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Leadership Portfolio


 to reflect on personal deportment, views, aspirations and philosophy

 to provide an overview of professional journey
 to identify and provide plausible justification of own leadership style/s
 to present a holistic narrative of Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and Values (KSAV) as a


You may follow the following guide contents. However, you may also be creative and use unique
ways of presenting your leadership narrative.

 Leadership Philosophy/ Leadership Credo

 Vision and Mission in Life
 Guiding Principles/ Core Values
 Leadership Journey
o personal experiences (life stages, family, friends, etc)
o profession/ career
 work experiences
 relationship with colleagues, supervisors and subordinates (People)
 workload and time management
 strategies on utilization of available resources (Peso)
 delegation of tasks, organization of group ideas, management of people
and resources (Power)
o extra and co-curricular activities
o awards and commendations
 Reflection on own leadership style/s
o How would you describe your leadership style/s? Provide justifications.
o Describe the most critical decisions you made that brought remarkable impact in
your life and/ or your organization.
o What are the things that you have accomplished towards the realization of your
leadership philosophy?
o What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do you manage the latter?
o What are your future strategic plans for your organization?