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Thank you so much for buying TAGG Inferno 2.

0 Earphone with Connecting with your Device: Common Problems and Solution:
Waterproof IPX-7 and Bluetooth 4.1 APT-X echo elimination Keep your Bluetooth Device with in 3 Ft. while Pairing. Mobile Can’t Find the Earphone:
technology. Our main goalis to please you with superior sound Press the Power button of TAGG Inferno 2.0 headset for 3 secs. Kindly restart your phone and the earphone.

quality and comfortcombined with convenience of hands free Blue and Red LED will blink anad it means that the headset is in
operation. Here is some useful piece of information that will help the pairing mode. There’s always noise and the Bluetooth keeps disconnecting:
you operate thisheadset properly. The Earphones needs to be charged.
Now search for Available bluetooth devices in your
--INFERNO 2.0-- Mobile/Laptop/iPad and select TAGG Inferno 2.0 from the list of Make sure you are not beyond the signal distance.
USER’S MANUAL available devices.
If prompted, enter password or PIN required “0000”. Bluetooth is connected but you are unable to listen to music:
Volume Button”-”/
Volume Button”+”/ Previous Song If prompted by your mobile phone to connect, click “YES”. Check your setting to adjust the sound to hands free.
Next Song
After Successfully connecting Blue LED will flash twice after Some mobiles required you to select the device twice.
every 4 secs. Some mobile devices do not have complete stereo Bluetooth
kindly connect the headset with another device to check if it is
How to Charge: functioning properly.
Power Button Connect to power using Micro USB. Bluetooth Password:
To better protect the battery life, kindly use only the charging “0000”
USB Port
cable provided with the headset < 5V, 100 mAH-240 mAH.
Allow 1-2 hours to completely charge the headset. Maximum Distance:
20 ft.
Power On Long Press the HOME for 3 secs While Charging - Red LED is On. Red LED is not ON while charging:
When completely charged - Blue LED is On. This could be due to lack of use of Headset. It needs to be
Power Off Long Press the HOME for 3 secs
When battery is low, Red LED blinks every four seconds twice charged for 30 min before the Red LED occurs.
In Pairing Mode Blue and Red LED will start Blinking
and the voice prompt will let you know that battery status.
When Connected Blue LED will Blink Pairing Mode- Blue and Red LED starts Flashing. Restore the Factory Setting:
Answer Call Short Press the HOME Button
To restore factory settings, hold the Power Button for about
Reconnect the Headset: three seconds when charging untill the red and blue LED
End Calls Short Press the HOME Button
If the connection is lost, TAGG Inferno 2.0 will try to reconnect flashes three times.
Change Track Long Press the Volume “ +” & “-”
Volume “+” & “-” Press the “+” & “-” Button If it does not reconnect, kindly press the Power button for 3 secs
Mic Volume Press the “+” & “-” button while on Call and reconnect manually through your mobile Bluetooth.
Accessories List: Safety Rules:
1 x TAGG Inferno 2.0 Headset Avoid Overcharging
1 x Charging Cable Do not keep the headset in closed and exposing to hot
3 x Silicon Ear Tips temperature.
1 x Cable Clip Never disassemble or modify your headset because of
1 x Carry Pouch any reason.
Make sure the device does not get wet.

All our earphone are completely covered by a 30 Days
Express Exchange Program and 12 Months Warranty on
Labor and parts defects. Thank you very much for choosing TAGG as your trusted brand of

Bluetooth Headset and sincerely hope you enjoy the great sound
Plus, we offer simply the best, 24 hrs customer support that and comfort TAGG provides. We love making our customers
will never rest until you are absolutely satisfied! happy by providing true value with our products. If for any reason
you are not completely satisfied with your purchase let us know
immediately and we will do anything to make sure you are happy.
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