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Palestrina Style

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Palestrina Style
Vol. I & II
Dvorak Academy Press
15th edition, 2012, 1315 pages
EUR 180.00 (excl. postage)*
ISBN: 978-89-967266-0-9

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Stampfenbachstrasse 52
CH - 8021 Zürich
Switzerland Dvorak Academy Press, 15th edition, 2012 EUR 180.00
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Maestro Young-Chul Choi

The Palestrina style is the style of polyphonic Young-Chul Choi majored in orchestration
vocal music as written by the 16th-century at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea and
Italian Renaissance composer Giovanni musicology at graduate school. After studying
Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594). One of Choral Music in America under the guidance
the most prolific composers of the late 16th of Robert Shaw, he went on to study Opera
century, Palestrina wrote 104 settings of the and orchestra conducting at the Hochschule
Mass, over 250 motets, Magnificats, other für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna,
sacred music, and some secular madrigals, Austria. He then went on to study as an
and his ultra-refined, carefully controlled and apprentice under Milteades Caridis. Since
well-ordered musical language style made then he has been instrumental in establishing
him a model for other composers from his own the Seouloratorio Choir in 1991, followed by
time to the present day. the Seouloratorio Orchestra and the Dvorak
Palestrina’s music is still regarded as the apotheosis of the polyphonic vocal
ideal of that era, a music that seeks to obtain a balance between melodic Currently he is the director of the Seouloratorio (Choir, Orchestra), the
independence and harmonic cooperation of individual voices. Dvorak Academy, and is a judge and steering committee member of the
internationally acclaimed “International Antonín Dvořák Vocal Competition”.
COUNTERPOINT - Palestrina Style Vol. I & II, Young-Chul Choi He is active as the Director of the “International Antonín Dvořák Composition
Competition”, seeking to discover and develop young and talented
Based on more than 160,000 model examples and extracts from composers. Many performers now active on the world stage have studied
the works of Palestrina and on pieces from his contemporaries, scientific directly under the tutelage of Young-Chul Choi.
methods and statistics have been applied in the analysis of the compositions,
through repeated verifications and revisions to finally arrive at this 15th edition. Over the past 32 years, Young-Chul Choi has tirelessly worked to discover
The books (Vol. I & II) consist of 48 chapters, 1315 pages, with the aim of the principles and rules governing music. This research has led to the
enabling self-educators and researchers to easily learn all the species of publication of two academically recognized textbooks, COUNTERPOINT -
counterpoint, based on cantus Palestrina Style (Vol. I & II) and Traditional Harmony. Young-Chul Choi stands
firmus and imitative counterpoint, recognized as a scholar who has invested tremendous effort in order to
homophonia, style transition, accurately and coherently describe Palestrina’s style of counterpoint.
coda and other counterpoint Young-Chul Choi has stood at the forefront of cultural and performance
styles. In addition to having exchanges with Europe and the Czech Republic and was awarded a medal in
all this material, the books 2005 from the Czech government for those contributions, in 2009 he received
delicately deliver crucial the Gratias Agit Award.
clues about how homophony
developed into polyphony. Young-Chul Choi has performed internationally with numerous performers
and orchestras, spurring the development of cultural exchanges between
East and West. His main focus consists of oratorio music and in particular to
Dvorak Academy Press, 15th edition
EUR 180.00 convey the works of Antonín Dvořák to a global audience. In addition his
ISBN: 978-89-967266-0-9 repertoire includes opera and symphony among many other musical styles.