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Neuroscience High School Summer Camp Schedule

10:00am to 4:00pm

M 7/14 Introduction to the Brain and Central Nervous System

Dr. Jed Shumsky, course director of Medical Neuroscience, will provide an

overview of the neuroanatomy of the brain and central nervous system. In the afternoon,
students will work in lab groups to identify structures on an actual human brain.

T 7/15 Action Potentials and Nerve Conduction

Senior graduate student, Dwight Higgins, will give an overview of how nerves
transmit information via electrical signaling and some examples of how this can be
studied by electrophysiological methods. In the afternoon, students will work as amateur
neurologists to solve clinical cases involving various brain pathologies.

W 7/16 Cellular Neuroscience

Dr. Peter Baas, Director of the Neuroscience Graduate Program, will give a
lecture about how neurons differentiate, sprout axons, and form synapses on the cellular
level. In the afternoon, students will view demonstrations of various cellular techniques.

Th 7/17 Spinal Cord Injury and Rehabilitation

Senior graduate student, Alex Krupka, will describe the structure and function of
the spinal cord, detailing various sensory and motor pathways and the consequences of
spinal cord injury. In the afternoon, students will have the opportunity to view a rat
spinal cord surgery and to work with human spinal cord lab slides to view structures and

F 7/18 Sensory systems

Dr. Francis Sessler, co-director of Medical Neuroscience, will describe the human
sensory systems, comparing and contrasting the various receptors, transduction
mechanisms, and pathways leading to sensory perception. In the afternoon, students will
examine visual illusions and sensory discrimination capabilities.

M 7/21 Neuropathology

Dr. Tim Cunningham, researcher in neuro-inflammation, will give a lecture on

cellular markers, causes, and treatments of neurodegenerative diseases such as
Alzheimer’s disease. In the afternoon, students will select and begin their group lab

T 7/22 Neuropharmacology

Dr, Jed Shumsky will describe the neurotransmitter receptor systems and how
these have been used to design pharmacologic treatments for psychiatric disorders.
In the afternoon, students will work on their group lab projects.

W 7/23 Animals in Research

Dr. Rick Huneke, Veterinarian and Director of University Lab Animal Research,
will describe the procedures for how animals are used in research labs and the value of
animal research. In the afternoon, students will work on their group lab projects.

Th 7/24 Comparative Neuroanatomy

Dr. Haviva Goldman, Anthropolgist and course director of Microscopic Anatomy,

will describe how the brain and skull have developed in various species. This will be
followed by a Field Trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University for a
behind the scenes tour of the museum.

F 7/25 Brain Machine Interfacing

Dr. Simon Giszter, researcher in the neurorobotics and motor systems, will
describe recent advances in the field of how the brain can control machines such as
prosthetics for rehabilitation. In the afternoon, students will present the results of their
projects, receive certificates of completion of the NHHSC, and provide feedback on their
experience through a course evaluation.