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Key Partners Key Activities Value Propositions Customer Relationships Customer Segments

1. Email newsletter

1. Investors 1. Platform development and 1. Platform to connect 2. Rating system 1. Students : ages 17-23
maintenance investors with students years
2. Specialist technology
providers 2. Marketing and advertising 2. Using the mudharabah 2. Investors : a tech-savvy
system guy
3. Hire a consultant and a
team of technology 3. Free for installation and
experts use

4. Make a deal for profit 4. Business consulting

sharing facilities

5. Economic literacy space

Key Resources Channels
6. Loan repayments can be
paid in installments or
1. Talented consultant and cash 1. SAE application
someone who understands
economics 2. Advertising on social
media (youtube or
2. Bank account used for instagram)
money transfers
3. Commercials on

Cost Structure Revenue Streams

1. Employee payroll 1. Profit sharing with investors

2. Marketing and advertising 2. Paid advertising

3. Technology platform costs

4. Paying for brand ambassador