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What is Marketing? What it is and how

it works

Marketing is the process of getting potential clients or customers interested in

your products and services. The key word in this definition is
"process"; marketing involves researching, promoting, selling, and distributing
your products or services.
This discipline centers on the study of market and consumer behaviors and it
analyzes the commercial management of companies in order to attract, acquire
and retain customers (hopefully instilling brand loyalty) by satisfying their wants
and needs.
The 4 Ps of Marketing
According to E. J. McCarthy, the 4 Ps of Marketing is a simple formula for
identifying and working with the essential elements of your marketing strategy.
 Product. Having a product is key and is, consequently, the root of all
things marketing. In this sense, a product would be anything that a company
could offer consumers which might satisfy a need. The best thing to do is to
decide on your product or service based both on the needs and motivations of
consumers and how the product would benefit the consumer; not so much on
the object’s physical characteristics or attributes.

 Place. Strategic merchandising locations can be anything from an online store

(ecommerce) to a channel of physical stores across multiple towns and
countries. The goal of the distribution strategy is to enable potential clients to
have easy access to products/services, as well as offer a good company
experience throughout the purchasing process.

 Price. How we price our products and services is an extremely important

decision within the marketing strategy; this factor affects other factors such as:

o The margin we hope to obtain.

o What target market do we want to present ourselves to? What purchasing

power do our consumers have? Do we want to enter into the luxury market
or bet on the mass market?

o A company's financial goals.

o How does the competition price their products and what possible product
substitutes are there?

o Trends and fads.

o Increased price in order to give a better perception of quality.

 Promotion. This refers to all the marketing and communication actions we

carry out in order to diffuse the benefits and characteristics of our product or
service within the market. This is how we increase sales.

Cyberclick’s view on marketing

Marketing is any strategy or action which can help a company achieve their
goals, increase their sales and profits and/or have an improved brand perception.

Here at Cyberclick, we live and breathe marketing and advertising; it’s in our
Furthermore, we are experts in attracting users to our clients' websites or landing
pages through means of marketing acquisition.

Cyberclick is a performance marketing agency. We analyze each new project we

get and, if we see it viable, we can ensure certain results according to a client’s
goals. You might be thinking, “what’s so special about performance marketing?”
The special thing is that a client only pays when results are achieved!

How can we help you?

We will assess how to best optimize your digital marketing strategy and how to
best distribute your budget across all channels.
 We keep track of everything and exceed expectations.

 We have an analytic vision and react in the shortest possible time.

 Always testing. We guarantee the best impact by thoroughly studying each

campaign and/or ad, carrying out multiple tests (in order to find which factors
work best) and continually optimizing your digital marketing plan.

 We will increase the number of users who are happy with both your company
and the experience they have had with you.

 Thanks to technology and artificial intelligence, we continually analyze results

in real time.

Hopefully all of this information has helped you to organize your ideas, get to
know marketing a bit better, and to see how Cyberclick views digital marketing.
Furthermore, the following points are marketing concepts to make sure to keep in
 Digital Marketing: digital marketing is the discipline of marketing which
focuses on developing a strategy solely within the digital environment.
 Direct Marketing: direct marketing is a type of campaign based on direct and
two-way communication that seeks to trigger a result by a specific audience.
 Email Marketing: Email Marketing is one of the most profitable and effective
techniques in terms of return. Naturally, it consists of sending emails to your
audience, therefore, make sure to also define your segments well.
 Mobile Marketing: Mobile Marketing is a broad concept which brings together
all marketing campaigns and actions focused exclusively on mobile platforms
(i.e. smartphones and tablets).
 Viral Marketing: Having something go viral is every company’s dream. Viral
Marketing is like a virus; it wildly spreads from one person to the next and is
capable of going incredibly far.
 Performance Marketing: Performance Marketing is a methodology which
applies various marketing methods and techniques which guarantees
advertisers that they only have to pay for achieved results.
Don’t forget that the most important step still remains: start
your own marketing strategy! If you’re looking to launch (or relaunch) a new
product or service, we have much to offer you. Moreover, we would be thrilled to
be your expert partner designated to help you attract visits, fully optimize your
campaigns and get the best ROI!