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In consideration of Hong Leong Investment Bank (“HLIB”) agreeing to allow me to sign on as a

Value Trade client of HLIB, I covenant and undertake with HLIB as follows:

1. These terms and conditions are applicable to Value Trade clients only. “Value Trade” is a
preferential trading arrangement which allows the client to trade up to the limit of Available Funds
(as defined in paragraph 5 below) in its Client’s Accounts at a lower brokerage fee as may be
advised by HLIB from time to time. By signing below, I agree to be a Value Trade client and abide
by the terms and conditions herein. For the avoidance of doubt, the terms herein shall be in
addition to all the terms and conditions as set out in the Application For Opening of HLeBroking
Trading Account (“the Master Terms”); in the event of inconsistency between the terms here in and
the Master Terms, the terms and conditions herein shall take precedence.

2. I hereby agree that all monies which have been deposited into my Client’s Accounts shall be
dealt with in accordance with the provisions herein and in the Master Terms.

3. HLIB shall credit my Client’s Accounts and give value to the payment or deposit made into that
account, but only after:

(a) I have either:

(i) updated the payment webpage with the correct and complete details, or

(ii) notified HLIB via telephone of such payment and HLIB has reconciled my Client’s
Accounts based on the details provided; and

(b) any cheque or other deposits paid to HLIB in respect of my Client’s Accounts has cleared.

4. I hereby authorise HLIB to credit all proceeds due to me on the settlement of any sale order for
all or any of my shares, stocks or securities at any time, into my Client’s Accounts and agree that
such proceeds shall thereafter form part of the Available Funds and shall be dealt with in the same
manner as all other monies in my Client's Accounts. In respect of outstanding purchase contracts
executed under this Value Trade arrangements, HLIB shall be entitled to pay to themselves out of
monies in my Client’s Accounts the purchase price and transaction costs at the end of the day
which is two (2) market days from the day the relevant purchase contract was executed.

5. “Available Funds” shall mean the sum of monies standing to the credit of my Client’s Accounts
and available for the purposes of any transaction with or via HLIB as may from time to time be
calculated or determined by HLIB. Without prejudice to HLIB’s rights of calculation and
determination aforesaid, I agree and acknowledge that all amounts earmarked for my purchase of
any shares, stocks or securities (inclusive of the purchase price as well as the transaction costs
payable) shall be deducted from and shall not form part of the Available Funds in calculating the
available limit for my trades.

6. I undertake forthwith upon demand and on a full indemnity basis to pay to and indemnify HLIB
for all losses, liabilities, damages, interest, costs, expenses and charges sustained or incurred by
HLIB in connection with the operation of my Client's Accounts and my trading activities.

7. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, in the event any of my purchase order for
any shares, stocks or securities has been executed and it is thereafter discovered that the
aggregate of the purchase price and the transaction costs payable by myself in connection with
that purchase order is greater than the Available Funds (the excess shall be known as the
“Excess”) for any reason whatsoever, including any errors or omissions on the part of HLIB in
calculating the Available Funds and my trading limits, I hereby undertake to pay to HLIB the
Excess in immediately available funds forthwith on the same day of notification from HLIB failing
which, without prejudice to all its rights and remedies, HLIB shall be entitled to charge and impose
on me the normal brokerage rate chargeable for the execution of purchase orders for a normal
trading account in respect of that purchase order and I shall be liable to pay brokerage to HLIB at
the said rate in respect of that purchase order.

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