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Format of Serving Legal Notice to Bank


legal notice to bank

Legal notice to bank is served, if you have taken loan or motor vehicle from bank and you are short
of installment. Then do not take this situation easy. Why because bank officials now a day have
recovery procedure to follow. But, If they contact you and use threatening or immoral language then
don’t worry you can send legal notice to bank and tell them to face legal consequences.

Draft Of Legal Notice to Bank

A sample format of legal notice to bank has been provided here as example. Send legal notice if you
are also facing the same situation.


Manager, City Bank,

Adamjee Road,

Saddar Rawalpindi.

Subject:- LEGAL NOTICE to Bank


I have been instructed by my client SMR son of SAH resident of H. No. ___, _____ Bazaar, _____,
Rawalpindi to serve legal notice to bank which is you with the following legal notice.

That my client has been availed the facility of Personal Loan from you bank as a customer and he has
a good relationship with your bank as a customer and regularly paying the due installments at the
accurate time and day.

That only two installments of previous two months were not paid by my client due to the reason
behind his control.

That few days ago, a Telephonic Call from your No. ________ has been received by my client’s
residential telephone number, which was attended by his wife and in the other hand, a person
shown himself namely MI of your recovery department misbehaved with her and used to derogatory
language her and also abused her, which threatening attitude. The above person also used the
immoral language with my client’s wife. The said act of your official was brought into my knowledge,
when my client came back at home.

That my client called at the same number for inquiring the matter, the above namely person again
abused my client and used immoral and filthy language with my client and also threatened the dire
consequences to my client as well as his wife.

That my client is your regular customer and is a respectable citizen but the behavior of your official
with my client as well as his wife is totally immoral, rude and a personal insulting of my client.

That your said official have no concern whatsoever with my client and his family and he has no
authority under the law to call upon my client house and misbehaved and threatened his wife. The
Financial Recovery Ordinance 2001 has provided a procedure and manners to take action against the
any customer of any bank, if he committed any default. The act of your officials does not cover any
provisions and procedures provide in the said act, which is against the law and misuse of his official

That the behavior and act of your official badly damaged and harmed the mental torture and agony
to my client as well as his wife, for which my client has a right to initiate the proceedings under the
Defamation Ordinance 2002, Cr.P.C as well as right to initiate civil proceedings against your bank and
my client has also right to brought the said act of your official in the knowledge of your higher
officers of the Bank.

You are hereby inform through this legal notice to bank that a necessary action should be taken
against the officials, who badly effected the reputation of your bank and replied the said notice
within a 7 days of receipt of this legal notice, otherwise my client positively instructed me to initiate
legal proceedings against your bank as well as your said official.

Yours Sincerely,


Advocate High Court,

Office Address

Note:- A copy of this Legal Notice to bank has been retained in my office for further legal action.