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Mavericks Renewable Energy and San Benito Hemp Campus Team Up to

Create the First Carbon Negative Microgrid

San Benito, CA, November 22, 2019 --( San Benito Hemp Campus has over 300,000 square
feet of seed production, secure storage, curing, processing and hemp facility in San Benito County,
California. Opening in 2020, San Benito Hemp Campus will be the largest vertically integrated hemp
processing facility in the United States.

San Benito Hemp Campus will provide high quality feminized seed and seedlings with high CBD, CBG
and other rare cannabinoids, as well as storage, curing, processing and extraction services.

Mavericks Renewable Energy will be providing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to San Benito Hemp
Campus that will allow energy at a lower cost than PG&E while also providing all capital for the energy
project. The scalable microgrid will utilize energy storage, solar, CoGen and waste to energy technology.

“Mavericks is very excited to be working with San Benito Hemp Campus to create the world's first
carbon negative microgrid. Decentralized energy is the future of the grid here in the US as well as the rest
of the world. The cell phone industry disrupted the telecom industry and we believe scalable community
microgrids will do the same to the power industry. The centralized power industry is a $1.4 trillion
market built on antiquated technology. It is time for a change.” - Bill Shevlin, CEO, Mavericks
Renewable Energy

“At the San Benito Hemp Campus we believe hemp can be transformative to medicine and food as well
as manufacturing, and that sustainability comes first. When considering how to power our facility,
creating a carbon negative microgrid makes sense from an ecological, economic and community basis.
We want to create enough clean energy to power our facility, but also provide additional power capacity
to the community. It has become apparent PG&E can't provide the services communities in California
need. As a good community member, we want to support our local community with power and jobs.” -
Lance McAlpine, President, San Benito Hemp Campus

The microgrid will utilize waste to energy technology that creates electricity, heat, water and biochar as a
biproduct. The biochar can be utilized as a soil supplement that can sequester up to 20 pounds of CO2 per
1 pound of biochar produced.

An incubator / accelerator program for hemp-based products will be located at the campus to support
innovation and acceleration of hemp-based products such as medicine, food products, nutraceuticals,
building materials, bioplastic, biofuels and other future hemp based products.

The campus will have all electric vehicles and equipment so that the entire process utilizes climate
positive technologies. When the vehicles are driven, they will pull CO2 from their air from the electricity
they use.

Phase 2 plans include housing for employees to provide sustainable, affordable, climate positive

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construction and living.

The Mavericks Renewable Smart Grid Platform will certify that all products manufactured at the San
Benito Hemp Campus create a positive impact for the environment by removing CO2 from the
atmosphere as part of its manufacturing process. Each product will be verified for its positive impact to
the environment.

About San Benito Hemp Campus

The San Benito Hemp Campus is a vertically integrated hemp facility in Northern California that utilizes
cutting-edge technology to produce efficacious hemp products for a growing global market. Core pillars
include transparency, sustainability and purity with a proprietary “seed to oil” production method. The
SBHC offers the highest quality hemp products, including pharmaceutical grade CBD and CBG oil.

Lance McAlpine

About Mavericks Renewable Energy

Mavericks Renewable Energy is leading the industry in Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative Microgrids
and the transformation of grid infrastructure. Mavericks has experience in Distributed Energy Resources
and Microgrid projects in residential, multi-residential, retail, commercial, industrial, and controlled
environmental agriculture.

Mavericks Energy as a Solution Platform includes carbon neutral and carbon negative technologies that
reduce CO2 and climate impacts while also increasing the intelligence of the microgrid and building
systems. The integrated IoT grid controls offer real time data for energy storage, energy production, EV
charging, building environment and more.

Bill Shevlin

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