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BrainCo Partners with World Class Athletes on Neuroscience Training

Somerville, MA, November 20, 2019 --( BrainCo is proud to announce its partnerships with
world-class athletes Jessica Lucero and Christian Lucero. Jessica is a two time Pan American Champion
and a 3x American Record Holder, 4x National Champion and a member of the United States
Weightlifting Team. Christian is a CrossFit Game regional athlete, and 18th Fittest Man alive. Jessica and
Christian have been using BrainCo's cutting edge platform FocusFit to prepare themselves to perform at
the highest level during competitions around the world. Jessica has competed in the Pan American
Games, World Games, and she is working toward the 2020 USA Olympic Team. Christian has been apart
of countless CrossFit events and finished 13th in Dubai CrossFit Championships and current is the creator
and director of Pardon Me podcast.

BrainCo's FocusFit platform has had the privilege to be incorporated into these World Class athletes'
daily routines. Jessica and Christian look to get stronger physically every day, but to be an elite athlete, it
requires more than that. Preparing to win is not only about fitness; it is about mental toughness. With
FocusFit, Jessica and Christian are overcoming the hurdles ahead with a stronger mental resolve going
into anything and overcoming everything.

Jessica said it best, "It is my coach's job to get my body ready. It is my job to get my mind ready." We
have all experienced a time when we are trying to perform at our very best, but something is hindering
this performance. FocusFit with BrainCo's Focus1 neuroscience wearable is designed to you get into the
zone. Sports psychology content, focus, and meditation training are combined with real-time brainwave
feedback to help athletes prepare to perform at their best.

The road to success is paved with ups and downs to become a champion; it is about getting up and
pushing yourself to do more. Jessica and Christian use that mentally to perform at the very top level.
BrainCo is thrilled that Jessica and Christian are apart of the BrainCo family. At BrainCo, they know
Jessica and Christian will keep doing amazing things in and out of the gym. BrainCo is proud to be apart
of their journey.

Learn more about FocusFit on BrainCo's website:

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