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How To Obtain Visa To Anywhere In The World

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

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Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

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Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

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Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Countries That Offer Free Tuition Schools Admissions To Nigerian Students

Offer Free Tuition Schools Admissions To Nigerian Students There are lot of information and story out

There are lot of information and story out there about countries that offers’ free admission to students. The truth is this, getting admission to such schools is hard and even if you do, getting your visa is a damn hard thing.

For the sake of this report, I want to introduce you to GERMANY. That is the number one country so far, as at present that offers free tuition to Nigerian students. But there is a catch with German visa, once you get your admission from the schools, you need to open a blocked account in Germany and fund this account with 8000euros.

This can only be done after the school has given you admission. You will go to the embassy with your admission letter to request for the blocked account form, you fill and submit. After which you will receive the account details in your e-mail in few days later.

You go to your bank with the German banking details sent to you and do wire transfer to your German account.

After this, you will attend your interview. You do not need statement of account from sponsor for this. After few days, you get information / confirmation that your blocked account has been credited with the 8000euro.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

The catch again is once you get to Germany, you can’t withdraw the money at once. It’s strictly highest of 700euros per month. This is for your living expenses. Feeding and housing and transport to fro your school and house for a month.

This is just to show the German authority that you have enough money to cater for your feeding and living expenses for a year, saved in a blocked account in Germany.

Once you get to Germany, you will of course work for 20 hours per week during school term and endless time during summer.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Even your 20hours per week job will earn you a lot of money that can cater for your living and feeding expenses. Germany is one of the coolest countries you can travel to.

You can hardly get admission with your O’level result. You need a minimum of OND to get admission in to their undergraduate course.

Also, all you need to spend to get your visa is less than 250k. I mean money for application fee, visa fee and insurance fee. Just about everything you need to get your German visa!

If you’re interested, simply go to to read more information, schools and application information. No big deal involved. Take your time to read the site well. If you need any hands on help, you can contact me for a fee. There is no rocket science involved. It’s the same thing you will do that I will also do. But it takes time and you must be careful. Apply to the right schools.

Read the site carefully. You will learn about the success stories of other students, how they have been able to make good money while working in Germany and how you too can.

I am talking about something you hardly think of. Big money to help you real in life.

One good thing about Germany is this, you can and will surely get work after studies. Either in Germany or other EU countries.

If you marry a citizen and process your citizenship, you have right to at least 150k euro in loan to do any business you like. Without getting married, if you get a job and convert to work permit after studies, you can as well get loan of a good amount.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi



A lot of people make the mistake of making huge deposits into their bank accounts prior to

visa application; this action is called "Money Lodgement" which is an express ground for

visa refusal:

Do not naively commit this violation (by depositing lump sums of money into an account which apparently stands in isolation) for presentation purpose. Such account does not meet the requirement of an acceptable bank statement,so; applying for a visa with it will only give you a definite result, REFUSAL.

This is how it works; An acceptable bank statement must have up to six months transaction records demonstrating your income (from verifiable sources) and expenditures, and it must have good enough fund to sustain your trip and intentions, and also; it must have enough balance to keep you going after the trip: preferably, a Current account, Savings account, Salary or Wages account:

Importantly, you must be able to satisfy the Visa Officer that you have somewhat of an obligation or home tie to return to Nigeria for.

I regret to say that until your bank statements meet the standard format as explained, you will continue to get refusal letter from the embassies, no matter how many times you applied or how much money you have in your accounts.

If you are considering the use of sponsor, be aware that there are very few circumstances

in which it may be considerable for an adult applicant to use a sponsor, such sponsor may be a: Spouse (especially for Family Reunion) or Parents/Guardians (especially for Education or for medical reasons) etc.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

But if you are considering the use of a Company's account, that would be unacceptable (even if you own the company).

For a company's sponsorship to be acceptable, you would need to be applying for a training or a course, or a seminar etc that would be deemed profitable to your company in order to satisfy the visa officer of the purpose otherwise, it would be judged that the money in the company's account is not available for your use: unless your company is offering you a complimentary vacation under its care.

And as an adult, you are supposed to be financially independent to meet the requirement for a tourist or pleasure visa; for example, you can't be sponsored by anyone if your intended travel is for the purpose of tourism or romance rather than official or compelling family visit (no sponsor's bank account can cover you except in compelling limited circumstances whereby it is deemed reasonable for his sponsorship to be considered).

It is extremely important to make your visa application early in order to give the embassy enough time to process your application: many people are refused for reason of insufficient time:

There is always a general warning that visa applicants should give plenty of time to process applications as delays may occur due to uncertainties and circumstances beyond their control, and in the event that your application is decided after the purpose of your intended trip has expired or is in a tight situation, your visa application may be refused for reason of "change of circumstance".

Now, this informational advice is for country-men and women who continue to burn their thousands of Naira attempting to obtain the UK or the US visas while being unaware that they are under a ban for ten years or for life respectively.

Have you ever been refused a UK visa on the basis of fraudulent, fake, or misleading documents or even serious sensitive misinformation?

If so, then apply for a UK visa no more, keep your application fees and try for other countries.

If you committed this act before the 10 years ban came into effect, as long as your fingerprints were taken, you would get the ban on your next visa application: only those who committed it before finger-print era are free from this merciless punishment;


Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

It is unfortunate that, except you take measures, you might not be able to find out whether you carry the ten years ban based on fraudulent documents, misleading documents presentation or, false declaration; this is the unfair method that the UK embassy uses to punish individuals who had attempted to use fake or misleading documents to obtain their visa: they allow them to re-apply unaware of the ban while they extract the visa application fee from the unsuspecting applicants.

If you are unsure of your ban/no-ban status, you are entitled to the rights of knowing your eligibility for the UK visa after refusal and the staffs are obliged to let you know it.

But however, if you wish to make subsequent application, you can inquire before making your payment: ask them to inform you of your status before paying the visa fee; it is their duty to notify you of it if you ask them even during fresh application. These said, another way (perhaps the most effective way) that you can find out is your own intuition, you should know whether you were detected presenting any fake, fraudulent or misleading documents or serious sensitive misinformation to support your previous application. And if you were, then, there is no two ways about it; you've just been banned (unaware) for ten good years. Period.

The sad truth is: you did not receive the ban from making subsequent applications, but rather you received the ban from obtaining a UK visa of any category. So, it is up to you to apply a hundred or a thousand times while under a ban, but you will never be given a visa except after the ten years ban expires.

There was this case of a Nigerian visa applicant who was refused a visa for reason of forged documents that he presented in his previous application; after some time, he eventually came clean in his new application, but still he was refused a visa on the basis of the "fraud documents" that he submitted in his previous application.

Yet, the cruel visa officer did not advise the mugu applicant that he was under a ban, but the country-man who obviously found no reason for his recent refusal was wise enough to ask about his chance of getting the visa in future application, and then the visa officer was obliged to let him know that he had been under a ban even before his recently denied application was made.

Now, had this countryman known that he was under a ban; he wouldn't have spent his hard- earned money all through that stress and trouble to apply for a visa that will never be issued him.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

So, considering the fact that at the UK embassy, over 12,000 applicants were caught with fraudulent documents in just one year, I wish to request that you are careful enough with your documentation and information given during your visa application.

NOTE 1: The same applies to the USA visa application, but considering the LIFE BAN that you can get from the US if caught with fake or misleading documents or misinformation, the UK 10 years ban is merciful.

NOTE 2: For expectant mothers; know that it is a serious violation to conceal pregnancy during visa application, and it is even more serious to give birth in a country if your visa is not issued on medical ground: and worse still, to deny the awareness.

And unlike the merciful 10 years ban that is applicable with the UK, You may never be issued a US visa again, this violation MAY attract a life ban from the USA depending on circumstances and judgement

NOTE 3: I am not a “Travel” or "Visa" agent. And if anyone tells you that he is a visa agent, run away from the person because, most of the people who get into bans are those who solicit the services of syndicates who profess themselves "visa agents".

YOU CAN APPLY FOR THE VISAS YOURSELVES and you will be sure of the documents that you use. But if you solicit the so-called visa agents for assistance, you might not know when fake or tampered documents are added to your application, and the result will be a LIFE BAN from the United States of America.

The way I help, though, is to look into your documents, help you with the right packaging and apply for visa with genuine documents!

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Canadian Visa Secrets

Abroad – Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi Canadian Visa Secrets Canada is the most powerful visa in the

Canada is the most powerful visa in the world; so far (to Nigerians of course).

Getting a Canadian visa is like getting a pass to make money in life. Unlike other countries where you have to get some working permit before you can get a good paying job, in Canada, you can get a job with your visit visa, I mean unskilled job that will pay you good amount of money and to get your permit or extend your visa in Canada is easier compared to other countries; provided you are law abiding citizen.

If you have the chance to get 3 days Canadian visa, make sure you travel with it. Though, it might not be easy within the first few months, let’s say three months; you only earn money for feeding and housing but once your documents are perfected and you can withstand cold, you simply go to one of their oil and gas producing states; Alberta.

Back to the main talk, this is the visa secret.

You should have travel experiences before you apply for a Canadian visa. That means you should have visited at least 3 notable countries. South Africa, UK and Germany are good countries.

Applying for Canadian visa can be rocket science because the website does not sate the steps involved in a lay man’s language. But you can of course get through it if you know what you are doing.

I will advise you to have a good amount of money in your bank account before applying.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

These days, you can apply for a visit visa with a virgin passport and get the visa unlike before.

If you are single, it might be a bit hard because they know there is nothing serious that will bring you back.

If you are married and have a good business or work at a good organization, then you are good to go.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad

Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

You should have at least 750k in monthly income, not gross but profit and your statement of account should be able to boast of 3-4m account balance with last 6 months’ monthly balance not exceeding


Meaning for the past 6 months, each month balance should be at least 2m.

Another way is through group submission. That is group visa. Either group tourist or group conference application whereby you pay for your trip and a reputable travel agency is used as the main sponsor.

Let me explain further.

You pay some amount of money and submit your documents. Your international passport and passport photograph. So, all you have to do is to fill and sign the form (the form is now online).

What a travel agent simply does is to use a reputable and highly respected company for the visa application. The company will act in your capacity as the sponsor of those attending the conference / seminar or workshop.

This type of visa is 50-50 but if done well, you will always get it. I will surely take another set of 10 people to Canada this December. Mail me if you’re interested at:

Another way to get Canadian visa is to apply for short course. Make sure you pay the full course fees and apply with good documentation. You can use anybody as your sponsor but make sure the person is ready to provide you with convincing documents and write a back up letter why he/she is sponsoring and the benefits he/she will get from sponsoring you.

Same thing with student visa

Lambton College is a good school. University of waterloo is also fine. They give admission easily. You only need to pay your school fees before embassy can issue you visa if you’re going for first degree.

There is no age restriction but its best to apply for UG studies under the age of 27.

You can as well pay part of the school fees just to convince the ECO that you’re a genuine student who’s going solely to Canada to study.

You do not need any travel history to get Canadian study permit.

It’s one of the easiest to get BUT the only BUT there is that you must pay school fees unlike USA schools.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Canada is a place to be. There was a time I had almost 1m and I was looking for Canadian visa. Anyways, I’m grown past that now.

So, keep your money and do not fall into the hands of bogus visa agents.

You must write IELTS before you apply for Canadian school or visa. Though, some schools might exempt you BUT embassy might make it compulsory for you to write.

The other means of getting visa which is easiest among all of them is by using note verbal.

This is a document issued by the government for its emissaries traveling abroad. There is no embassy in the world that will deny anybody with such document. But then, it’s closely guarded and available to few individuals alone.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

How To Get USA Student Visa With Just 250k (Includes Everything Visa Fee, $200 For Sevis Fee,

(Includes Everything – Visa Fee, $200 For Sevis Fee, While reading this on my subscribe page,

While reading this on my subscribe page, you’ll think it’s just those normal marketing gimmicks. Anyways, I will burst your bubble here I mean I will change your thinking. You can actually get USA student visa with just 250k.

The first thing is to get admission from a US school. Age does not matter and with just O’level result, you can get admission to their undergraduate studies.

There are lot of schools that offers admission to international students.

The reputable schools will ask you for English test but make sure you tell them you’re from an English speaking country and you’re automatically exempted from submitting any English test.

The highest application fee any school can ask for is $100. That means 37k is gone from the 250k. After applying, you are supposed to send some documents to the school. These days, American schools accept scanned documents.

Take for example, California state university and Missouri Southern State Univ. MSSU is a very good school that offers admission easily. You’ll love the school.

Whoa, that’s my secret school but I just have to let you get the information. Scan your documents to the school including a WAEC scratch card to confirm your WAEC result.

That does not cost you money. Okay, N500 for scratch card.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Get your sponsor’s document and scan to the school to proof you have money for studies. The next thing you have to pay for is your visa fee. Of course, the school will send your admission packet through DHL without any extra fee from you.

Once you get that, you go ahead and pay visa fee which is N64, 000 as at the time of writing this great report.

You have to pay $200 SEVIS fee. This is for the US govt to register your name among the students studying there in their database. That’s another sum of 70k gone.

Trust, if you have your documents intact, you don’t need to pay any travel agency.

The only time I ask my clients for money is when I discovered that they do not have documents to back up their US admission. That is the main document which is statement of account of sponsor. One thing you should know about US embassy as well is that they do not have time to confirm your statement unlike some other countries; but I will advise you to desist from using fake documents.

I am not asking you to go ahead to use fake documents to apply for Visa. If you seriously wish to study in the States and you do not have good documents, this is where you need service of genuine travel experts like me.

It’s not as easy as that but I’ve made it so.

Well, there is some insiders’ information you need to know as well, but then for the scope of this free guide, we have to leave it like that. Further internet search will give you some heads up.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Traveling Abroad For The First Time Things To Know Before You Travel

For The First Time – Things To Know Before You Travel Well, you need to know

Well, you need to know that you’re going to another man’s land and therefore, you have to fight status-quo. You have to proof your worth and show them the stuffs you’re made of.

I wouldn’t know your main reason for wanting to travel abroad; but whatever it is, you have to know that it’s another man’s land and you can’t just do anyhow there.

1. Never give your passport to anyone even if the person is your mum. Disagree. In fact, swallow it.

2. Don't give even your brother money to help you get stay or resident permit.(em go munch am)

3. Acquire some skills or educational qualifications before leaving Nigeria.

4. Anything you wanna do, think over it for four to five days and seek advice from 10 persons before you do it.

5. Don't send money to your brother or sister to invest for you here in Nigeria.

6. Don't start solving family problems immediately as you get there. Even if your uncle dies, don't return if you know you're not yet standing firm.

7. Most important: Never forget GOD if you really want to make it.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

A Comprehensive List Of The Documents Required For Visas

A Comprehensive List Of The Documents Required For Visas This is one of the most asked

This is one of the most asked questions. I remembered during my first seminar, I got asked this question by almost everyone present.

It is boring to hear people asking "what documents" that are required for this or for that visa, and i see that no matter how many individuals that are answered, there will continue to be many others who will ask the same question over and over and over again. It doesn't make much of a sense to ask this same question or to keep on answering everyone who asks:

So, I have decided to create this narrative list to answer the question conclusively.

Here are the documents that are required of visa applicants of every category.

This article is subject to modification and updates:

* Invitation letter or accommodation details from the country you intend to visit;

* (If on invitation by an individual) a copy of the bio-data page of the passport of the person inviting you.

* Your national passport or travel document with at least 6 months to expiration;

* (If you are an alien resident in the country that you are applying from,) evidence of permission to remain in the country: ie, a residence permit or an appropriate long-term visa;

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

* Proof of address: utility bills are valid proofs

* Passport sized colour photographs, not more than 6 months old;

* (If employed,) a letter from your employer granting leave of absence from your job for a specified period. The letter should also say how long you have been employed by that employer, in what job(s) and should indicate when you are expected back at work:

Note, you must be at least one year in your employment;

* (If sent or sponsored by your employer,) the evidence letter to this effect; expected to demonstrate the reasons and benefits for sponsoring you;

* (If sent or sponsored by your employer,) the company's financial statement with evidence of fund availability for your own use;

* (If self-employed,) evidence of your business activities and financial standing. Note, you must be running the company for at least one year;

* (If self employed or if applicable to you as an employee,) your tax clearance certificate to show your tax compliance level and also your income;

* (If a student,) a letter from your school stating what course you are on, its start and finish dates and the dates of the holiday period during which you intend to travel abroad;

Note: if you are not working you should include financial documents of the person who is supporting you; if someone else is paying for your trip, You would be expected to explain why you are being sponsored and to demonstrate how your sponsor will benefit from your trip.

* (If applicable,) evidence of any property you own in your home country (if applicable) Note: the property is expected to represent anything that could be considered a tie; such property may not be an isolated land or building that are not deemed to be taking more of your responsibilities: it is different if you own (let's say) business property that requires your obligatory management;

* Details of any firm travel plans that you have made, i.e., itinerary:

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Warning! Do not book a flight because, you will forfeit your money if your visa is refused. Itinerary does not only mean flight ticket, it means travel plans which are, the preparations that you have put in place: such could be site seeing or tour guide arrangements, or onward flight tickets if applying for a transit or stopover visa;

* Bank statements showing up to six months transaction details, must show sources of income:

Warning! Avoid vast Money Lodgement (especially if it makes the majority of your finance), you will be refused without question.

* (If applicable,) evidence of any income from other sources e.g. friends, family, savings, property etc

* (If applicable and/or if the purpose of the trip has got something to do with family,)

Evidence of family relationship and marital status ie Birth Certificate and/or Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate (of spouse)

Live / Work / Study Abroad

* (If applying to join a spouse,) Evidence of relationship and communications or correspondences with your spouse: ie telephone details; emails; posts or/and photos of both of you together.

* (If applying to join a spouse or family,) Birth certificate or Age Declaration document

* It is very important to be able to show Ties or Obligations to return to. Note: Although, family or social ties and responsibilities are recommended, but logically, family ties aren't considered as strong as other ties because, there are vast cases of seekers involving in immigration fights to bring their family to join them, but yet, the magnitude of the family may be considered

* (If an undisclosed ex-convict) The official record of any conviction(s), detailing the crime(s) you were convicted of and the sentence(s) you received

* The appropriate fee and 1 million dollars for Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi Note: You must provide original documents (except the identification documents of another person). Failure to submit original documents may mean your application is delayed or refused.

HARD DOCUMENTS are documents that carry Security Authentications; or Stamps; or Seals; or Signatures; or Apostiles, etc: (For example; a Marriage Certificate), such documents must be submitted in their original states (except the document is an identification document belonging to another person, i.e., your sponsor's passport etc). Any other document that does not carry any of the mentioned authentications is allowed to be submitted in photocopy state: Your hard documents will be returned back to you in due time.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

How To Process Canadian And Australian Residence Permit Within 6 Months

Canadian And Australian Residence Permit Within 6 Months Let me make this point clear to you.

Let me make this point clear to you. This does not happen always except of course you know your onions and you’re doing the right thing.

Starting January 2015, Canadian permanent migration visa shall be processed within 6 months and at worse, one year. Normally, it takes two years or more for those who do not know the timeline.

As per Australia, it’s the same thing. Though, Aussie PR can be easily gotten but it costs whole lotta money.

For faster processing, get your documents ready before you do anything. All your original documents; just any paper that carries your name in form of certificate or Apostle.

You must register for IELTS test as well. Make sure you prepare well for this English test and pass it well. As per Aussie, you can use any document but make sure they are good ones that can be confirmed if need be.

Canada will confirm all your documents!

Aussie needs your money and ‘might’ decide to confirm some documents if the claims are outrageous though.

All in all, do not plan to use fake documents to apply for your PR.

For Canada PR: For

Aussie PR:

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

So, take out your time to read the two sites. Let me know which one you’ll like to pursue and if you need my help, don’t hesitate to mail me:

Visa Free Countries For Nigerian Citizen

Visa Free Countries For Nigerian Citizen As a Nigerian citizen with a Nigerian passport, there are

As a Nigerian citizen with a Nigerian passport, there are certain countries which do not require a visa upon entry so long as you have your passport.

However, for some of these countries, there is an estimated amount of time you are expected to spend before a visa will be demanded for.

The period of days for which you can stay varies from country to countryand then you would have to obtain a visa.

There are also some countries that you can visit and you’ll receive a visa upon arrival. Find below a comprehensive list of these countries classified according to their continents.


The visa-free countries in Africa for Nigerian passport holders are:


Burkina Faso

Cape Verde






Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi


Guinea Bissau







Sierra Leone


AMERICAS Countries and Territories Conditions of access

Barbados 6 months

Dominica 21 days

Grenada 3 months

Haiti 3 months

Montserrat 3 months

Saint Kitts and Nevis 3 months

Turks and Caicos Islands 30 days

ASIA Countries and Territories Conditions of access

Azerbaijan 30-day visa issued upon arrival for US$100

Bangladesh 90 day visa issued on arrival for $50

Cambodia 30 day visa issued on arrival for US$ 20

Georgia Visa issued upon arrival

Laos 30 day visa issued on arrival for US$ 30

Maldives 30 days

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Macau 30 day visa issued on arrival for 100 MOP

Timor-Leste 30-day visa issued upon arrival for US$30

EUROPE AND OTHERS Countries and Territories Conditions of access

Kosovo 90 days Oceania Cook Islands 31 days

Fiji 4 months

Micronesia 30 days

Nauru 30 days

Niue 30 days

Palau 30 days

Samoa 60 days

Tuvalu 1 month

Vanuatu 30 days

The Most And Least Welcoming Countries

30 days Niue 30 days Palau 30 days Samoa 60 days Tuvalu 1 month Vanuatu 30

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

This list is hard to compile. A good country to Mr. A might be hostile to Mr. B. d epends on they are coming from; which of course, it’s always different.

the angle

But the most welcoming country to foreign visitor is the Islands. These are the countries that are predominantly based on revenue from visitors. So all they want to do is to welcome you well so you can spend all your money in their country.

As for the least welcoming countries, always try your best possible to avoid Arabian and Muslim dominant countries.

These countries can jail you at the slightest mistake. If you’re a Muslim, of course, its easier for you to bend in easily and you’ll enjoy your life down there.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

How Painful United States Visa Denial Could Be… and a way out!

United States Visa Denial Could Be… and a way out! I read this story online. The

I read this story online. The guy in question (or in explanation… lol) was denied a US visa even though he merited it!

He began to lament online.

Let me just help you here with some information about US visa.

I was refused this visa three good times before getting it at the fourth trial.

I applied for student visa and was refused just because the shitty white guy does not see me to merit the visa. Why? Nobody knows.

So, if you’re applying for US visa, always go with two minds; either a yes or no. infact, always go with a pure mind. Just feel free and never expect any big thing from it.

Except you’re applying with the government officials.

If you hear agents asking for 1.2m for US visa that is so damn sure, there is no other big deal behind it other than the fact that they are using govt link; or a scam.

That’s what they use; but such links are just so hard to come by.

I was at the embassy with a client sometimes last year; he went for his student visa interview. After the interview, he came out and the look on his face says it all.

He was given the visa

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

But the other man coming behind him was not smiling

He was furious

How will they refuse him a US visa?

It was a renewal for goodness sake!

He even went with his friend, who happened to be a professor as well.

So, imagine those white fools refusing such a man visa. A renewal for that matter and they gave his friend. They both wanted to renew their visa.

So, those people might be a pain in the arse sometimes; don’t just let it weigh you down!

If you’re applying as a tourist, have a good reason and a nice package in the US. There is something we travel agents call Tourist Voucher. If you don’t know much about visa, you can’t know this.

This voucher is for tourists going to any country in the world. It means you have booked for tour attraction sites and all the things you wish to do right there in their country.

And a paid hotel package as well.

Chei, I’m letting you into my secret.

Once I package this for any German client of mine, I mean those who want to go to Schengen country, they always get their visa. Germany is one of the easiest countries to get their visa but they won’t give you more than 2 weeks at first.

You can then find your way when you enter, but these days, I always advise people to plan well before traveling or seeking visa. If you get visit visa, except it is Unied States of America, try your best to come back.

Life is good to be enjoyed. I know naira is dead now, but if you can afford it, then go and come back!

As per US, you can use a tourist voucher as well. Should the VO ask you of your travel plans, just tell him you have a tourist voucher, fully paid for!

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi


Habeeb Olayemi WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT USA DV LOTTERY Nigeria has bee n exempted from

Nigeria has been exempted from the DV lottery. Don’t fall into the hands of scammers lying to you in any form. No more visa lottery.

Useful Tips For Those Who Want To

No more visa lottery. Useful Tips For Those Who Want To Want to give birth in

Want to give birth in the United States? I charge a little sum of 450k to process this for clients. All you need is a hospital in the United States to give you medical responsibility letter.

With the medical responsibility letter, you go with your normal documents for the visa interview.

Make sure you look for a cheap hospital and do not apply for MEDICAID while there. Pay your bills, come back to the country and you can go to the States anytime you like.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

The main benefit is that your child becomes an automatic citizen!

Also, if you don’t plan to come home, you can decide to stay back there. That means don’t pay your hospital bill. Apply for MEDICAID and get your child’s passport there

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Of course, if you have a child in Nigeria first, you will apply for the visa for your child, yourself and your husband at once. Y’all would be given the visa. It’s very easy to get. Just make sure your husband has a good amount in his account. At least a sum of 5million naira is fine.

The mother should also be employed in Nigeria or have a good reason why you’re staying at home. I always explain this better during my seminars. The next one comes up July 2017.

Get your documents from place of work, your pay slip, letter from employer confirming your leave leave letter. Also go with your husband’s documents been the person financing the trip. Show the ECO you have enough money to pay for your bills in the US (even if you don’t plan to pay).

Do not lie during your interview. Simply tell them you’re pregnant and you’re going to deliver your child in the US. It’s that simple trust me.

Do not try to lie about your pregnancy status. The US hospital you register with will give you letter of medical responsibility and you don’t pay any fee until you get to the US.

My special hospital is recognized by the US embassy and I only recommend this hospital to those truly interested in this; this is because I get paid some little commission!

Living And Working In The UAE (Dubai):- The Good And The Bad (A Personal Experience)

UAE (Dubai):- The Good And The Bad (A Personal Experience) Trust me, gonna the days when

Trust me, gonna the days when you can just get your 1 month extendable Dubai visa. These days, it’s different stories. First, you spend a whole lot of money to get the visa which will

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

enable you to work in Dubai. If you’re 30 years or older, it will be relatively easy for you and cheaper of course.

If not, you’ll have to spend a lot of money to get the visa. As at the time of writing this, I charge 300k for this visa.

Mind you, nobody will get you a job in Dubai prior to your arrival. You have to get to Dubai with your one month visa (which is extendable for only one additional month) and attend interviews. The highest pay you can get is 90k per month.

Dubai is sweet and the story there is that after your first two years, you will get a good job. Of course you will, but how many people can sacrifice two years?

you will, but how many people can sacrifice two years? The Qatar Working Visa Secrets I

The Qatar Working Visa Secrets

I was yet to visit Qatar then but the working permit, five years was going steadily until I realized that there are too many people in Qatar with same visa.

There was no job available for them again. They are all living in the streets of Qatar.

That was when it dawned on me that it’s time to stop processing this visa.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

As I type this, and in the nearest future, you cannot get a working visa to work legally in Qatar until year 2019 Qatar will host the world in 2020 abi? So for now, stay far from such campaigns.

Even if they get you the visa now, you will become a nuisance in Qatar. You will not see a good job or good place to be. You’ll be prone to deportation as well. Those people will fish you out easily.

Live / Work / Study AbroadOlawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

How To Convert Visit Visas to Residence In Any Country This Secret Alone Will Save You Lot of Money

Country – This Secret Alone Will Save You Lot of Money This is so sweet in

This is so sweet in Schengen countries and North American countries. UK is an exemption.

With your visit visa to Schengen country, the only thing you need to do is to go to Portugal or Poland and register for a short course or cheap university there.

You can get your Schengen visa from any of the countries. France, Germany, Italy or Spain. But once the visa is issued, you fly directly to the country that gave you the visa.

Though, you can fly to any Schengen country but you should go to the country that issued you the visa first to avoid been questioned at the POE.

Once you get to the country, sleep one night at the hotel and if it’s close to Poland or Portugal, take a train; if not, you have to fly on air.

And you do not need any other visa as the visa you’re currently holding will take you to any of the 28 Schengen countries. Once you get to Poland, you’ll easily look for a good school that will accept you. Of course, you can get admission with your O’level certificate.

If not, you should register for a 6-month short course.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study AbroadOlawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

With this course registration, you will extend your visa in Poland or Portugal. Most of the times, I always send my client to Portugal. I have a long time client there who helps them out with the school stuff. Imagine school fees less than 2000euro.

You only have to pay like 500euro most of the time and you get your study permit right there without coming back to Nigeria.

If you do not have flair for all those stuffs, you need at least 16,000euro to get your working permit in Germany. This is the fee charged by Nigerian lawyers there. This is because once you get your permit in Germany, the doors for success and greatness is opened for you.

Good work, nice pay and lovely life style. You have chance to loan of up to 500k euro.

The best bet for you is to find their citizen and… I know you’re waiting for that.

a citizen, hype and make sure you submit a good story line to get the person to take you to

registry. He or she will be responsible for your bills and if you can make babies sharp, that will be better.

Okay, find

Making baby is the fastest way to get your German documents. Remember kids are not

supposed to be made out of share-will of just making them. Whosoever you co habit with in

a foreign country should be someone you can marry.

I dislike the idea of just marrying or having babies because of passport’s sake. Think it through before you go through this means.

As per North American countries, same thing applies. Visit visa, get there and find a cheap school to register with. But for America, just look for one citizen and start your marriage plans. Baby making is still one of the fastest to get papers anywhere abroad.

For Canada, forget about school. Baby making is the fastest. Marry their citizen even without baby, you will get papers. Alternatively, you can work part time, save money and use it to process your papers in Canada. This should be for single people and not married people, please.

Live / Work / Study AbroadOlawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Also, you can seek asylum in Canada but why leave Nigeria to go seek asylum when you can actually plan your life well?

There are lot of immigration lawyers in Canada and it is hard for Canada or United States of America to deport you if you do not commit any crime.

Let me point this here, if you need information on how to do hotel reservation, then you should check or

If you need JUST reservation without putting your card into risk, then you should contact me to help you with a confirmed reservation. This type of reservation looks like it has been paid for.

That will be all for now!

How much would you have paid for this guide? You can still show appreciation though.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi


Having read this guide,

I’m sure by now, you’re relishing in the plethora of possibilities you can achieve with this knowledge.

Also, I am sure by now, you shouldn’t have any further issues with visa processing and documentations.

One last word I have for you is START! You will fail and you will make mistakes. Don’t be afraid or put down by these experiences. They are the seeds for your success tomorrow.

Learn from them and overcome them. Don’t let them overcome you. Start the application now but feel free to contact me should you be faced with any problem during your application.

I will be glad to help you succeed.

To Your Visa Success.

Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi

Chief Email Officer, Travels Coach Limited Email: Website: Phone no: 0703-042-1989 WhatsApp: 0806-817-4338

Office Address:

Libra Plaza, 87/89 Baale Animashaun Road Beside Justrite Superstore, Unity, Dalemo Alakuko Toll Gate, Lagos, NIGERIA.

Live / Work / Study Abroad Olawoyin Habeeb Olayemi