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1. Which three options in Automation Anywhere Enterprise framework support the email notification feature? (Choose

AAE Client

AAE Control Room

AAE Send Email Command

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2. A bot creator is complaining that they keep getting disconnected from the control room overnight. They also
noticed changes to their bots in the repository. They want to see if anyone is accessing their account outside of
business hours. What can the control room administrator do to investigate these claims?

Check the audit log for actions taken by the bot developer and inspect the source device

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3. What is the pre-defined system role associated with Bot Insight dashboards?

'AAE_Bot Insight Expert' and 'AAE_Bot Insight Consumer'

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4. The developer with"Consumer" access to a locker is trying to use their access privilege to create a bot and write
the credential variable values on a notepad program. The developer uses the"Log to File" command inside the task
editor and after pressing"F2" key, tried to populate the credential variables from the insert Variable pop up box. The
credential variables do not show up in the list. What is the issue?

Credential variables will show up in commands that have field values with tags"Username" and"Password"

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5. A control room administrator wants to create users and have them create their own passwords. Which is the best
way to do this within a control room environment?

Create the user with a standard password and have them change it upon first login into the client
Create the user with a standard password and have them change it upon first login into the client

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6. The administrator wants to run a bot immediately on multiple machines to resolve an urgent task at hand. The
administrator needs to know how many bot runner machines are available, in real time. Within Control Room, which
menu option provides this information?


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7. A project leader has recently installed Automation Anywhere Enterprise with administration rights and is now
allocating user licenses to the team. While doing so, the project leader is encountering error and not able to allocate
license. What are two possible reasons, out of the below stated reasons, why the project leader is facing this issue?
(Choose two.)

The project leader is allocating a developer license to a person with AAE_Admin role

The project leader is allocating bot creator license to a user AAE_Basic role

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8. What feature in Web CR provides important data to monitor user activities, task progress and status, that can be
used to enforce internal compliance regulations as well as prevent tampering with mission-critical processes?


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9. A user is planning to use the Import Bot files tool in the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Control room. When the
user browses to select the bot files to import they find the folder empty. What is the cause of this issue?

Bot files must be saved to the My Tasks\Export folder before running the Export task on the source Control

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10. Which version control system is supported by AAE 11 LTS?


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11. An administrator has scheduled a bot from the Bots section. The administrator's manager feels that the schedule
is incorrect. In Control Room, where would the administrator go to show the schedule?

Workload > Queues

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12. An owner of a credential vault locker has accepted a position in another part of the company. The control room
administrator has disabled the account in the control room. An existing bot developer has been promoted to the open
position. What should the control room administrator do to ensure the promoted bot developer has the proper access
to the credential vault locker?

Advise the promoted bot developer to create a new locker in the credential vault

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13. The administrator is trying to create a pool of devices on to distribute the execution of a bot. After logging into the
Control Room, the administrator fails to find any option to create a pool. What should the administrator do to resolve
the issue?

The administrator needs to be allocated the AAE_Pool Administrator role

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14. The locker administrator of an organization is worried that giving developers"Consumer" access to a locker will
compromise the integrity of the credentials. The developer can login into the control room and using the consumer
access can view the values of the credential variables. What can the administrator do to stop this?

The Locker administrator can encrypt the credentials and then store them inside the credential variables

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15. A company has a policy that no individual should know the credential of the any other individual in the
organization. This policy prevents the Locker administrator from setting credential values to any credential variables
that developers will be able to access. How can the Locker administrator enable adding of values to a pair of
credential variables (Username and Password), that are assigned to a single locker, that 100 developers will have
access to but with individual identity?

The locker administrator can provide the developers custom privileges to copy the properties of another locker
where their individual identity already exists /
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16. What dashboard displays graphical information like 'Device pools by FTE' and 'Device pools by backlog'?


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17. A Control Room Administrator has been contacted by experienced Automation Anywhere user who has been
given a newly created username. However, when accessing the Enterprise Client, it is not possible for the user to add
Assets and Logic. What is the cause of this?

The client system the user is connecting through is not registered with the correct Control Room

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18. A designer has created a MetaBot and has confirmed the application is running, but when adding the first Screen
Assets, the designer is presented with an ‘Open Screens’ dialogue box that does not include the Internet Explorer
web application. What does the designer need to do to overcome this?

Recreate the MetaBot with the correct application specific selection

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19. A developer at an organization created a MetaBot that enters data into several text fields of an application. The
entry is done using local MetaBot variables. Other developers in the organization also want to use this MetaBot to
enter a different set of values into the same fields of the application. How can they share and reuse the MetaBot?

Share the MetaBot code using a shared network location and then map data read from task bots to MetaBot

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20. The developer wants to map the task bot variables with corresponding MetaBot variables for integrating a task
bot with the MetaBot. However, the developer is not able to find the MetaBot variables showing in the mapping
window. How can the developer resolve the issue?

The developer needs to define the parameter type of all the MetaBot variables

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21. A user is developing a TaskBot in which a business process will use a MetaBot to perform data entry via a web
application. Information extracted from form fields in a set of PDFs is not being entered into the third-party site. What
is causing the problem?

Incorrect credentials for the third-party website are being used

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22. What ROI setting can be modified by the client?

Hourly Rate

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23. A user has a critical task which must be executed at a scheduled time. This task must be prioritized over any
other tasks that may be scheduled for the same time. How can the user ensure these parameters are met?

The user can assign Critical task a higher priority through Properties > General > Priority in the client

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24. A human resources executive creates a folder every month with prospective candidate names under the folder
c:\Prospects on their hard drive. The executive now has hundreds of empty folders under c:\Prospects. How can the
executive remove all the candidate folders under the folder c:\Prospects?

Use a"Loop Each Folder in a Folder" loop to loop over the directory"c:\Prospects", then choose the folders to
delete by displaying the name of the folder via $Current Directory$ variable

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25. Which command can be used to extract an HTML table?

Web Recorder

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26. If the application is web based, what is the preferred recorder/command to automate?

Web Recorder/Managed Web Controls /

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27. A user is using Error handling in their code. The user feels that the values of System Error Handling Variables are
getting carried forward from one Error Handling block to another resulting in issues. What does the user need to do to
resolve this?

The user needs to manually reset the system defined Error Handling variables after every Error Handling Block

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28. A user is working in a spreadsheet and wants to close the spreadsheet, retaining all data intact after completing
the work. What command(s) will meet this request?

First save the spreadsheet then close the spreadsheet

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29. An administrator writes a query which returns 10,000 rows. However, the administrator only wants to return a
maximum of 500 rows. What command should be used to provide the desired result?

The "Append to an already existing CSV file" in Database - SQL Query command

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30. A user is reading email addresses from an Excel file and writing them into a Web Form. The user wants to check if
the email addresses are in the correct syntax before writing to the web form. How can the user accomplish this?

Use String operations > Find command > Enable Regular expression (Check against Email Regex)

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31. A user wants to reduce the time spent on reading emails by only glancing through the mails not yet viewed first
thing in the morning. How would the user get the desired results?

Create an Email Trigger that will launch a task that to show a mail as soon as it comes via email automation

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32. What are two valid Error Handling options? (Choose two.)

Continue until next error

Stop after next error

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33. The website administrator has a new website launch in a few days. Prior to the launch, the administrator wants to
verify that all links in the website are functional and there are no gaps in terms of any unconnected links. How can
this be accomplished in a minimal amount of time?

The administrator can open every link in their website using Web Recorder > Open Browser command to see if
it is functional

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34. What are the two variables associated with loop commands 'Each Row In A CSV/TEXT File' and 'Each Row In An
Excel Dataset'?

$Filedata Column$ and $Dataset Column$

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35. Which three loops are offered by the AAE Client? (Choose three.)

Database dataset

Excel dataset

XML dataset

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36. What are the different play modes available under the Object Cloning command?

Object, Coordinates and Image

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37. Which three actions can be performed using the PDF Integration commands? (Choose three.)
Conversion of PDF into Image

Extraction of form-fields from PDF

Extraction of text from PDF

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38. What String Operation sub-commands is used to get the number of characters in a given source string?


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39. Which system variable can be used in the required command to access the work item attributes from a queue

$List Item$

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40. In case there is no error in a task, the value of "Error Line Number" will be


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