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ICT60115 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology

ICTWEB505 – Develop Complex Web Page Layouts

Distance Learning Activity Week 5

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This Distance Learning Activity is due at the end of week 5 (Upload on Sunday by 11.55pm
via Distance Learning - Submission Point via Moodle).

What does the acronym WWW stand for?

 It stands for hypertext transfer protocol

What are the abbreviation of HTML and CSS? Explain. (No more than 100 Words)
 HyperText Markup language (HTML) is the primary language for building a
website. It is used to structure a web page and its content.
 Also describe as a simple language used to describe the logical structure of a
document, its can describe which text the browser should emphasize, which
text should be considered body text verses header among other functions
 CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) it is a style used to format and style the layout of
web pages to become user friendly. For example, it alters the fond size, colour,
creating spacing of your web content, animation among other styles on a web
What is a website made of? Refer to:
 Web Hosting Service
 Content Management System (CMS)
 Web pages,
 Images
 Videos or other digital assets that is hosted on one or more web servers,
usually accessible via the Internet

What are ‘Tags’ in HTML?

 Tags are hidden characters which are within a web page that display the content
and constituting formatted commands.
What do you need to make a webpage?
 JavaScript
List the tools used as per the Operating System. Refer to:
 Window Notepad
 TextEdit in Mac Os
Professionals editing tools
 C++ notepad
 Dreamweaver
 Microsoft visual basic studio
Write down the basic structure of an HTML document.
Refer to:
<TITLE>Welcome to website Development</TITLE>
<H2>User Friendly Website<H2>
<User Details=”COMMENTS”ROWS=4, COLS=40>Please describe
yourself</TEXT AREA>

For references, please refer to the links provided and the resources in the Moodle.