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f5 1 y parallel important 2. Kva, current controlled in welding 4.

How battery rated, how circuit

breaker closes ,opens 5. Power measurement instruments 6. Iccp. Reverse power relay. Y provided.

alarms Ums systems 2.preferential tripping explanation. 3.high voltage

system cross questions. 4.shore connection system with precautions. 5.avr fault and trouble

Fun - 5

1. Iccp.

2. Continuity test, Megger, IR test.

3. Reverse power trip

4. Zener barrier ckt.

5. What's doping.

6. Insulation class

7. Acb Maintenance

8. Motor overhauling & what to checks in motor.

Electrical fn 5: many transformer onboard ship?

2.what type of alternator is onboard?

3.what is the difference between Gmdss battery and life boat battery?

4.where emergency gen situated onboard ship?

5.Emergency supply from emergency switchboard? main switch board and emergency switchboard connected? can u parallel ?


Reverse power Trip


steering motor

Intrinsically safe and diagram

Function 5 also What are the sequence of events when one of the two generators in parallel trips. He
asked what comes before reverse power trip.

Ranganathan Iyer:

Function 5


Ammeter connection

Generator synchronisation

Avr operation and need

Emg generator solas requirements

Fn 5

1.AVR – Detail with range of vol. supplied by it

2.Insulated Neutral and Earthed Neutral – detail

3. Diff in Induction motor and synchronous motor.

4. Zener barrier –Detail

5. Insulation class used for engine room with temp.

6. Soft Starter –detail


How to order lifeboat battery

Diode testing by Multimeter

Alternator safeties


Preferential trip


what's motoring in case of alternator

Reverse power Trip

How alternator is cooled

How air cooling in alternators

Electrical propulsion complete.

Power calculation in electrical distribution system.

Function 5

Alternator speed control method

Igbt, mostet, bjt

Types of starter

Auto transformer explain

Soft starter

Alternator saf

Function 5

1) Electrical steering gear what principle it works?

2) Safeties in electrical cables lay up in steering gear room?

3) carrying reefer container on weather deck what r all checks u ll do?

4) Paralleling of alternators train ur junior?

5) Drydock how u ll do earthing?

Function 5

How ll yu train your junior for paralleling two alternators

While dry docking earthing is required or not???

What Ll yu check while getting shore power

Steering gear motor safeties and safeties in electrical part

Difference between Ums class and non ums class vessel with respect to boiler alarms and trips

Incinerator alarms and trips

Function of transformer

Where yu re using single phase in ship

Fun : 5. Alternator specifications

Motor recieved from shop after overhaul, what will you check, how will you identify its your motor, how
to carry out insulation resistance testing.

Electrical requirements of fire detector

Fun 5

Alternator specification,

Type of starter,

Working princple of starter,

Moter sent out for overhaul what all checks u will make when bring back on board,

How measure IR,

Fn 5.

1.alternator specification

2.AVR location and function

3.shaft earthing full details.

4.Battery order...?

5.Batttery construction difference between lead acid and alkaline batteries. .maintenance free batteries
how it's work....

Function 5

1. How many alternators

2. Maintenance in alternators

3. AVR on-board and working

4. How to check insulation resistance of alternators . Megger parts

5. Safeties of MSB

6. Reverse power relay testing

7. Earth fault indicator

8. How Earth fault indicator works

9. What will you do if earth fault alarm comes during manoeuvring?

10. Types of transformer

11. Cooling arrangement and losses in transformer

12. Transformer related to emergency generator

13. Types of battery charging

14. Safeties in emergency battery room

15.Insulation class in motor


1.alternator specifications

2. How pf is maintained onboard

3. Why current lags voltage.

4.what are the reactive powers

5. What does synchroscope and operation of it.

6. What is shaft grounding

7.what is ICCP

Fun 5

1. Power factor

2. Avr function

3. Insulation check of alternator

4. Zener diode and its uses

5. Reverse power trip explanation. How to test step by step.

Fn 5 Venugopal

Difference between voltage n current transformer.

Condition of ae paralleling.

Reverse power trip.

How find batteries charge discharge condition.

How to start emg. Gen from engine room.

Equipment connected to emg generator.

Function 5

1. Why alternator are star connected.

2.what is iccp

3.what is insulation and insulation resistance.


Function 5

1.motor overhaul from shore what to check

2.types of starter

3.Alternator working principle

4.reverse power trip checking in front of surveyor

5.diffeeence between soft starter and auto transformer

... And lot more cross questions....


Ums alarm types

Battery maintenance

Incinerator alarm testing

Fire alarm action

Magnetic particle testing, how will you produce magnetic field, if using dc current how much current