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Learning Episode 8 Preparing my IM’s

(Instructional Materials)

My Learning episode Overview

This learning episode explores the wonder and significance of

instructional materials to enrich the teaching — learning process. These
devices will assist me to improve students’ knowledge, abilities and skills.

My Targets (Learning Outcomes)

At the end of this activity, I will be able to:

 Create my instructional materials for classroom instruction.
 Demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness in preparing instructional
 Take snapshot of the various instructional materials used by my
cooperating teacher / cooperating school.

My Map (Learning episode Directions)

To reach my targets, I need to do the following:

P repare all the materials needed.

D esign the instructional materials.

C reate using cost-effective materials.

My Big Ideas (Learning Essentials)

Instructional Materials
These are the tools /equipment which can effectively help the
teacher in enhancing the teaching — learning process. There are different
kinds of instructional materials.
 Print Materials – are items such as books, pamphlets,
brochures, newspapers and magazines.
 Non-print Materials – usually refer to as electronic materials.

My Tasks (Activities)

A. Visit the learning resource center / school library of my cooperating school.

Interview the school librarian on the different instructional materials
available in my cooperating school. List down some of these materials which
I can use in your assigned episode.


B. Complete the matrix below by writing the instructional materials I used in
the three (3) lessons I taught in my assigned grade level.
1. Prosodic Features:  Visual aids

Voice Quality, Volume,  Picture cards (Emoji)

Pitch and Intonation

2. Stage Play  Visual aids
 Word cards
 Text book
3. Adjectives Vs Adverbs  Visual aids
 Word cards
 Colored flaglets
 Text book
 Laptop
 Monitor / Screen

My Analysis

In preparing my instructional materials, I need to consider the following factors:

 Legibility- When making visual aids, teachers always have to consider if the words
or sentences on the cartolina / manila paper could be seen by the entire class,
especially by those who are seated at the back.
 Durability- During my internship, I had experienced teaching in four (4) sections,
and in those, they had just the same lessons and instructional materials. In visual
aids, they could last (based on my experience) in four (4) sections if they had
borders. So, it is really much better to make durable instructional materials for
them to still be useful and looked nice in the last section.
 Environment- Utilize the things that can be found in the environment. It helps
the learners to easily relate with the materials that you are using.
 Liveliness- Of course, when making instructional materials, creativity of the teacher
must be activated because these have to be lively in the eyes of the learners.
My Reflections / My Insights

In preparing my instructional materials, I realized that:

 Instructional materials must be well-used and well-made because these have a
great role in making the lessons clear and effective. Just like what I’ve mentioned
in the preceding episodes, instructional materials serve as one of the instruments
that catch and sustain the interests of the learners. Through these, teachers can
make the lessons livelier and more enjoyable especially when the used IM’s are on-
trend and could be seen in the environment they have—these would be more
appreciated and learned.
 I need to prepare instructional materials so that I could make the class more
relatable and more interactive for these help the learners to not just instill the
knowledge they are learning but also to see and to experience it by themselves.

My Application (From Theory to Practice)

Read the situations and encircle the letter of the correct answer.
1. What must be the number consideration in preparing your instructional
A. The learners C. The learning content
B. The cost D. The objectives

2. You prepared a PowerPoint presentation on verbs for you English class.

Unfortunately, there was a power cut-off. What shall you do?
A. Go to another lesson. C. Borrow learning materials
B. Use the available materials from another teacher.
in class. D. Give a seatwork instead.

3. Ms. Rufo is teaching in a multi-grade class, what materials must be employed?

A. Less-costly materials C. Differentiated materials
B. Electronic materials D. Commercially-made materials
My Portfolio (Compilation of Learning Documents,
Evidence, Records, etc.)
My Assessment (How did I perform in this learning episode?)

5 4 3 2 1
Outstanding Exceed/s Meet/s Needs Unacceptable
Expectations Expectations improvement Performance

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