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Describing celebrations and special occasions

around the world
A. Richard wants to travel. He is reading a website about celebrations around
the world. Read the following article he is interested in. It will help you
learn how to describe celebrations.
Fuente: SENA

Considering all this diversity, Richard decided to make his own list of
celebrations around the world to select the next country he is going to visit.
These are the options he has.

Country Celebration Description

Carnival in Rio de The biggest parade in the world. Samba schools

Janeiro. prepare performances and costumes.

Oktoberfest in
Germany The biggest beer celebration in the world.

People dance and celebrate, they wear costumes. It is

China Chinese New Year.
full of fireworks.

This holiday commemorates the arrival of

USA Saint Patrick’s day. Christianity to Ireland. Everything is green from clothes
to food.

Spain La tomatina in Buñol. People throw tomatoes to each other just for fun.
People throw colorful powder to commemorate a new
India Holi.
season. It is celebrated in spring.

Black and White It is a cultural celebration which merges religion, history

Carnival in Pasto. and art.

When you want to describe a celebration, it is important to keep in mind the

following aspects:

Aspects Vocabulary Examples

Festival, carnival, parade, mass, This holiday commemorates the

What is celebrated.
holiday. arrival of Christianity to Ireland.

Costumes, hats, scarves, gloves,

What people wear. They wear costumes.
boots, glasses.

Sing, dance, swim, throw, drink, eat, People throw tomatoes at each other
What people do.
play. just for fun.

Why it is a special The most important, the biggest, the

The biggest parade in the world.
celebration. most colorful, the most famous.

The most common celebrations around the world are shown in the next


January February March April

New Year Valentine’s Day St. Patrick’s Day Holy Week

May June July August

Mother’s Day Father’s Day Festival of San Fermin La Tomatina

September October November December

International Peace Day Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas


Let’s practice how to talk about celebrations:

 When is Christmas celebrated? It is celebrated in December.

 What is celebrated in June? Father’s day is celebrated.
 When is Valentine’s Day celebrated? It is celebrated on February 14th.

When you talk about specific dates use the preposition on. When you talk
about dates using only the month, use the preposition in.


 International Peace Day is celebrated on September 21st.

 Holly Week is celebrated in April.

B. Johana’s birthday was a family event. Her family decided to celebrate her
birthday with a surprise party. Richard took photos and uploaded them to his
social network. Read Richard’s status and his friends posts that will help you
to learn how to describe special occasions.