. No 2.2014] fe provisions of§ C2.6C(13) and 5 C3- & adopted by the County Leis, the snd exeeate any agreement or contnet on sdeationtheeoT is 24609 35,0 o ee and fal for County actives for a term oem not B. In accordance with provisions of § C2-6C(13/hnd § C2-4B(10) ofthe County Chatter, the President of the “Legisrue is delegated dhe power to authonzy/entr into and execute any agreement or contest on bell of the County For the operation of the Counp/Leyilatut, ssa and comnts, and for goods and services ‘vet the tot consideration thesof i Added Language i und Deleted Language i seeker Wilktawn Part II ADMINISTRATIVE LOCAL LAWS (Chapers though 200) (Chapter 25 Contacts and Purchasing 525-2 Responsible of Purchasing Manager: public bidding procedures, A. The County Pucchssing Manager sll be response for enrng tae all purchase contets apd public works contracts administered by the Division of Purchasing ae made in acowdanee wih requis publi purchasing and othe contri laws. 8. connection with the performance of his/her powers nd duis set frth inthe Mony&< County Chater, the Parchasing Manager shal: (1) Aetto procure forthe couny the highest guy supplis and services at shes expense to the count ) Establish uniform specifications forthe county £0 tht volume discos maybe obtined where pretcal (@) Endeavor to obtain 2 fll and open competition as posse on al (4) Preserbe roles and procedure forthe uniform procurement of . Except as otherwise provided in the Monroe County Chanter oy ministrative Code or by lait shall be eney, except for persons ander dhe diet he as delegated seh authori, toon the als, supples, equipment or spparate o ated unlawful for any county official or employee of any ounty supervision and contol of the Purchasing Manager, to who purchase of or enter into «purchase contract for any mat . Publ bide sal be requitd, recived and ead g/hecondance with al provisions of awe Advecsements or public bids shall be made in an oficial newspapy ‘Manica law In eases whee terms and conditions are id ‘or more sponsible bidders submutidenscal bi a8 to pie, ad all other al, preference may be given to » bidder whose place of business & within foward may be made by deaving lots, oc by whatever other method is dlemed ng Manager, oral bids may be rejected and new ide sovght by readerssemene. Monroe County. Othe ppropeate by dhe Purch Im the absence of public bidding cequiement, all purchase contracts and public works contacts shall, wherever feasible fd cost effective, be based on a leat three competitive qetotuens quolatins an bl be west responsive snd responsible bidder. The Purchasing Ninager may solicit quotations by s/c methods, inching deer msi and telephone, a he/she shal deem stable ‘case ofa public emergency arising out ofan accident of ather unforeseen occstence oe condition by cecumstances affecting public buldings, public peopery’ othe fe, health, safety or propery ofthe ‘ing tstants ofthe county require immediate scion which canot vat compeive bidding, purchase cones Ax pli work conta uy be let withou such coenpetiive bidding upon etieation bythe count ofl requesting the emeegeney purchase or public work contact using procedures promulgated by the Purchasing [Nanage aed spproved by the County Actorey Wiityrawr) H, In accordance with the General Municipal Law, the Porchasiag Manager ma. ith th appeosa ofthe ‘Coun: Lagislaure. ene into a purchase conte with a single soppleewithou eying out pub bidding procedus if the supplier receives designation as role soutee vendor under procures promulgated by Purchasing Manage and approved bythe County Atomey. I In accordance with §408- ofthe County Law, the Parehasing Manager is authored 10 inlide fn any ecunty contact which permis purchases unde sch contact by any polial subdivision, ‘o¢ dtr located in whole o in part in Moneoe County provided, however, that the polis ‘company or distri accepes sole responsibility for any payment tothe vendor Added Languoge is undetned Deleted “anguage ie niken Section 2 IEany hus, sentence, paragraph, ction or rice ofthis al rsa beaded by any court ivaidate the romaine thereo, or stile thexef drely involved ‘of competent jurisdiction tobe ial, such determination shall not affect, mp ‘br shall be confined in ts operation tothe elute, sentence, parageaph, ec the procesdirg in which such adjudication shal have been rendered, Section 3. This local lw shal tke effect immediately upon ‘Section 27 ofuhe New Vouk State Nunicpal Home Rue Law. “Maue of Ugeney File No. 19.0XXX, ADOPTION: Date ang APPROVED: SIGNATURE: __ DATE: EFFECTIVE DATE OF LG€ALLAW: — Added Language Deleted Tage 0