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It was almost 5 years since I competed in an English Speaking Contest, standing on a big
stage in front of a hundred-strong crowd to deliver one of the best speeches I’ve ever
given with the support of my friends. That was something you can never forget in your
whole life and the most magnificent moment, bar none, of my high school highlights.
Never had it crossed my mind that one day I would be on stage talking about the thing I
treasured most in my life – my family and friends or just be qualified enough
to represent the entire school compete at such competition. If it hadn’t been for my
English teacher’s constant encouragement, I wouldn’t have participated in the
contest in the first place. Students were free to choose their topics and were asked to
present it in front of a panel of judges and audience. It sounded intimidating for so
many reasons but I had managed to subdue my anxiety and learned to believe in myself.
Preparation for D-day was tough for everyone, both emotionally and physically. We kept
practicing nonstop for 4 hours straight, every single day; me trying to perfect my
pronunciation and acquire that American accent. Our hard work had finally paid off with
us bringing home the Champion Cup as well as Best Performance Award. It brought me
to tears as I realized at that moment it wouldn’t have mattered if we hadn’t won because
we already won when we got over ourselves, stepped out of our comfort zone and kept
going till the end. That was our true victory. Until now, the lesson I’ve learnt 5 years ago
still has its own value and will always be there to remind me of those good old days.


Last year during the summer I had a big disagreement with one of my closest friends
about a trip we were planning to go to. It was just after the final term exam in our
university when one of our friends proposed to plan for a trip. We planned to visit a
foreign country and have the tour for about 2 weeks. The disagreement occurred with A
when he proposed to visit Mexico while I preferred travelling to England.

A might have reasons to visit Mexico but I preferred to visit England and enjoy the
tranquillity and rich heritage of that land. I argued that majority of other friends have
agreed to visit England and the sudden change of the plan would deter many of them to
actually join us. I also tried to convince him that Mexico would be a too exotic a place for
us and less interesting for the trip. He seemed quite determined to go to Mexico and
completely adamant to listen to my reasons. After an hour’s argument, frustration and
disagreement I told him that I would in no way tour to Mexico. My friend insisted me
that we should have an unusual tour and unfamiliar experience from this tour. I admitted
that his opinion was reasonable but we should value other friends’ opinion before
fighting each other. When he kept on arguing, I became angry and more frustrated and
left his house that day.
After returning home I felt a bit ashamed to quarrel over such a silly issue with my friend
when I could have easily fixed that in a much calmer way. I texted him at night and asked
him to meet me next evening. I also informed other friends who were willing to take part
in the tour and we had a much friendlier discussion at that time. One of the friends
proposed that we take the tour in Australia where he has his relatives and friends. He also
proposed that we should talk to our parents about our destination and should not fix that
until our parents give their opinions and consent.

This friend was B and his idea and explanation were something we could not refute. Thus
the disagreement ended and we finally had our tour in Australia!


There are many reasons why I think the teaching are both worth-taking and hopeful. First
of all, as a teacher, I can learn more and more thing. Especially, if i teach history or
English, for example, I have to read many book to make my teaching lesson more
attractive. Preparing my teaching lesson will give me a lot of pleasure. As I prepare them,
I can learn many things about world and its affairs, past and present. I also learn more
about people around us as well as those who are thousands of mile away in different land
across the oceans. Futher, I learn more and more new words and phrases which help me
to express my own thoughts and feeling better. Besides, I have to practise speaking well
so my pupils will understand my teaching lecture. By this way, I can improve my ability
of communication and my pronunciation.

Secondly, the work of teachers makes me sympathetic and considerate towards others. I
am very helpful to my pupils who need advices and guidances, and not critical fofr those
who commit offences for mistake out of ignorance or necessity. Thus, this job helps me
to speak and conduct myself with confidence and dignity which earn me the respect and
admiration of others. I think it is very great.

To sum up, there are many interest and benefit of being a teacher. I trust hope that my
passion and attempt will help me do my dream.


I would like to tell you about Madrid, the city I want to live in the most in the future. It is
the capital city of Spain. The most important reason I wish to settle down in Madrid is
its characteristics. First, the weather is great and healthy lifestyle, in 2019, Spain is the
healthiest country in the world, as well as other factors like the environment, so I
certainly notice and love this change in our lifestyle when I live there. Next is friendly
people, Spanish people are welcomingm, maybe not every single one of them, but as a
whole, they are helful, from which it could be easy for me to blend in when they always
be welcome us into their community. And last is the rich of culture and history for many
years. That are the reasons why.


Spanish is the official language in over 20 countries around the world. So it'll open
doors whether you want to work, travel or live abroad. And I have always dreamed of
visiting Mexico, Spain, Dominican Republic, or another Spanish-speaking country and
want to be able to speak to the locals in their own language when I do. Unfortunately,
Spanish is not taught much here, if I want to learn then I have to go to HCM city and that
is definitely a bold decision. Beside, it enhances my travel experiences by the ability to
speak Spanish. While it is perfectly possible to enjoy a holiday in a Spanish-speaking
country without a knowledge of the language, it will restrict where I can go and who I
can communicate with. Finally, I think that I could work or study abroad with Spanish,
Getting out of my comfort zone and spending prolonged periods in an overseas country
can help me to develop professionally and personally.


Recently, I read a novel called TỚ LÀ DÂU The title of the book is really funny and
attractive. In fact, the book is written by Joe Ruelle- a young man come from Canada,
and now he is an idol of Vietnamese young people. One especial thing makes me fall for
that book is the language. Joe is the foreign people, not Vietnamese. Nevertheless, he
wrote book in Vietnamese with very Vietnamese style. Every letter, every paragraph... is
written with especial way by Joe- a foreign person, but when reading that book, no one
can image every letter in the book is written by one person that is not Vietnamese.
I like the book when I read it in the first times – when my best friend lent me. After that, I
immediately went to the bookshop and bought one for myself. “Tớ là Dâu” is not
autobiography of Joe. That book is accorded to Joe’s blog, he wrote about simple and
usual story he met during the time he live in Vietnam. Maybe about behavior of
Vietnamese to ‘Tây”-foreign people, or eating and drinking culture of Vietnam….
The language he uses is teen, like speaking language of Vietnamese teen. After reading
that book I find that Joe is the one who is very intelligent, funny, attractive,… he knows a
lot about Vietnamese culture that many Vietnamese do not know. I admire of him, and
his book is the most favorite book in my bookcase.


The environmental situation of our country will become more serious and that will make
our lives lower. The cause is still human. Overfishing, We are overfishing our oceans at
an alarming rate and choking them with plastic and other pollutants. Deforestation
“Every year millions of hectares of pristine tropical rainforest are lost for the production
of beef, soy, timber and palm oil. Wildlife trade

, Plastic pollution, Polar ice cap melting, it is warming over twice as fast as the global

“Nature is our life support system and without it our lives on this earth would be
impossible and unimaginable. We have to stop seeing the natural world as something to
be exploited and taken for granted. Nature matters to all of us. It stilll no too late to
recover. We need to put more value on our natural assets and stop destroying our
precious planet.