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Environmental autobiography reflection

Our environment affects us in either direct or indirect way. There

are many potential environmental influences that help to shape
personality. We absorb the effects from what we see, hear, learn
and experience in the surroundings. The setting and qualities of
place, where one lives, has a potential of insisting as well as
distracting for doing some task.
For any individual, the first and fundamental place of affiliation is
his/her birthplace. I was born in the Tughalpur village situated in
district Narowal. This village was very beautiful and captivating
due to its vast landscapes and lush green fields. I with my siblings
spend there all the day playing different games. When we get tired,
we used to take some rest by sitting on the grass. We had no fear of
insects crawling through the grass leaves. There were fields of
watermelon and sugarcane where I with my cousins often go very
keenly. I loved plucking fruits and vegetables.
Our house was made of mud. It had large and spacious courtyard.
Lovely rose beds grown in the courtyard presented an alluring site
for any person entering the house. Such environment provided me
ample interaction with nature. I had a strong affiliation with a
banyan tree and mulberry flourished at the corner of house. Even
till today I feel the happiness which I had cherished in the past. I
with my siblings played different games like swings under banyan
tree. This tree was a source of our companionship and cravings.
That natural terrain inadvertently created a sense of appreciation
for nature in me. My other favorite place was lake where we often
relished afternoons. Feeling the fresh and cool water flowing
through the hands developed esthetic sense in my personality.
There were matt textured stones of different colors beautiful to see
and touch their surface. The importance of this space during my
childhood days have had a great impact in my current lifestyle as I
enjoy taking long walks in serene environments where in most
instances the memories of my teenage days keep on re-appearing.
Aristotle truly said,
“Here and elsewhere we shall not obtain the best insight into things
until we actually see them growing from the beginning.”
Spending my early life in rural area provided me a ground base for
exploring the nature in ongoing life. Personally, the profound
importance of nature in the middle-childhood years has contributed
greatly to the current individual I am today. For me, the most
appealing source of entertainment is to hear the soft sound of the
birds, rattle of the breeze, sound of running fresh air, sound of
running water in the river, in the early morning. It brings
happiness, which is a fundamental and powerful medicine that aids
health and wellbeing. Most of us live in urban areas, in busy cities
where nature is tamed and does not take an important place in daily
However, nature is more than just a place we can visit during our
holidays or weekends. Nature is our origin and the place where all
our subtle needs for beauty, mystery, and adventure are met.
Nature holds many gifts for us if we prove willing to explore its
magnificent diversity.
When we transferred to Lahore, I missed my village a lot for many
months. Gradually I adapted myself in the urban environment to
some extent and started school education. After the home and
nature, school played a big part in polishing my personality. In this
place, I learned basic ethics of sitting with people. Interaction with
teachers and class fellows in class room helped me to adjust in the
new atmosphere. As we learn about our essential self through the
things we love and are drawn to so I also found a quiet place in
school ground to spend my breaktime more keenly. The area I did
seek out felt like my own little secret area away from the world.
Today, I am studying in university while I have acknowledged the
good and bad points of urban life. The flaw of city life which I
daily face is pollution. Pollution of noise, land and air is silently
taking us towards destructive and killing environment. I find my
mind puzzled up when I see the collection of garbage placed
everywhere in the streets. The foul smell of garbage disturbs every
person’s mental health. Traffic pollution, we face daily, panics our
daily plans and goals. I feel mental agony while walking through
the streets. This situation demands to take some effective action for
we may get mental peace. Every single day, I determine to refine
this restlessness arising in minds. But such problems cannot be
addressed efficiently without the cooperation of state and state is
not serious about this.
Upon observing these environmental issues I realized the vitality
of psychology field as both study area and profession. The
incompatibility of mine and other people in dealing with the
everyday stresses compelled me to choose this subject as my
passion. Today we consider the environment itself as the reason
behind intrapersonal and interpersonal problems but we don’t think
that actual reason is a man himself creating that environment.
Messy environment, sewage problems, air pollution, noisy streets
and as a result boring minds, annoying persons and unrealistic
moods represent a restless society in search of peace. I feel myself
in a dilemma when I see people throwing debris at public places
and further they do not feel any shame doing such unhealthy act.
This irresponsible behavior which is ordinary for people lead
towards environmental hazards like global warming and acid rain.
Now a days, it is normal for any person to show anger and
obsession due to their hostility with environment
I like to study about the interplay between people and their
environment. I want to seeking the understanding how and why
our environment impacts us, how we can leverage that knowledge
to our advantage, and what we can do to improve our relationship
with the world around us. There is an intense need of exploring the
natural reservoirs of tranquility and calmness so that we may
produce interactive and engaging environments. This reservoir
exists in our inner selves, we only need to explore it with the help
of nature. There is always a positive side towards something
negative and thus we can dominate positivism in our surroundings.
To bring this positive change in my environment I chose
Psychology as my passion and profession.