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1.1. Background
Education is one form of embodiment of human culture that is dynamic
and full of development. Therefore, changes or developments in education are
things that are supposed to happen in line with changes in the culture of life.
Changes in the meaning of improving education at all levels need to be
continuously carried out in anticipation of future interests (Trianto, 2009:1).

The role of mathematics in the purpose of education is to prepare students

to be able to deal with changing conditions that always develop through training
in critical, rational and careful thinking and can use the mathematical mindset
both in learning various sciences and in everyday life.

Given the important role of mathematics in the process of improving the

quality of Indonesian human resources, efforts to improve the quality of learning
mathematics require serious attention.

Mathematical reasoning plays an important role in knowing and doing

mathematics, with reasoning abilities that students can solve problems in daily life
both inside and outside of school. Mathematics and reasoning are two things that
cannot be separated, namely mathematical material understood through reasoning
and reasoning can be understood and trained through learning mathematical
material. Students can think and reason a mathematical problem if they can
understand the mathematical problem. A way of looking at students about
mathematical problems also influences the pattern of thinking about the solution
to be done. Besides because mathematics is a science that is understood through
reasoning, but also because one of the objectives of mathematics learning is so
that students are able to use reasoning on patterns and traits, make mathematical
manipulations in generalizing, compiling evidence, or explaining mathematical
ideas and statements.

1.2. Identification of Problem

Based on the background of the problems stated above, several problems
can be identified as follows :
1. The learning model that is applied is still less effective and varied.
2. Lack of student involvement in the learning process.
3. The students' mathematical reasoning ability in mathematics learning is
still lacking.

1.3. Purpose Of Experiment

1. To Know the Mathematical Reasoning Ability of Labuhan Deli 1
Public Middle School students
2. To complete Mini Research assignments in Algebra Skruktur courses
1.4. Operational Definition
The operational definition in this study is:
Mathematical reasoning ability is the ability to submit suspicions, perform
mathematical manipulations, and draw conclusions, compile evidence, provide
reasons or evidence of solutions on the subject set.