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Use internal communication system





Monkey Wrench

2. What should the cadet be aware of when using a needle gun?

The Cadet should be aware of the dangers associated with using a needle gun

The Cadet should be aware that there could be a leak in the airline of a needle gun

The Cadet should be aware that the valve of a needle gun is not to be opened before starting to descale

The Cadet should be aware of the thickness of the needle gun valve

3. Which of the options given is one of the main responsibilities of a watch-keeping engineer?

To ensure that all engine room ratings take off their work shoes in the control room

To by-pass, adjust and isolate all machinery under his supervision

To inform the Chief Engineer of any situations that cannot be controlled during the watch

To immediately inform the Master of all events that occur during the watch

4. What does the Chief Officer want the First Engineer to do?

The Chief Officer wants the First Engineer to empty the starboard bilge in No. 5 hold

The Chief Officer wants the First Engineer to put the hydraulic hand pump in bilge No. 5

The Chief Officer wants the First Engineer to empty No. 2 side tank

The Chief Officer wants the First Engineer to lower the port Ifeboat


7. A new cylindrical brass bearing sleeve for a pump shaft is found to be a few millimeters too long for
the housing and needs to be adjusted to the correct length. Which will be the best method to use to
reduce the length of the sleeve to the correct dimension?

Cut off the excess with a mechanical hacksaw

Grind off the excess on a pedestal grinder for quickness

Remove the excess length using the ship's lathe

Manually hacksaw off the excess and dress the end with a file



10. Under what circumstances may a watch-keeping engineer normally undertake other, non-
watchkeeping duties?

When the ship is operating with a manned engine room.

When the machinery controls are in the engine room control mode.

When the engine room is on standby

When they have been properly relieved of their watch-keeping duties.

11. Which of the options represents the best action to take when an item of machinery, which normally
operates in automatic mode, is operated in 'manual' mode?

Monitor the operation of the machinery on a frequent basis

Change over all other machinery to manual mode of operation

Keep the Chief Engineer informed of machines performance on an hourly basis

Have someone permanently stationed at the machine in case of an operational problem

12. What is the correct name of the part highlighted in the illustration?

Air starting valve

Exhaust valve
Fuel injector


14. Use nitet How should the tug be secured to the ship, when the bridge tells the poop that 'It is the
tug's wire "?

The After Team will send a wire from the poop to the tug and then make It fast

The tug will send a wire to the ship for making fast

The After team will send out the towing spring to the tug to make fast

The tug will be ready to receive the towing spring and make it fast


16. Select from the options given the statement that best describes the main duties of an engine room
rating who Is the part of an engine room watch?

Engine room ratings forming part of an engine room watch should verify that the operational parameters
of all items of machinery conform to manufacturers' instructions.

Engine room ratings forming part of an engine room watch should assist in efficient and safe watch-
keeping routines.

Engine room ratings forming part of an engine room watch should make the tea for the Engineers.

ratings forming part of an engine room watch should only clean the engine foom floor plates Engine

17. What has the cadet been ordered to do?

The Cadet has been ordered to paint the evaporator

The Cadet has been ordered to test the steering gear

The Cadet has been ordered to paint the evaporator using a paint brush

The Cadet has been ordered to help the Bo's'un sandblast the poop deck

18. What will the cadets expect to find in the engine room store?

The Cadet will expect to find the emergency steering gear in the engine room store
The Cadet will expect to find spare engine parts in the engine room store

The Cadet will expect to find the spare propeller in the engine room store

The Cadet will expect to find the spare anchor in the engine room store

19. Read this text and answer the question: To whom should training in personal survival techniques be
given? It is recommended that every prospective partner should before being employed in a sea-going
ship, receive proper training in personal survival techniques

In respect of such training several recommendations are made.

TO all ratings.

To deck hands mainly

To officers only

To all seafarets

20. When should the watch-keeping engineer Inform the bridge that the main engine is ready for

Three or four hours before heavy weather Is expected

When engine room staff are working aloft

Once the engine is properly prepared and tested and the engine room is correctly manned

When the ship's course needs to be altered

21. Why did the new Cadet want to go to the messroom?

The new Cadet wanted to go to the messroom to get some rest

The new Cadet wanted to go to the messroom to become acquainted with the officers

The new Cadet wanted to go to the messroom to check that his papers were in order

The new Cadet wanted to go to the messroom to sign the Articles of Agreement

22. What will happen when the ship arrlves in Rotterdam?

The main engine will be tested

The navigation lights will be tested

The ship will receive fuel and diesel oil bunkers

The anchor will be tested

23. What is the correct name of the tool shown in the illustration?

Water Pump Pliers

Adjustable wrench


Flexible pipe


25. Select the option which best descrilbes the primary duty of a watch-keeping engineer?

The primary duty of a watch-keeping engineer is to maintain constant speed of the steering gear

The primary duty of a watch-keeping engineer is to ensure that machinery spaces are properly manned

The primary duty of a watch-keeping engineer is to maintain the ship's speed

The primary duty of a watch-keeping engineer is to maintain constant surveillance of the main engine
and auxiliary machinery

26. What is the correct name of the tool shown in the illustration?

Flat file

Grinding machine


27. Why are many machinery components onboard shlp now tightened using cylindrical Jacks and
hydraulic ol pressure rather than more traditional methods such as, for example, ihe use of torque

Hydraullo tightening avolds the risk of unwanted bending stresses when compared to other methods oIt
is possible to get the component fastenings tighter using hydraulic equipment than by using other
methods fastenings that have been tightened hydraulically when malntenance is due

29. With reference to engine room operations, what does the term "Stand By" mean?

"Stand By" means that someone is relieved of his duties

"Stand By" means that one should continue with ones' work

Stand By "means that someone should stand close to the watch-keeping engineer"

Stand By "means that the engineers should be ready to respond to bridge requirements

30. A seawater pump requires overhaul but there are no spare parts for the casing and impeller. It is
decided that new wear rings will be fabricated onboard using the ship's lathe. What would be the most
suitable material to use to fabricate the rings onboard?


lumini brass


Mild steel

Maintain a safe

1. What is the compressor function in the refrigerant system Freon Controlling how much to evaporated
Cooling down and changed Freon from gas to fluid Generating high pressure

2. What is the correct name of the tool shown in the Illustration?



Water Pump

Pliers wrench

3. If the oxygen content in an enclosed space is less than 20% and a non-essential routine Inspection of
the space is due which of the following Is the correct course of action?

Release oxygen into the space from an oxygen cylinder

Postpone the inspection until the correct oxygen content can be achieved,

Wear breathing apparatus while carrying out the inspection

Carry out the inspection as quickly as possible.

4. As a probable result of being in collision with your vessel, the other vessel involved is on fire? What
are your responsibilities to the other vessel? There is no statutory requirement to provide assistance as
the actions of the vessel were the primary cause of the collision Your vessel should maneuver close to
the other vessel and ald the fire fighting operation After checking the extent of damage and welfare of
your crew, if possible your vessel should standby and offer assistance, until you are relieved of the
obligation by the other vessel You should Inform the nearest Coast Radio Station of the incident and if
your damage is not serious, continue on your voyage

5. Part of diesel engine for production of water scavenging is


Air cooler


6. Which of the following pump types will normally require a separate means of priming?

Reciprocating pump

Screw pump

Centrifugal pump

Gear pump

7. If the oll content is high alarm Is the actuated on an automatic olly water separator what should the
resulting action be?

Overboard discharge valve should be shut manually by the duty engineer

The sludge pump should stop automatically

The oll valve outlet opens automatically

The overboard discharge valve should close automatically

8. Why can dirty and olly areas of the deck be dangerous?

They show the ship is not efficient

They may cause people to slip over and hurt themselves

They don't look good to the customers

9. The blge holding tank level is not reduced by discharging through the OWS. What action should be
taken when the ol / water interface in the holding tank Is reached?

Stop the OWS and pump the oil to the inclnerator tank

Stop the OWS and pump the oil to a bunker tank

Continue pumping the contents of the holding tank through the Ows Bypass the OWS and discharge the
remaining contents of the holding tank overboard

10. While on watch, an engine room rating notices a leak from the gland of a running pump. What
action should be taken?

Inform the engineer officer of the watch so that the pump can be changed over and the gland can be

Remove the pump guard and tighten up the gland while the pump is still running to see that the leak

Change over the pumps and tell his relief at the end of the watch

Place some jointing in the way of the leak to direct the water into the bilge to stop it being sprayed
around by the rotating shaft

11. While assisting the watchkeeper with routine cleaning of the fuel oll the watch rating separator is
requested to clean the plate stack. Which one is the preferred method for this task? Scrape the plates
as clean as possible with a packing knife and then wash them with a high pressure water hose Soak the
dirty plates in a solvent for an hour and then stand them on the engine room deck to drain off Soak the
plates in a suitable solvent until all of the dirt has loosened off and wipe clean with rags.

With the plate stack in position fill the purifier bowl with clean diesel oil and quickly switch it on and off
to wash the plates

12. What is the name of the machine shown, used to heave on the ropes during mooring and



13. What is the correct name of the tool in the Illustration?



Monkey Wrench

14. What do you thing about "main engine"! Main engine is machinery for production fresh water

Main engine is machinery for propulsion ship propeller

Main engine is production electrical in the ship

15. What is the meaning of this symbol? Release falls Fasten seat belts Secure hatches Start air supply

16. Crewmen are carrying out maintenance work in the engine room on overtime. The work does not
affect machinery operation. At the end of normal working hours, what should the Engineer on Duty do?

Switch to UMS-mode and inform the crewmen not to touch any of the machinery

Leave the engine room after asking the crewmen to switch to UMS once they have finished working

Continue with manual operated engine room for! the malntenance work is finished Switch to UMS-
mode and leave the engine room as the norm!

17. What special equipment can often provide assistance in locating a survival craft or man overboard
and In the water?



A sectored search pattern

18. What immediate actions should the Officer of the Watch take when the ship goes aground on an
uncharted shoal in the middle of the ocean? Stop engines and tll the engine room to switch over to high
suctions Sound the General Alarm and plot the ships position Stop engines and immediately request
"Full Astern Stop engines and call the Master

19. During a routine check of one of the auxiliary engines in an UMS operated engine room, a minor
leakage on a high pressure fuel pipe is observed. What would be the precaution to be taken? (Assume
normal operation; 2 gen sets operating and 1 on standby) appropriate action and / or Place a drip tray in
position to collect the leakage and continue in UMS mode.
Change the operation to the third generator set, leaving the original set as stand-by until it can be
repaired the next day. Inform the Chief Engineer and the Bridge.

Change over to manual mode, switch over generators and repair the fault before returning to UMS mode
Continue in UMS mode but have a motorbike on watch for the rest of the night, especially instructed to
watch the engine and clean up the leakage

20. Which preparations and precautions are necessary before the "hot work commences onboard ship?
Sound the general alarm before commencing work. Just Inform the Chief Engineer that the work is golng
to be carried out Notify all persons onboard at least 24 hours in advance of the work commencing
Follow all ISM procedures relating to hot work including permit to work and hotwork permit

21. Why should engine andoller rooms be kept clean and any oll spillage cleaned up Immediately?

To reduce the risk of fire and the risk of slipping.

To reduce the premium to be paid to the insurance company.

To prevent spillage from damaging deck palnt coatings.

To avoid being fined by the port state control

22. What is the meaning of this symbol?

Imbbationation ladder

Lower lifeboat to water

Davit-launched liferaft

23. Sounding pipes In the engine room are normally fitted with dead cords and screw caps. Which of the
following statements is correct? Deadweight cocks should be fastened in the open position to save time
when sounding the tanks. It does not matter where the cocks / caps are unless the tank is in use

Caps and cocks should be closed at all times, except when sounding tanks, to prevent ingress of water or
oll Into the engine room In case of tank bottom damage or overflow .

Caps should be placed on top of the sounding pipes to keep the engine room tidy I Don't Know.

24. What is the normal maximum content permitted for machinery space bilge overboard discharge via
OWS equipment?
15 ppm

100 ppm

Zero ppm

50 ppm

25. When you join a new ship, how are you informed about safety rules, alarm instructions and your own
duties in case of an emergency?

By muster lists exhibited in conspicuous places

By alarm instructions in all crew cabins

By folder distributed to each crewmember

By oral instructions by the Captain

26. What is a ship's Gangway "?

Gangway is a portable means of access between the ship and the shore

Gangway is the means of access into the cargo holds

A Gangway is a vertical ladder used by the pilot to board the ship

27. Which method is used to make a physical connection between a rescue vessel and a wreck?

Rocket line

Heaving line

Sputnik line

Cosmos line

28. What is the main purpose of a heat exchanger in a cooling water system?

To transfer heat from one fluid to another

To reduce engine room temperature

To maintain a steady pressure in the system

To reduce water turbulence

29. Cylinder block Carter Piston I Don't Know

30. In the figure, which letter appears which item is the "WINDLASS?
The Windlass is indicated by B, in the figure

The Windlass is indicated by C, in the figure

The Windlass is indicated by A, in the figure

31. Which method is used to make a physical connection between a rescue vessel and a wreck?

Rocket line

Heaving line

Sputnik line

Cosmos line

Operate main and aux machinery and associ control

1. Theengineturnsoverormallywhenstartingairissupplledbutdoesnotfireeven although normal starting

rpm is achieved. What could bethe probablecauseto this? Thelubricating oltemperaturels low Air in
thefuel ol system. The turning gear interlock has operated I Don't Know

2. The lubricating oll In the bearing housing at the turbine end of a turbocharger gets very dirty after
only a few hours In service. What is the most reason for this happening? OThe turbine end bearing Is
badly worn 6 The wrong type of lubricating oil has been used e The lubricating oll filling connection
screw cap is missing

3. The peak pressure (maximum cylinder pressure) is often taken as an indicator of medium speed
engine performance along with other parameters. What would be a typical peak pressure for a modern,
highly rated, medium speed diesel engine? 14 to 18 bar 10 to 12 bar 140 to 180 bar 80 to 100 bar I
Don't Know.

4. Which of the glven statements is true in relation to the features and operation of a 4 stroke delel
engline? A4 stroke engine has an Ignition towards the end of every upward stroke of the piston. eA4
stroke engine always has scavenge ports near the bottom of the cylinder liner 4 stroke engines are not
required to have crankcase relief valves fitted The camshaft rotates with half the RPM of the crankshaft
in a 4 stroke engine. Don't Know

5. Which of the glven statements is true in relation to the features and operation of a 4 stroke delel
engline? A4 stroke engine has an Ignition towards the end of every upward stroke of the piston. eA4
stroke engine always has scavenge ports near the bottom of the cylinder liner 4 stroke engines are not
required to have crankcase relief valves fitted The camshaft rotates with half the RPM of the crankshaft
in a 4 stroke engine. Don't Know
6. Which of the following fluids usually has the lowest density at normal ambient temperatures? Sea
water. Lubricating ol. Marine diesel oil. Heavy fuel oil. Don't Know

7. Which term is used to refer to the quantity of heat requlred to false the temperature of one clogram
of any particular substance by one degree Celsius? Coefficlent of thermal expanslon. Adiabatic heat
Specific heat or specific heat capacity Latent heat I Don't Know.

8. A medium speed diesel engine is used to drive a controllable pitch propeller through a suitable clutch
and reduction gearbox. What should the propeller blade attitude normally be after the engine is started
and before the clutch can be engaged? The blades should be in the full ahead position. The blades
should be in the zero thrust position. The blades should be in the zero pitch position. I Don't Know

9. When operating a propulsion installation consists of a medium speed diesel engine driving a
controllable pitch propeller it is possible to operate the combination of engine speed and propeller pitch
in a number of different ways. What would be the main reason for operating with constant speed and
variable pitch? To allow constant speed operation of a shaft generator while the engine load changes
with pitch variation. To obtain maximum propelier efficiency over the load range of the engine. To allow
rapid load change and thrust reversal when maneuvering To allow the engine to be operated with a load
sensing governor instead of a speed sensing governor

10. During the normal operating cycle of a diesel engine there are side thrusts generated by the piston as
it moves up and down the cylinder due to the changing angle of the connecting rod. How are these side
thrusts accommodated in a trunk piston engine? The side thrust is transmitted to the cylinder liner and
the engine frame by the piston skirt in the way of the gudgeon pin. The side thrust is transmitted to the
cylinder liner and the engine frame by the piston rings The side thrust is transmitted to the cylinder liner
and the engine frame by the piston crown. The side thrust is transmitted to the engine frame by the
crosshead bearing I Don't Know.

11. The main engine turbocharger speed has increased during the night while operating in UMS mode.
From the options given, what is the most likely cause of this? The engine load has increased due to
external factors such as current and wind. The engine load has reduced due to external factors such as
current and wind. The governor signal has been overridden by the bridge The engine is operating on a
different grade of fuel. I Don't Know

12. During the operation of the price slowspeeddleselenglneitissometimesneedto fuelollodecode.for

examplebeforemanouevring.How should this procedure be dried out? changeover from the heavy As
quickly as possible to reduce HFO consumption Gradually the ventilation of gas up to the fuel system to
overheating the release of the hot water with the hot heavy fuel oil Asquickly aspossible retained steam
heating requirements O Don't Know.

13. What is the purpose of an oll mist detector, OMD, as fitted to a diesel engine? To check the efficiency
of the crankcase extractor fan. To detect scavenge air leakages from the piston rod stuffing box. To
detect and give an alarm and slowdown of any potentially explosive atmosphere in the crankcase To
detect and give an alarm and slowdown in the event of a crankcase explosion. A Don't Know U
14. Alarge2strokeenginelsnormally
FailedtoStart'alarmto be activatedand toolstoutstarting from the bridge? the'Engine be 3 falled start
attempts. 3 fallstartattemptsifthestartairpressurehadfallentolessthanaset value A single failed start
attempt. Don't Know. e i 08 P 4 20/20 A

15. Many modern medium and engines operate at very high power ratings resulting in relatively high
bearing loads. In order to accommodate these loads the bearings are required to have a high load
carrying capacity. What kind of bearings are normally used for main and bottom end purposes to
achieve this? high speed diesel Thick white metal types with the white metal cast into the keep to give
extra fatigue strength Thin steel shells lined with aluminum tin alloys. Thin steel shells with a copper
lead lining and a running in overlay Thio steel shels with a thin white metal lininq

16. How is the effective dellvery stroke of a hellx type fuel pump for a diesel engine controlled to
increase or decrease the quantity of fuel delivered? Rotation of the plunger by the fuel rack from the
governor signal. The fuel booster pump delivery pressure The fuel rall pressure relief valve setting. The
fuel injector setting. 1 Don't Know.

17. Following completion of a down test of the transplant, the collector is in accordance with the correct
reporting procedure, and the steaming stress. What is the correct procedure to be removed when
opening the main interval to the range? Open the main valve a little bit to allow thetoeto heat up.
Openthemainvalveasquicklyas possibietogetrid ofany waterthat has collected In the steam range

18. Why are duplex filters usually employed in the lubricating system of an auxiliary dlesel engine?
Changing the filter element can be carried out without interrupting the engine operation. The pressure
drop is half that of a single filter unit. It gives better filtration of the oil. Filter blockage will not occur I
Don't Know.

19. Operate main and auxiliary machinery and social control Systellis S In dlesel engine lubrication
system the circulating pump normally takes suction from the oll sump tank. Where would the normally
pass to directly after the pump? The lub oll purifier. Lube oll cooler. Main thrust bearing. The engine
bearings. I Don't Know

20. What is likely to be the cause of black smoke from a diesel engine exhaust seen at the funnel?
Incomplete combustion of the fuel. Too much water combustion. Engine is burning some lubricating oil.
Water in the fuel. N Don't Kno

21. Operate mi aud auxilay mc ty.fd. aledc le

Whylsanautomaticslowurnfeatureincludedinthestartairsystemofmany large2 strokedlesel engines? To
reduce the start of consumption during the start up of the engine. Toavementa
safekeepingstartoftheenginelncasewaterorotherliquidhas gathered In thecylindersduring an extended
stop Tillthecylinderswithsthe efficientfreshairtoensureasafestartofthe engine of the engine I Don't Know.
22. During the cycle of a four stroke diesel engine there is a load reversal on the bottom end bearing
when the load transfers from the upper part of the bearing to the lower part. What is the main cause of
this load reversal on a modern, turbocharged, medium speed diesel engine? The inertlal forces are
generated during the upward stroke of the piston (compression and exhaust stroke) The suction effect
on the piston during the air intake (induction) stroke. The light alloy materials used for the piston skirt
The lack of gas load to oppose the inertial forces generated during the exhaust stroke Don't Know

23. Whentryingtoreversealargeslowspeeddleselenginelntheasterndirectionit
startintheaheaddirection.What is the likely cause of this problem? cannot be turned off personal
ventilation will be Thestartlockedbecausethealrd distributor has not moved to the astern position I
Don't Know

24. What is the purpose of the air distributor in adlesel engine alr start system?
Toensurecylinderairstartvalvesoperate in the correct sequence and for the correct perlod.
Toensurethattheautomaticvalveheair start system opensand closes at the correct time. To ensure that
the starting air is distributed equally to the approach of the engine cylinders. I Don't Know

25. Operating slow ma diesel engine is fitted with a slow turning facility. How would the slow turning
normally be set to operate? It should automatically operate before the normal start sequence following
an engine stops period of more than 20 to 30 minutes when maneuvering It should automatically
operate every 20 minutes when the engine is stopped during maneuvering. It should be operated
manually before the normal start sequence follows an engine stopped period of more than 10 minutes It
should automatically operate before every normal start sequence. Don't Know

26. Which of the following changes would occur when the temperature of the lubricating oil is reduced?
Concentration of contaminants would increase. Viscosity would increase. Pour point would reduce.
Flash point would Increase. Don't Know

27. Operate man and asiiary machining and associated control systems (sesa What is the main reason for
sometimes having a separate forced lubrication system for the camshaft on large cross head engines?
Because the camshaft lubrication system has a lower pressure than the main lubrication system Because
the camshaft system uses a different grade oll from that used in the main lubrication system To prevent
the camshaft system being contaminated with any water lealking intg the main lubrication system from
faulty cylinder liner seals To prevent any fuel leakage from the high pressure fuel pumps contaminating
the oil in the main lubrication system Don't Know

28. Opetate main and auxilary machinery and assocated control system From the options of selection.
Fuel injection valve opening pressures too high. The inletand exhaust valve tappet clearance Is incorrect
I Don't Know. rch

29. AIT 03 Operate man and auxhary machnery and associaled control system (s What would be the
most probable cause of the exhaust gas temperature from one cylinder of a diesel engine being lower
than normal? The opening pressure for the injection valve for the cylinder is set too high The camshaft
chain is too slack The intake filter for turbo charger is partly fouled.There is water in the fuel oil system.
30. Large slow speed diesel engine sessions are usually of the crosshead type and have various
arrangements to deliver lubricating oil directly to the crosshead bearings and guides to ensure adequate
lubrication. this type of engine in respect of lubrication requirements? crosshead bearings considered
The running surfaces of oscillate relative to each other during operation rather than rotate and therefore
full film hydrodynamic lubrication is not possible The crosshead bearing is closer to the engine cylinder
and therefore runs hotter crosshead bearings are more heavily loaded than ather bearings in the engine
so requires more oll to keep it cool

Operate electrical electronic


2. During the regular inspection of the alternator windings it is found that the windings are always
covered with a heavy oil film coming from the atmosphere surrounding the auxiliary engine. After
cleaning with an approved solvent, what should be done? Improve material of intake air filters Blank off
intake air filters Relnsulate the windings after each cleaning Take no additional action I Don't Know.

3. figure 1

4. Operate ElectriIcal, Electronc ad CA 450 volt 3 phase brushless alternator will have the following
combination of Items mounted on the rotor e Excitation field winding / main field winding 3 phase
excitation winding / main field winding 3 phase excitation winding / rectifier bank / main field winding
Aphase excitation field winding / rectifier bank / main field winding I Don't Know.

5. What will be the probable outcome, if the amplification is set too high on a temperature controller? O
Nothing The process response will be very slow The set-point will change The process will oscillate and
get out of control I Don't Know. earch

6. The two Instruments necessary for synchronizing generators are OSynchroscope and kVar-meter Amp-
meter and volt-meter kW meter and frequency meter Voltmeter and synchroscope I Don't Know

7. It is common practice to connect a resistor over an alarm contact (see diagram) In many applications.
Why is thi connection used? To stabilize power consumption Enable measures the total resistance of the
circuit To avoid sparks on the contacts when opening and closing To monitor the cable / wires for break

8. When manually paralleling two alternators the polnter of the synchroscope may slowly stop rotating
and remain stopped In one position before the circult breaker is closed. This would Indicate: o The
frequency of the Incoming alternator is the same as that of the main switchboard The voltage of the
Incoming alternator Is the same as that of the main switchboard The synchroscope is not functioning
properly and should be checked The incoming alternator is in phase with the switchboard, but the
frequency is not the same I Don't Know.

9. When unloading a generator, it Is necessary to gradually decrease the load in order to avold: Undue
overcurrent Undue overload on the switchboard. Undue temperature rise. Undue overspeeding. I
Don't Know
10. Measurement and transmission of electronic values may be in the form of digital or analogue signals.
What is ar analogue signal? A measure of voltage using an oscillosco A stable electric signal A measure
of electric current or voltage A continuously vable electric signal. I Don't Know

11. The range of a transducer is 0-200 bar. The output signal is 4-20 mA. What is the span of the output
signal? 4 mA 24 mA 16 mA 20 mA 1 Don't Know.

12. What type of component does this graphical symbol illustrate? PCV 2 Flow controller Pressure switch
Pressure relief valve Pressure-reducing regulator I Don't Know 4

13. Measuring Instruments must be routinely callbrated. What is the intended by Instrument
Callbration? Adjusting size to fit the connection process Turning gauge too an easy reading position
Comparing Input and output values against a documented standard Comparing two instruments of the
same type I Don't Know.

14. FIGURE 2

15. Which component does this graphical symbol illustrate? PI 142 PH Pressure instrument analyzer,
installed locally Pressure relief valve, self-contained Pressure indicator, installed on panel / console I
Don't Know

16. When calibrating an instrument what is the most common first step in the procedure? Adjustment
of span Adjustment of linearity Adjustment of range Adjustment of Zero-point I Don't Know

17. When a diode is used to convert AC to DC, is it usually referred to as which of the following?
Alternator Rectifier Controller o Regulator N Don't Know

18. Which group of electrical services are likely to be supplled from an emergency generator? Steering
gear and engine room alarm system Galley and air conditioning Sound powered telephone systems
Engine room lighting and bow thruster A Don't Know.

19. Which of the following detectors is commonly used for sensing If a watertight steel door is closed or
open? Synchro strain gauge Proximity switch Transducer I Don't Know.

20. Which electronic component or system of components is this graphical symbol illustrating Cathode
ray tube Electronic counter Flip-flop Operational amplifier

21. An Important quantity which is useful In technical analysis is known as conductance G (Slemens).
Whlch of the formulation A to D expresses the conductance for this circuit? G 2R G 1 / R G 1 / R G R V

22. adjustments should be done. First Zero adjustment and the Span adjustment. Then Zero should be
rechecked. The order of adjustment is of no importance. First Span adjustment and then Zero
adjustment. Then do not adjust anything First Span adjustment and then Zero adjustment. After that
the Span setting should be checked again. I Don't Know
23. Some equipment may be marked with the following symbol: What does it mean? Intrinsically safe
Explosion proof. Not safe in dangerous area gas. Internally explosion proof. I Don't Know

24. NOR

25. After successful synchronizing an incoming machine The kW and kVar loading are respectively
transferred by the following controls: o Current regulator and voltage regulator Speed governor and load
power factor Voltage regulator and synchroscope Speed governor and voltage regulator IDont Know

26. When calibrating an instrument what is the most common second step in the procedure?
Adjustment of Zero-point Adjustment of span Check linearity Adjustment of range I Don't Know

27. Which device does this graphical symbol illustrate? LCI 53 Remote level controller with indicator
Level switch for center-tank Low carbon incinerator Local level controller with indicator I Don't Know

28. Which electronic component is this graphical symbol illustrating: Zener diode Triac Silicon controlled
rectifier Transistor I Don't Know.

29. This circuit consists of two capacitors, C (1) 6 uF and C (2) 12 uF in series. Calculate the equivalent C
(s) of the two capacitors. c2 12F c1 6uF C (S) 24F C (S) -1.5pF C (S) = 18pF C (S) 4uF

30. Consider generators 1 and 2 to be Inally working in parallel. If prime-movers 2 suffers a total fuel loss
what is the likely outcome? No.2 generator trips on reverse power Generator set 2 trips on reverse
speed No.1 machine overspeeds and trips out on overload No.1 machine overloads and trips out on
overspeed I Don't Know.

31. Opetale Electrical Electronics and Control Syte Great care must be taken when manually paralleling
two or more alternators. At which point would you engage the main circuit breaker of the Incoming
alternator when paralleling two alternators? With the polnter of the synchroscope moving slowly
clockwise and almost at 0 (12 Oclock) or both synchronizing lamps dark (off) With the pointer of the
synchronizer stopped at any position and both synchronizing lamps bright (on) With the polnter of the
synchroscope stopped at 0 (12 o'clock) or both synchronizing bright lights With the pointer of the
synchroscope rotating fast and both synchronizing lamps flashing on and off I Don't Know.

32. When measuring flow of fluids with a fixed area flow meter, the name of the sensing device Is?
Turbine rotors Float Orifice plate Positive displacement of the rotor A Don't Know. The

33. Thermocouples are often used for measuring temperatures. Whlch of the following descriptions
explains the principle of operation of a thermocouple? HILLIVE A quartz crystal that changes its resonant
frequency with temperature, A junction between two dissimilar metals generates a small voltage A semi-
conductor device that exhibits a negative coefficient of resistance with temperature. A resistance device
that exhibits a positive coefficient of resistance with termperature

34. When measuring the level of liquids with a differential pressure meter, the name of the sensing
device is: Capacitance probe Pressure diaphragm Positive displacement tube Float I Don't Know. e
35. What is the resistance value of this resistor: 68k ohms 230 kohm 10 Mohms 2.3 k ohms I Don't

36. What determines the power factor of an alternator when it is connected singularly to the
switchboard? The load connected to the switchboard The excitation voltage The generated voltage and
AVR setting Number of pairs of pole coils in the excitation winding I Don't Know 42

37. The thermostat gives out an analogue signal depending on the switch setting. The temperature
transmitter gives out a binary signal depending on the temperature. The thermostat has one or more
contacts (open or closed) depending on the temperature / setting. The transmitter temperature
converts a temperature signal to an electric signal. There is no difference. The temperature transmitter
is a digital component while the thermostat is an analogue component I Don't Know tch

38. pet tr The Internal e.m.f. generated In the phase windings of a lightly loaded a.c.generator is
controlled by The Internal volt drop and the load current. The internal volt drop and the residual
magnetism. The prime mover and load current The prime mover speed and excitation current I Don't

39. Operate Electrical, Electronic and Electronic Systems In installations of INTRINSICALLY SAFE
equipment it is required that all cabling should be separated from non-intrinsically safe equipment, and
(where color coding is relied upon) to be of a special color. What color is that? Orange Blue Red Green /
yellow 1 Don't Know. E

40. Operate Electrical Election and Control System Some areas of ships requlre that any electrical
equipment used must be intrinsically safe. What is meant by being intrinsically safe? Any electrical
product, being water resistant? Can not produce enough energy to ignite a gas (explode)? Explosion
proof product having a special wiring system? Electric wiring executed by approved manufacture? I
Don't Know 17

41. Which of the following detectors would you choose to measure the torque of a steel shaft?
Ultrasonic gauge Synchro Strain gauge Pyrometer I Don't Know

42. Consider a 450 volt, 859 kW rated generator has not been in operation for several weeks. Prior to
starting, insulation resistance readings are taken. The minimum acceptable insulation resistance reading
on the main stator winding to allow you to proceed with running the generator is: 10 Ohms 10000 Ohms
1 000 000 Ohms 1000 Ohms Don't Know. earch

43. (y)

44. ATT 04 MUMAMAD I Oalee tr ale satisfied Thermistors are temperature sensitive devices. A positive
temperature coefficient accurate thermistor will have an accurate measurement Accurate non linear
characteristic Variable reliability Relatively linear characteristic earch

45. Which electronic component does this graphical symbol represent? Resistance Capacitor
Transformer Temperature sensor I Don't Know. search Le