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Sr No Association Name City

1 Ahmedabad Management Association Ahmedabad

2 Ahmedabad Textile Industry Research Association Ahmedabad
3 Air Force Association New Delhi
4 All India Cosmetic Manufacturer Association Mumbai
5 All India Cottonseed Crushers Association Mumbai
6 All India Induction Furnaces Association ( AIIFA ) New Delhi
7 All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association (AIIGMA) New Delhi
8 All India Management Association New Delhi
9 All India Meat & Livestock Exporters Association (AIMLEA) Mumbai
10 All India Medical and Engineering Colleges Association Chennai
11 All India Photographic Trade & Industry Association Mumbai
12 All India Rubber Industries Association Mumbai
13 Aluminium Association of India Bangalore
14 Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI) New Delhi
15 Association of Indian Universities New Delhi
16 Association of Man-Made Fibre Industry Of India Mumbai
17 Association of National Exchanges Members of India (ANMI), New Delhi
18 Association of State Road Transport Undertakings New Delhi
19 Automotive Research Association Of India Pune
20 Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) New Delhi
21 Bihar Industries Association Patna
22 Blind Peoples Association Ahmedabad
23 Bombay Goods Transport Association Mumbai
24 Builders Association of India Mumbai
25 Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association Hyderabad
26 Cardamom Planters Association College Theni
27 Cement Manufacturers Association Noida
28 Central India Coal Dealers Association Nagpur
29 Cold Storage Association,Bihar Patna
30 Cold Storage Association,Madhya Pradesh Indore
31 Computer And Media Dealers Association Pune
32 Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers Association of I New Delhi
33 Electrical Research & Development Association (ERDA) Vadodara
34 Electronic Industries Association of A.P. Hyderabad
35 Family Planning Association of India Mumbai
36 Fragrances & Flavours Association of India Mumbai
37 Goa State Industries Association Goa
38 Hyderabad Management Association Hyderabad
39 India Electronics and Semiconductor Association Bangalore
40 Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS) Kolkata
41 Indian Banks Association Mumbai
42 Indian Biogas Association Gurgaon
43 Indian Diesel Engine Manufacturers Association New Delhi
44 Indian Jute Mills Association Kolkata
45 Indian Olympic Association New Delhi
46 Indian Printing Packaging and Allied Machinery ManufacturersNoida
47 Indian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association New Delhi
48 Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association(IPPTA) Saharanpur
49 Indian Pump Manufacturers Association (IPMA) Ahmedabad
50 Indian Pump Manufacturers Association (IPMA) Ahmedabad