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Subject English Language

Form 2 Uranus

Time 9.10 a.m – 10.40 a.m

Theme People and Culture (Lesson 22)

Topic Pak Pandir, the Village Fool

Focus Skill 5.0 Literature In Action

Complementary Skill 2.0 Speaking

Content Standards 5.1 Engage with, respond to and interpret a variety of

literary text types

2.1 Communicate information, ideas, opinions and feelings

intelligibly on familiar topics

Learning Standard
5.1.1 Explain in simple language connections between
characters, places, or events in texts and their own lives

2.1.2 Ask for and respond appropriately to simple


Learning Objectives At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to :

1. Pupils should be able to retell the story

Cross Curricular Elements Language

Teaching Materials Handout of the text.

Pre-made cardboard with illustration

Laminated pictures of the characters

Laminated sentences for students to rearrange

Coloured Pen

Pre Lesson

Activities : 1. Teacher enters the class and greet the students.

Teacher ask them about their condition.

2. Teacher shows two illustration.

i. Pre-Lesson

ii. Lesson Development

iii. Post-Lesson

3. Teacher then asks the students “What can you see from
the cover page of the books?”

Students possible answers:-

Pak Pandir
Kerbau - Buffalo
Gergasi – Giant

Teacher has to ask the student to translate their answers

to English language

4. Teacher then ask “ Based on these two books, who do

you think is the main character of both books?”

Students possible answers:-

Pak Pandir

5. Teacher then asks “Are you familiar with Pak Pandir ?”

Students possible answers:-

Yes / No
6. Teacher then explains that Pak Pandir was a character
in traditional Malay fable that was popular for its

6. Teacher then asks the students the meaning of fool.

“ Do you guys know the meaning of fool”

Students possible answers:-

Stupid / Don’t Know

7. Teacher then explain the meaning of fool.

8. Teacher conclude the pre lesson “Today we are going to

learn about Pak Pandir, the Village Fool, Let’s find out what
is Pak Pandir foolishness in this story”

9. Teacher then write the tittle of the text on whiteboard

“Pak Pandir, the Village Fool.”

10. Teacher also write the objectives of the lesson on the


At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to :

1. Pupils should be able to retell the story

Lesson Development

1. Teacher distributes the text to all students.

2. Teacher read the story in front of the class.

3. Teacher will then ask the students a few question about

the story to check the students understanding.

I. “ Did Pak Pandir manage to buy a buffalo?”

Students possible answer

II. “ What did Pak Pandir mistake the buffalo as?

Students possible answer

III. “ What did he exchange with to get the buffalo?”

Students possible answer
Gold Chain

IV. “ Whom did Pak Pandir invite to dinner?”

Students possible answer
The Bad Giant / The Good Genie
V. “What did Pak Pandir do when he realised the bad
giant intention? “
Students possible answer
Ask the Bad Giant to follow him to invite another family for

VI. “Did he knew that there’s a small hole in his boat?

If he knew why did he still use the boat”
Students possible answer
In order to save his family

VII. “Based on the story can you guys tell me the foolish
things that Pak Pandir did? “
Students possible answer
Exchange a gold chain with scythe
Invite Bad Giant for dinner.

7. Teacher then instruct the students for next activities.

‘Divide yourselves into four groups. I’ve prepared a jumbled

up story of Pak Pandir. As there are two section of the story,
two group will be doing about Pak Pandir and the buffalo
and another two group will be doing about Pak Pandir and
the Bad Giantt. In your group, i want you to rearrange the
story line. You should arrange your storyline on the given
cupboard and complete the puzzle. Your time limit is 5
minutes. Then you have to present your storyline in front of
the class’

8. Teacher then start the timer for 5 minutes.

9. Teacher walks around the class and helps students with


10. Once the timer goes off, proceed by saying

“Okay class, your time is up. Now, who wants to present


If there’s no any volunteer teacher will then pick any group

to present first.

11. Once the retell session is done, teacher will then

comment and disscuss about the story line.
Correct – no problem
Incorrect – teacher will explain the correct version.

“Good job. Give them a round of applause”

Post Lesson

1. Teacher will ask the students whether they enjoy the

2. Recap the story of Pak Pandir the Village fool.

3. Share the moral value of the story.

“ Don’t judge a book by its cover, even though Pak Pandir

was a fool , he managed to save his family from being eaten
by the Bad Giant by realising the Bad Giant intention’s
quicker than usual.

Differentiation Strategies

Teacher’s Reflection