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Jesus A.

Business and Marketing

3729 Longmeadow Way,

Fort Worth TX, 76133


An organized and quick learner with great marketing skills and desire to learn and to gain more
experience. Seeking the chance to utilize my existing skills sets to increase the company profitability.

Tarrant County College, So Good Donuts- Cashier
Associates Degree for 2019- Present
Computer Science The ability in how a store runs with just one person in by keeping up
the costumers and the product at the same time. In how you must do
In the process in majoring in certain number of things at the same time to keep the business
Computer Science and going. By attending the costumer with everything they need.
minoring in Business and
Marketing. Agape Baptist Church- Child Care
The opportunity to give kids life tips and to teach them about what is
right and wrong. By giving them lectures and activities about the
bible. Keeping them entertained and supervising them will they are in

KEY SKILLS — Activities

Strong Oral and
communication skills.

Bilingual with Spanish.

2014: Car Wash Donations for Agape Baptist Church Summer Camp.
Experience with Excel and
PowerPoint. 2014: Apartment Event for Kids Agape Baptist Church
Teamwork Skills 2017: Giving food to the Homeless by Agape Baptist Church.
Time Management 2018: Helped at a Nursing Home with the United Club.
Highly Organized


Creative Thinking Skills

Marketing Manager McAfee
5000 Headquarters Dr,
Plano, TX 75024

Marketing Intern (Part-Time/ Fall)

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to apply for the position of Partner Marketing Intern at the corporate headquarters in Plano. I
have currently been studying at Tarrant County College majoring in Computer Science with a minor in
Business and Marketing. I greatly understand how the creative and technical side of marketing in today’s
society. By launching your product of cyber security on to another level of services of new improvements.

I admire how McAfee helps other business and consumers with their cyber security systems from viruses,
malware and other threats. In how this company has one goal of shaping the company’s future by
designing and by providing the best cyber security solutions. That is why security and protection is more
important in today’s cyber environments.

With my couple of years of experience in how to run a small business by myself and my minor in
Business and Marketing I am willing to lead this marketing team with better improvements and with a
better revenue by reviewing the ROI budget by justifying the budget. Most importantly but to improve
with new ideas in how to increase activation and new channels by ensuring new changes and
improvements for the company.

With the history of what I have studied of marketing statics, and desire to learn all that can in the
marketing field. I am certain I would prove to be worthy addition to the already team at McAfee. Thank
you for the opportunity to apply, and I appreciate your consideration regarding the internship. Feel free to
contact me through via email or mobile. I look forward to hearing from McAfee Marketing team.


Jesus A. Gomez