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New Research Doubts Columbus’ Italian Citizenship

Newly published research aims to validate Columbus as a blue-blood descendant of Slavic Royalty,
not Italian.

Washington, DC, November 22, 2019 --( This Saturday, The Kosciuszko Foundation will host
an event that aims to overturn historical concepts of who Christopher Columbus was. For the longest
time, conventional wisdom held that Columbus was a citizen of Genoa, the son of a humble weaving
peasant who came to Portugal to challenge, not only the social classes and the political powers of his
time, but also the dark abyss of seafaring ignorance as well, and in so doing, presented Europe to a New
World, hidden since the beginning of time.

Manuel Rosa's latest book, "Portugal e o Segredo de Colombo" (Portugal and the Secret of Columbus),
expounds these long-held “truths” no longer hold water. Summarizing 28 years of research, "Portugal e o
Segredo de Colombo" is Rosa's eighth book on the topic and his follow-up to, "Columbus, the Untold
Story" (Independent Press Award winner in 2016), which soared to bestseller status in Portugal earlier
this year, topping the non-fiction sales list for months.

The Kosciuszko Foundation has invited Mr. Rosa to present some of his research this Saturday,
November 23, in a lecture, titled, "Columbus Was Not Italian - New Evidence Proves He Was Slavic

The presentation claims to provide historical evidence that Columbus was a noble Prince and a member
of the Lithuanian Jagiellonian Dynasty. As far-fetched as this claim may seem, Mr. Rosa, who is a PhD in
History Candidate at the University of the Azores, says, “This documented and DNA proof is solid
enough to convince the skeptics. None of this does more than hint at the great variety of evidence
gathered through Rosa's my research and keen analysis that's now poised to demolish the old 'Columbus,'
setting in his place an infinitely better focused and more believable - yet even more stupendous - figure.”

Mr. Rosa continues, “My research shows that Columbus married a noble and elite member of the
Portuguese Military Order of Santiago, long before fame, and his father-in-law was a Knight and Captain
from the Portuguese high nobility, a marriage that, as historians know, negates his peasant extraction.”

What: Columbus lecture and book signing

Where: Kosciuszko Foundation, 2025 O St. NW, Washington, DC 20036
When: Saturday, November 23 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm

Event is Free and Open to the Public.

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