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The procedure for installing of dowel is as described below.

1 Temporary Staging

1.1 For rock slope where instruction had been given to install dowel, temporary staging shall be erected
at the face of these slopes to provide access for the workers and portable mini drill set up to carry
out the work.

1.2 The staging shall be constructed using standard steel tubular scaffold tubes and to be secured with
standard fixed or swivel clamps. The staging shall be erected to the height where drilling for dowel
is required.

2. Setting Out Points.

2.1 The physical location for dowel shall be marked on the slope surface with spray paint in accordance
to construction drawings.

2.2 All these points shall be numbered for documentation purposes.

3. Drilling

3.1 Drilling equipment to be employed shall consist of:

a. Drilling mast and rods
b. Control panel
c. Hydraulic power pack
d. Air compressor
e. Down-the-hole hammer and button bit for drilling in rock.

3.2 The Portable hydraulic drill shall be assembled and secured on the prepared staging. The hole for
dowel shall be drilled using rotary drill. Appropriate bit and hammer (where necessary) shall be
fitted and a short test run conducted to ensure that the equipment has been assembled correctly,
properly secured and the necessary hydraulic and pneumatic power is available.

3.3 The diameter of the drilled hole shall be dowel diameter plus 25mm as specified. Drilling shall then
proceed. As drilling progresses, the drill hole shall be flushed periodically and extension rods added
until the drill hole has achieved the required depth. The flushing of the drilled hole shall be by
compressed air from an air compressor.

3.4 On completion of drilling and removal of drill bit, the hole shall be plugged to prevent entry of
foreign material.

3.5 Drilling record shall be maintained for every drill hole in the format as shown in the Appendix ‘DW’

4. Dowel Components

4.1 Reinforcement Type 1-Y25 (Grade 410) deformed bar shall be used as reinforcement bar.
4.2 Cement grout.

4.2.1 The cement grout used is grade 30 as specified in the drawing.

4.2.2 Trial Mix at site shall be carried out. The proposed water cement ratio is 0.45

5. Insertion of dowel reinforcement

5.1 The dowel reinforcement shall be inserted into the drilled hole in the same day as the drilling

5.2 The reinforcement shall be fitted with spacers before insertion into the drilled hole.

6. Grouting

6.1 The grouting operations shall be carried out within the same day as insertion of the reinforcement..

6.2 Hydraulic grout mixer shall be used to mix and prepare the cement grouts.

6.3 Water is measure in the mixer before the cement is added into the mixer. Usually the fix quantity of
water which water level is marked for 5 bags of cement is to be used for each mix.

6.4 The cement grout shall be used as soon as possible after completion of mixing the grout.

6.5 The cement grout shall be pumped into the drill hole through grouting hose from bottom upward
until the neat cement grout overflows.

6.6 Six nos of test cubes 100mm x 100mm shall be prepared for testing for each grouting day.

6.7 The cubes shall be tested at the specified period 7th and 28th days as required.

7. Records

7.1 Please refer Appendix ‘DW’ for the record format.