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Oct. 28th – Nov.

A Look into Kindergarten
Bible: Introduce Jacob meets his Match and Jacob comes back. Memory Verse F, Passage: The Lord’s Prayer.

Phonics Introduce letter Kk, k says k,k,k as in kite k says k,k,k and Vv v says v,v,v as in violin v says v,v,v
Introduce Jj and Kk blends. Introduce double consonant rule and reading sentences Review vowels, all
consonants, and blends learned. Introduce Spelling List # 1 Spelling Test Friday Nov. 1st. *Oral Eval.
Math/Numbers Counting 1 – 49, Introduce numbers 21-29. Review numbers 1-20 Introduce 20’s and 30’s family, the
Clock and writing numbers. Review the Penny and number families. review missing numbers. *Written
Eval. Thursday October 31st .*
Handwriting Practice proper hold on pencil. Writing lowercase cursive letters k and v, and blends. * Written Eval

Skills Development Introducing tying shoes, copying from the board, and what it is to be thoughtful.
Activity Art and Poetry and we will have music class on Thursdays.

Social Studies This week we will begin talking about Native Americans, Alaska, and Hawaii

Sight Words – white, four *oral Eval. Wednesday*

Memory Verse F: Fear not: for I am with thee. Isa. 43:5
Color: White
*Please remember to pack your child two dry snacks per day*

Mrs. Hughes: 740-815-4701 *MORE INFO ON BACK*

Important Dates

October 29th- Parent Teacher Conference Nov. 6th – Thanksgiving Feast

Nov. 27th – 29th – No School (Thanksgiving Break)
No Birthdays

Important Notes
Congratulations to Elliott Kidd on Warrior of the week!
Please have your child bring one pair of shoe laces.
Please return sight word ring daily, the children use these during class. Thank You

"Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces." Psalm 15: 13. "I pray that God, the source
of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him.